American Horror Story Cult : Holes

The episode I guess we’ve all been waiting for. Its the time when most of our questions get answered.

Before I start I want to make it clear that I enjoy speculating about what is going to happen not only in AHS but everything that I watch. So when I’m very wrong, like I have been with Ivy, I don’t care because it is the journey that I’ve been on that makes it interesting.

All the pieces fall into place in this episode. We see that the clowns are in fact the Cult, we see who is which clown and how they are led by Kai. It is one of the singularly most gory and sickening episodes I’ve watched with two gruesome murders but more then that its seeing the personalities in the group and how Kai keeps order over them and Beverly’s place in all this that really scared me.

Two deaths in this episode were hard to watch but I think they missed a step with RJ’s death. Whilst he has been in episodes before it would have been nice to get a little closer to him before the ritual get together of the Cult where Kai made everyone take out the weak link by shooting nails into RJ’s skull. Sure it was extremely difficult to watch the scene but they missed a beat by making him a character we didn’t really know or care about, give him one more episode and a few more lines and that scene would have been unwatchable.

It had a different meaning to it though. For a start it showed the influence that Beverly has over Kai, she’s the one that makes him think about the weakest link and how to make sure the others fall into line. RJ was always the one complaining about things being difficult, about whether they had to do this or that. He was very obviously the weakest link maybe because he didn’t have as much to give to Kai to lose of himself. We saw the anger that Beverly has given Kai and let him in, though she’s strong enough that she retains control over herself, we’ve slowly seen what has driven Ivy to give Kai her strength, fears and hatred and let him take over her this being her final struggle as she has to take part or be the next victim, we’ve seen the troubles and fears that Harrison and Meadow have given to Kai and their transformation is pretty much over with them both taking part without much trepidation… RJ didn’t have that. I don’t know why he joined the Cult but we never saw him give up something to Kai. Beverly was the one that pointed this out, Kai knew something was up but was looking at the wrong thing, Beverly pointed him in the right direction even though she would have had the strongest connection to RJ.

It also as I said above showed how far along all the members of the Cult are. From Ivy who hasn’t killed yet and is still struggling against what is right and this obvious over powering feeling that Kai gives her, to people like, again, Beverly who doesn’t just take part in the ritual but ENJOYS it.

I believe I’ve said it before, and if I haven’t then I’m saying it now, that the one thing that really scares me about this is that these are real people and we’re seeing how normal fears, normal emotions, normal every day bad things that happen to people are being twisted to make them into murderers. At no point in my life have I felt angry enough to kill someone but I’ve also been weak enough in my life that I don’t know what I would have done if I had someone like Kai whispering in my ear.

I see many people baffled by how Ivy can do what she does and once again feeling bad for Ally because nothing Ally has done means she deserves this.

That is true but you also miss the point.

Ivy isn’t meant to be a horrible and cold person and Ally isn’t meant to be the world’s biggest bitch. Ally is unintentionally abusive to Ivy, and I will use that word, in ways she doesn’t understand. She relies too much on her, she doesn’t give back, she doesn’t seem to care about their business and their joint problems. When Ivy asked her to go somewhere with her she said no based on her own selfishness. Ally is a extremely self absorbed human being but then sucks everything out of Ivy because she’s weak and Ivy is strong. Ivy feels stuck. She probably did because she was in a relationship with someone so fragile that breaking up with them might not be the best thing but even more now that they have a son together. Ivy was attacked and saved by someone who was strong, who believed in something that she believed in and who made Ivy herself feel powerful.

Is that enough to make her join a Cult?

Yes. Yes it is because that is the scary thing about Cults. A Cult leader is able to see that all that is a trigger and flick a switch that turns off your brain. It could happen to anyone. There is absolutely no point in saying “it could never happen to me” because it could. It probably does. You’ve probably read something so persuasive in your life that you’ve completely changed your mind on something, THAT is what a Cult leader is like just they don’t stop at making you change your mind they then force their own will into you.

We see Ivy’s struggle to accept Kai’s will, it isn’t a big struggle sure but Ivy probably has little strength left to fight and the series doesn’t have enough episodes to go into detail over that struggle. It needs to be more instant for the shock and for the fluidity of a episode that focuses on many characters not just the one.

Do I think Ivy is a good guy? Of course not.

Do I think she’s a bad guy? She’s a victim turned murderer but I don’t think she’s as evil as people make her out to be and I think that is where they lose the point being made about how dangerous the Cult of Personality is. It is how the world has ended up the way it is and why instead of trying to remedy it most of the time we are just getting into a back and forth and making each other angry by pointing fingers and calling each other names.

This episode also had two other important moments.

First is again centred around Beverly. She turns Kai’s pinky session into learning about him, we learn that behind the door with the rose on it in his and Winter’s house is the decomposing bodies of his mum and dad. We learn that his dad had, had a accident and turned into a abusive shit and his mum killed them both to get away from the abuse. Kai kept them locked in there at the word of his brother, none of other then Doctor Rudy Vincent.

It was shocking but we didn’t get much more out of it then that. We don’t know how true it is either, whilst I’d like to say that the pinky stuff has so far seemed to be the truth you can never tell with Kai.

The second bit was ramping up for the next part in their goal of terrorising Ally. Again being Little Mrs Paranoid she spies on Harrison and goes around to their house finding Meadow in the back garden in a shallow grave still alive. She runs back to phone the police and then Ivy before Meadow arrives and tells Ally everything about the Cult including that Ivy is part of it.

Whilst I get that Ally is meant to be the heroine of the piece, I know that, I don’t see why anyone can’t see why it would be difficult being part of her life. She almost instantly believes in Meadow and turns the phone off on Ivy.

First up, no normal person is THAT interested in their neighbours, especially when you’re whole life has just been turned upside down and you lost the love of your life and your kid. Earlier in the episode she was with Rudy and it very much sounded like she blamed Ivy for everything even though she was the one that was caught basically cheating on her wife.

Sure WE know that this is all part of the Cult but Ally DOESN’T know that. People are looking at the situation from a place of knowledge and feeling sorry for Ally when you actually have to take that knowledge away and see Ally for the self centred pain that she is for you to understand Ivy at all.

Secondly those neighbours are the root of so many problems in your life that you don’t care if a murderer comes and kills them BUT you will believe it when she says “your wife is part of a Cult” INSTANTLY? That goes further then just being paranoid, it shows a lack of actual real emotions to anyone else that you could just believe something like that in a instant.

Which is one thing I don’t think has been talked about at all.

Ally lacks basic empathy.

She believes that Ivy will always be there and when she isn’t then its Ivy’s fault that Ally is ill.

She believed that Winter should stay with her even though they were just told there could be a terrorist attack and Winter might just have something at home she needs to go and do herself. No Winter should have stayed and protected Ally.

She won’t go to something to support her wife, she won’t go to work to support her wife, she won’t stop spending money to save their business and support her wife but we hear time and time again that the support her wife gives is the only reason she was able to move on with her own life.

THEN after SHE messed up, after SHE made things bad the second someone SHE hates and has made a big problem with tells her that her wife is in a Cult she’ll believe that rather then tell Ivy that Meadow is spouting lies.

She has no real connection to anyone and is only interested in herself. Its why I still believe that she herself is the perfect victim to Kai then anyone else. She hasn’t really got a bond with anyone or anything, she says she does with her son but it never sounded like something she was worried about because of her son and more because of herself. I’m surprised that Ivy was the one to join the Cult when Ally herself was prime victim material for him.

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