Zapped : The Trial

I am so very happy that Dave’s Fantasy Comedy Zapped has returned for a second season. Returning to Munty to see if Brian ever makes it back to Earth, ever gets another set of clothes or one day finally falls in love with Barbara….

It honestly left off right where it ended, or at least three days afterwards, and was just as funny as ever. Brian (James Buckley) is on trial for triggering the Snail Wars, Barbara (Sharon Rooney) has decided to give up soothsaying to be a blacksmith, Steg Steggson (Kenneth Collard) decides to be a advocate even if he can’t say it, Howell (Paul Kaye) is now stealing cats to try and claim reward money for finding them and Herman (Louis Emerick) is still manning the Jug and the Other Jug pub.

Brian is much more at home with Munty now then he’s ever been which makes his character much more likable. Even though he is in a bad predicament and moaning about it the character no longer declares every few moments he wants to go home and instead just stumbles from one bad thing to another. His friends aren’t very helpful even though they try to be and he seems to realise that much more now.

As always though its the Munty natives that I love the most.

Barbara’s attempt at blacksmithing was worse then her soothsaying, she actually has some soothsaying powers she just doesn’t seem to know it yet, whereas her blacksmithing was terrible and she only was there because the guy in charge was a perv. The armour he made for her was funny as hell and her hitting it with the huge hammer and getting the final laugh on him, even though she didn’t know, was brilliant.

Everything about the case and Steg just once more being useless was amazing. Steg is probably my second favourite character behind Howell but he really shone in this episode more then Howell who was funny but just kind of there doing funny stuff. I liked it more when Howell was a fleeting character, some of his quirkiness kind of got annoying mid-episode when you have to see it all the time.

It was a simple episode back into the world of Munty and actually would be a great starting point for someone just finding the series having missed the fantastic first series.

Everything from the grumpy Fairies to the bonkers story just made me fall in love with the series once more and with a new threat coming I can see it getting more and more bonkers as the SIX EPISODE yes read that again SIX EPISODE series progresses.


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