Vatican Miracle Examiners : Those Branded with a Curse

Episode 7

“Noroi no rakuin o osare shisha” (呪いの烙印を押されし者)

Whilst investigating a uncorrupted body and seeing whether or not they will name John Jordan a Saint, Roberto and Hiraga were warned that one of them would touch the light of God and the other would die at the hands of a Snake-Demon.

Knowledge now equating a sin its easy to guess that Roberto has the Snake-Demon future purely for wanting to learn more….

That was the big metaphor really for his faith. When he is bitten by the snake and starts to hallucinate or have his bad dream about demons and gods and all that it was like being told the knowledge he wants is outweighing his faith in god and therefore is sinful, also his love for Hiraga apparently is now a bad thing and actually DOES outweigh his faith.

I said in the last review that his interest in the Devil’s Bible was probably some sort of hint at to what is actually meant by knowledge being sinful. In this episode he finds three books and is determined to use them to learn how to control dead corpses and figure out how one of the wealthiest families in France stay that way… Or something like that anyway. All of this can be found by him studying three books and it drives him kind of insane whilst doing it.

This isn’t Knowledge equalling a bad thing though. This is him craving Knowledge that is bad for you in general. He’s looking up devil worshipping rituals and ways to keep corpses animated and the devil’s own bible. Whilst it helps him solve cases no doubt, it will also corrupt a soul in the eyes of the church because you are looking at things that go up against god or will tarnish your faith. I think that was why in his dream state the Knowledge didn’t outweigh his faith because his craving for Knowledge is on a broad plain and he’s obviously been drugged/poisoned and is feverish and out of his mind right now. He isn’t his usual calm self, when he saw the Devils Bible he was excited to hold a rare book but he didn’t lose his mind like he had with the ones he found in this episode. I still think there is something really dodgy going on in the church and that Kidd guy, the one who translates the books, is very possibly behind it all.

Then again I’ve also been thinking about Julia. The opening scene to this story was him walking in on John Jordan and Kidd. There was something about that scene that made me not trust Julia to begin with and I’ve kind of forgotten that feeling. It just seems too much of a coincidence.

By the end of the episode Roberto has lost it as they stand in a cave with a beheaded Solomon. Its either a sign he’s lost his mind (probably to drugs or a fever or something) or a burst of relief because the prophecy has gone wrong. Its a interesting point to end the episode on because Roberto really was the one that seemed to be able to hold it together and we see him completely break down but we’re left guessing whether its a bad turn, as in him looking at his inner demon and losing his fight to it, or if its just a emotional break down you’d expect of someone pushing themselves to do things with the fear of death and near death experiences hanging over their head would have.


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