One Piece : Hey, Mother

Chapter 865

Its all kicking off and we’re just waiting for Big Mom to snap…

It felt like a extremely short chapter.

Mom finally screams and I think we’re about to learn a little bit more about her past, about her Mother and where she is from. We’re going back 63 years to Elbaf in the next chapter…

But that is the next chapter.

This one though was just there. Kind of.

It set everything up. You see Caeser getting into place, how the Vinsmokes are going to survive, with the scream came the end to the fighting at the moment as those not prepared collapsed after hearing the scream. But there was nothing really too it other then a lot of action to get us moving along.

I do wonder though what the Vinsmokes are going to do next. Sanji is there to save them but will they take his help? where do they go after letting the runt of the litter save them? They’ll be in his and his crews debt but I doubt Sanji will want that either.

All in all it was a bit of a boring one to read but important to move everything around. It was filled with action but only snippets of it. We’re set though for the final confrontation.


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