Vatican Miracle Examiners : Only Through Death Can We Full Comprehend Rebirth into Eternal Life

Episode 8

“Shinu koto niyotte nomi, eien no seimei ni yomigaeru koto o fukaku satore” (死ぬことによってのみ、永遠の生命によみがえることを深く悟れ)

The case of John Jordan and whether or not he will be made a Saint continues. There was a death to prove his prophecies and we all worried about Roberto but we’ll see what happens.

At first I really wasn’t sure what was going on. I didn’t know where this episode was going, it went straight into the big show of Jordan being ordained and Roberto telling us why he shouldn’t.

Whilst I liked the unveiling of how the prophecies weren’t true I didn’t like that it ended up being Roberto’s life story. The fact that Jordan was actually his father and the painting was about the murder of his mother just became too cheesy for me. It felt like such a big jump from the last episode to this episode that we see Roberto going mad and now here he is totally sane and telling us all that when he was a kid he watched his dad kill his mum just to repress the memories (that in itself isn’t weird) and then years later just end up on his case like that?

Didn’t like it as a ending.

It then just kind of went crazy.

Julia was named the mastermind of it all, they go and find he’s been killed just to find a secret room and walk us through the basic premise of Julia being into black magic and them having kept the American lady down there and then her child. We end not even knowing if the body is Julia’s or not, like the mystery just ends. No doubt he’ll probably come back or we’ll hear about it again but it just felt sloppy.

It was building up to a great story but it felt like they had no real way of finishing it. Whilst I liked the finish up until it was revealed that it was Roberto’s dad I guess if that was just it I’d then feel like we didn’t get enough.

Personally it was the first time I felt disappointed with the ending of the case or just in a episode in general. It was rushed and made little sense.

Like I had guessed the majority of what was going on but I like seeing more of how the two of them get there. It just felt like a lot of things thrown into the episode for little to no reason. The beginning when Hiraga says he’s turned his back on Roberto… It was pointless for us watching because it went nowhere, the very next scene was Roberto proving Jordan wasn’t a saint and whilst to investigate or something Hiraga must have needed to lie to Julia for us we never needed to know that happened because it didn’t work coming off the ending of the last episode or what we’d seen so far and it then didn’t have any consequences, dramatic use or purpose at all. I’m actually struggling to remember why he had to lie to Julia.

This story felt like a waste of time.

Also its getting tiresome that its always the church being the front of something shady and evil going on. I know that the church is questionable a lot of the time but like in all places there are really good people in the church too and it would be nice if just for once the story didn’t end with it all being the churches fault.

I don’t know it just kind of feels clichéd at this point.


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