One Piece : The Consummate Gentleman

Chapter 863

Wedding is over, everything has gone wrong and we’re faced with a load of clone Luffy’s bursting out of a cake. Its the weird world of Luffy.

Another jumbled up chapter. It was crazy. The clone Luffy’s are a load of critters from the forest but it doesn’t take long for them to figure out where the real Luffy is.

This was when THEIR plan went wrong.

Dogtooth captures Luffy before he can break the picture but all this does is make Jinbe stand up to Big Mom.

As he doesn’t fear her she doesn’t seem able to take any of his soul which gives the cool yet slightly confusing scene of Jinbe, in the middle of the operation, putting sake down in front of Big Mom to finalize his departure from her crew to join Luffy.

All this was used as a distraction so that a wooden looking Luffy can come and destroy the photo, I don’t know if they KNEW that this was going to happen or not but it is what happened. So whilst all the plans are going wrong at least the photo has been destroyed.

Maybe because I stopped reading it and came back to it after a long while but I’m finding it rather disappointing. I don’t know why but I just felt like it could have been better. It feels clustered and a little manic. I guess when its built up week on week you don’t really notice but because I stopped reading it and came back to it I’m cold and just having crazy stuff happening isn’t as interesting. It just feels all over the place.

Happy that Jinbe is finally a free agent and joining he Straw Hats, it is a long time coming and it’ll be a interesting dynamic. In the last chapter he seemed to get a little annoyed, maybe the wrong word but I can’t think of a better one at this moment, that Luffy was asleep and he couldn’t wake him. He’s a lot older then the Straw Hats and much more grown up and he’s joining a group that just follow their guts and their hearts and do what they find best. Being in a less organised place with people who don’t always make the most sense or do the sensible thing will be something different for Jinbe and it’ll be interesting to see how in the future he copes with all that craziness.


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