Vatican Miracle Examiners : The Ghost of Past Appears

Episode 10

“Arawareshi kako no Bōrei” (現れし過去の亡霊)

So they are investigating a miracle in a tower like, prison-esque church on the edge of a forest that homes a murdering clown…

The first dead body has also already shown up and there are creepy fairy tales and everything.

Much more promising start.

There title to this episode comes in two parts.

It turns out the video we saw at the beginning of the last episode was one of which Father Trones was part of, the video is actually over 30 years old and saw Father Trones, his then girlfriend, a dude called Carlo and HIS girlfriend enter the woods. Carlo is killed in the woods, Trones now ex went crazy and he got engaged to Carlo’s girlfriend who was then killed by a lightening strike which sent Trones to the church.

Now I think my mind went the same way as Roberto’s.

Trones and Teresa, Carlo’s girlfriend or fiancée… Whatever… Disappears in the video, after all this they then start dating. For me it seemed like Roberto and Teresa were the two who killed Carlo using the Decapitating Clown story as a cover. I think even Carlo’s mum had a similar feeling, maybe not those two in particular, but she says that not many people liked him so she thought it would be someone in the village.

It then gets tricky when Suskins, the police officer from the last case, shows up saying that the note found in the albino boys hands was a forged American bill. The cameras that Hiraga has set up for the miracle shows that the boy, who Hiraga figures out has lived his life somewhere with no light and little oxygen and a poor diet, and the clown came from inside the church and that the clown attempted to get the note before being interrupted by Trones.

The finger prints on the note belong to Julia.

So everything ties up together.

When I said that I guessed we’d see Julia again I didn’t realise just how little amount of episodes I had left to watch so it wasn’t me being a smart ass I just really have enjoyed the series enough to think we had space for another three or four small stories in them, evidentially catching Julia or at least finding out more about his group is going to be the way this season ends.

They all go out into the woods to where Carlo was killed, the place that kids sing about in songs and which apparently is hell.

The miracle itself has all been solved. The statue changes colour thanks to thermo paint, Hiraga picks up some substances from the floor which could possibly prove what I said in the last review right, I missed where the horns came from but its pretty much confirmed that Trones created the miracle to probably keep attention away from whatever it is he’s doing behind the scenes.

It ties up much better then the last story which seemed to jump to a random conclusion and continue onwards. It’ll be interesting to see what is actually going on.








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