American Horror Story Cult : 11/9

After an explosive episode last week we turn back the clock and find out where some of the story began. Right before the Election Night…

I enjoyed the episode a lot for the questions it raised about so much. At times it was hard to remember that chronologically this all happened prior to what we’ve seen. It showed not only how Kai was able to bring in the Wiltons to his cause but gave us backstory on the one armed shop assistant as well as making Adina Porters reporter character, Beverly Hope, a much more sinister character then the hapless reporter she’s been portraying so far.

I think it was Hope that made it difficult to remember that this was prior to everything we’ve seen so far. As we’ve seen her work in the previous episodes it was easy to believe that what was going on was happening after the events that unfolded but in fact she’s been working with Kai from the beginning, after seeing her fall from grace and witnessing her hatred for the world he was able to bring her to his family by killing rival reporter Serena Belinda, played by Emma Roberts,  and offering her equal footing in his new world. Once more she seems a much nastier character then she looked like from first impressions and once more Porter is absolutely the character I have my eyes on from now on.

Then again it was the Wiltons that once more stole the show. Billy Eichner and Leslie Grossman have been absolute stars of the show since first appearing as the weird new next door neighbours to the Mayfair-Richards and this episode made them more then just comic relief. Seeing the struggle they were going through and finally being able to see the pain that their predicament had put them in made you feel sorry for them. When Meadow in the previous episode said she hides behind her humour you knew there was much more to her and everything that Kai told her she was afraid of was shown in this episode. Her fear of never being touched by a man being made worse by marrying her gay best friend who for very obvious reasons finds her unattractive. Her life was then turned upside down by her cancer and she’s been struggling ever since and with Harrison also struggling at work and being picked on for being gay their household was far from a happy one.

Watching Kai see that weakness in Harrison and being able to wiggle himself into the gap was brilliant. It was exactly what you needed to see Kai do to understand why people WOULD flock to him. You see it slowly happening with Ally but this showed it from beginning to end and worked magnificently. Evan Peters is wonderful in the role and had me believing what he said too.

Away from Kai we also got the shocking revelation that Winter and Ivy met before the Election Night, giving new meaning and more questions over Winter’s actions with Oz.

Personally I don’t believe that the relationship between Winter and Ivy has changed Ivy too much other then giving her a story away from being the loving wife of Ally who is slowly losing her ability to be supportive. We see her being saved by Winter after being sexually abused by the one armed shop keeper (before he was one armed) and it becomes very apparent that being the strong person in a relationship that probably feels one sided with someone as strong willed and over the top as Ally has taken its toll on Ivy who finally has met someone who will be strong for her.

I don’t think she knows what Winter is doing with Oz, I do think she gave Winter the job because emotionally she was cheating with Winter. When you are emotionally cheating on someone it doesn’t feel like having a affair because its inside your head and that is why when she saw the two women she is probably in love with or at least one she’s in love with and another she’s infatuated with in the position they were in in the video she probably felt betrayed by both of them and was able to keep the moral high ground not because she’s trying to drive Ally insane but because its only a emotional thing with Winter and for now we haven’t seen them physically involved with each other so I’m basing this off of what we’ve seen but she doesn’t see her need of having Winter around because she no longer needs to be strong on her own as cheating on Ally. Ally doesn’t support Ivy, Ally is incapable of supporting Ivy, and whilst Ivy knew this from the beginning we also know they’ve been together a long time and it was Ivy being attacked at a rally that Ally refused to go to because she was being a stubborn bitch that made her realise that she, Ivy herself, is not as strong as she thought she was and she’s not getting the emotional support she deserves.

Then again with AHS there is no point in trying to figure out what is going on really. I thought it would be too obvious to have Ivy as part of the Cult and whilst this doesn’t prove that she is part of whatever the Cult is or even knows what’s going on with Kai or Winter it was a twist I wasn’t really expecting so who knows what her motivations really are?!

Great episode that once again asked a whole bunch more questions then it answered ones we had but gave us some more information to speculate till our hearts can’t take it any more.

Emma Roberts death in this episode was also one of the best AHS have done. It was so gory and maybe because I dislike Roberts in anything but Scream Queens it has to be one of my all time favourite deaths ever.






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