One Piece : The Vinsmoke Family Slaughter Plot

Chapter 864

Everything is going a little wrong but the picture has been destroyed and Sanji isn’t dead yet so at least that is something right?

Its funny because the amount of chaos being made by the Straw Hats has had absolutely the opposite effect that they were hoping for. Instead of angering Big Mom into a rage they’ve managed to just numb her, she doesn’t know what to be more angry about and is just kind of caught there in a trance.

Something her kids are well aware of.

Thing is when she breaks if they don’t get the vital shot in then I can’t see how anyone would be able to beat her. It would take her kids to agree to help to bring her down because when she finally snaps that rage is going to be ridiculous.

Her kids are about the most fucked up bunch ever though. I’ve always loved how most all her kids have managed to get Devil Fruit powers that have something to do with food or cooking. Loved the Oven dude that Pedro is now fighting. Every time you meet a new one or see their powers in action I am just amazed by them. Its such a crazy bunch of characters and it is kind of a shame that after this arc is finished most will probably disappear never to be heard of again. I’d quite like to see them become more of a threat later in the story because boy are they cool.

OK I want Dogtooth to stick around OK? I really like him. He can see a little into the future and he’s a cool looking character and I just like him a lot.

Doesn’t surprise me that Big Mom’s kids don’t really have any care for each other. Pudding does try and shoot Sanji but fails, the others then take it into their own hands to kill him and it doesn’t seem to matter if she goes down with him. Again it just makes them all look like psycho’s. I love them.

On the other hand you have Judge who is crying. I mean he could be crying in anger but he’s seeing his plans go to nothing and not only that he’s looking at his kids who have been modified to the point that they are joking and smiling about being in the position that they are in. They have guns pointed at their head and they seem to just not care. Its sad but its his fault. I don’t think he’s upset about that though he very much is just upset because he thinks he’s going to lose but its strange to build up this man to have him cry when he thinks its all over. I just don’t get it.

I don’t get a lot of what is going on right now.


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