Vatican Miracle Examiners : The Decapitating Clown and the Tale of Solomon

Episode 9

“Kubikiri dōkeshi to Soromon no dōwa” (首切り道化師とソロモンの童話)

Hated the ending of the last story so hoping that we get a new mystery that will grip me much more and end on a better note.

Much more excited about this case. They are sent to investigate a strange phenomena, every day at the same time horns sound in a small village and a strange light hits a statue in the church letting everyone see a different light show that can’t be explained. It has already been declared a miracle but the head priest refuses to sign off on it so the two of them are sent to re-examine it and get him to sign off on the miracle.

At the same time we see found footage action of a couple people going into the forest, that we learn later on is directly behind the church, hearing the horn and being murdered by the fabled Decapitation Clown.

The theme is a big thing in this village but he’s also shown up in America in adds called the Motely Clown. How that and the story at hand is going to connect I don’t know but I kind of wish there wasn’t that bit to begin with and we just had the story at hand.

My guess on the light show is that when the horn sound is heard you see the church shake, something is being sent down from the roof that they’ll come up with some scientific reasoning to why everyone see’s something weird happening. They are shocked to see the miracle happening even the morning after a albino boy is found dead in the church and the priest has gone missing but its triggered by the horn blast and the building shaking so it has to be connecting.

As for the horn blast, no one goes into the forest and its clear there is someone out there killing people who wonder into it. Its like a slasher film antagonist, built on a fable and up to no good. I mean obviously there is going to be something else going on. The priest is probably in on it, the whole village even, obviously the church is up to something because that seems to be the thing when it comes to this series.

I love the imagery in this one so far, the Decapitating Clown is like a old fashioned clown running around with a scythe and there are a few cool shots when they talk about him, the art style of the stills when Roberto is talking about the fairy tales were really creepy but really cool at the same time and the church itself standing out like a tower on the edge of a creepy wood is beautiful yet threatening.

Its hard to say where this is going but it feels much structured right from the first part. I have high hopes.








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