One Piece : Natural Born Destroyer

Chapter 866

The last chapter saw Big Mom finally react to Mother’s photo being destroyed. We now find out, probably, why that photo was so important.

Turns out Big Mom is human, when I saw that we were going back to Elbaf I thought we were getting a Big Mom is a Giant story but no. She was a five year old abandoned on Elbaf because she was a Natural Born Disaster.

Its actually a really sad story. Well its One Piece EVERYONE who gets a backstory usually has a sad one else why have a backstory at all?

Big Mom, or Linlin, isn’t a terrible child, she has all the makings of a psychopath but seems to think she’s doing it for people’s best.

Elbaf is home to Sister Caramel, now Mother Caramel’s orphanage where normal unwanted children, disowned kids and such, live in peace with the Warrior Giants. Its Mother Caramel who is seemingly the problem with Linlin. She see’s the kindness in Linlin but all chapter long you never see her actual tell Linlin properly why she’s wrong, you never see her tell her that she’s too strong and needs to mind her strength. The only time we see her try to reason with Linlin is during the winter fast, it takes about a week for Linlin to go crazy and destroy the whole village and for the Giants to claim her to be a demon but if Caramel had actually worked on reasoning with Linlin before then she might not have been thrown out of the village for that.

I guess the story was meant to make you see that Linlin had something inside her the whole time that was dangerous. As the title said Natural Born Destroyer, but it made me feel sad for her. She was 5 years old when her mother and father abandoned her and whilst they might not have had a choice I just felt sorry for her. I felt even more sorry because she genuinely looked like she wanted to help people but she was just violently inclined and as I said Mother Caramel never said “actually you shouldn’t use violence” she just said “nah that’s a Long Limbed guy he’s meant to look like that” like if he wasn’t a member of the Long Limbs that Linlin would be in her right to “help” by pulling off the extra limb.

Other then Linlin’s story I liked the ever growing background of Elbaf. For a place we’ve never been too its one of my favourite places full of my favourite people. The fact that the giants were brought back from the brink of being killed by the Marines by Caramel and lived in peace with orphaned kids was great, we learnt a little more of their customs and heard them talk about the two that are now on their way back to Elbaf. I really liked the story. One day Luffy has to go to Elbaf, he just does.

Also we learn where Big Mom’s twisted dream of bringing everyone together comes from, it was Mother Caramel’s dream and obviously, once more, because it was never properly explained to her by Mother Caramel its been twisted in her head to mean what she wants it to mean.

My favourite chapter in a long time.


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