WCPW : Refuse to Lose 2017

Refuse to Lose 2017 see’s the final PPV under the WCPW banner, December 4th we’ll see the company take on the name Defiance Wrestling. Until then we’re still with WCPW and we’re watching Refuse to Lose.

Winners : Jay Lethal & Ava Storie

It wasn’t a bad start to the night. Both Roxy and Ava held their own against the guys and it was a proper and very well done intergender match. There were a few moments mainly with Ava that was a bit ugly looking, I didn’t like her as much as Roxy, but all in all it was fantastic.

Roxy and Drake were a absolutely stunning tag team, their double teaming was near flawless and they brought a lot of energy to the match. They actually dominated a lot of the match, it made the two Brits look extremely strong which is great because they could be a extremely important part of WCPW going into their new future.

Loved that it went off the rails and the ref just kind of let it go.

Fantastic pre-show match.


I’m still sad that Blampied is gone but they replaced him as GM with one of my favourite humans on the planet. Always been a fan of Bennett since the moment I saw him and he’s going to be a excellent GM.

Not sure there was a point to his speech other then to once again confirm that WCPW will be turning into Defiance Wrestling in December. Kinda hoping they keep the big iPPVs names though, not sure still why they have to change their name but getting to listen to Bennett makes me happy so I don’t really care.

Winner : Mike Bailey

Loved that the announcer got the list of David Starr’s names wrong so Starr made him say it properly. On another note Starr looks 200 times hairier then the last time I saw him if that is even possible.

Bailey took the early part of the match, two very different wrestling styles and Starr started off looking like he wasn’t really taking Bailey as serious as he should , then again Starr usually looks like that. Bailey makes everything look flawless though, the three roundhouse kicks were just amazing as was the moonsault into the double knee stomp which he does so well. He kept the pace fast and didn’t give Starr time to slow it down.

It was such a ridiculously fun match, the two of them worked well together. A lot of what makes David Starr fun made the match so great. He can reverse just about everything and is so slick that watching the two of them reversing or dodging each other was just as fun as watching them actually wrestling.

Half way through Bradshaw made the assumption that then became reality that whoever won will be in line for a Internet Championship match against ZSJ at some point which made me scream for Starr to win because I just want to see him vs Zack Sabre Jr. Unfortunately it was Mike Bailey that won, personally not sure they will work as well against each other but interested to see how that goes when it happens.

WINNER : Primate

It was crazy in that wonderful crazy way that Havoc, Primate and Bad Bones always makes things. Like I like Gunn but at times he just feels the odd man out in the Hardcore division but man was this match amazing. It just went crazy from the beginning and no one had a idea what was happening.

There was a stapler to Bad Bones private place just before Havoc slammed him into interlocked chairs. Crutches being used from the crowd. The stapler got a lot of work from Jimmy Havoc. Primate came flying from the top rope onto the other three on the outside. There was a ladder and I’m pretty sure James R. Kennedy peed himself when Primate glared at him.

It was just crazy.

There was a horrible spot on a table with two chairs on top of it. Havoc was the guy that went through it but the table didn’t break so it looked like it killed Bad Bones who was the guy that finally put him through it after some shoving from the others. Kidd then came down taking out Bad Bones and allowing Primate to win.

It was so crazy that the Hardcore Belt was left at ringside….

Winner : Liam Slater

So a very different match from the ones before it. Fought with all the respect in the world. Mentor vs Student. It was nice to see a singles matches against them which didn’t matter who won because the end result was always going to be Liam Slater stepping into the spotlight more then he even did when he had that brief singles spell when Moss was injured.

It was a technical match up which made me sad I’ve never seen Zack Sabre Jr vs Johnny Moss though which makes me once again so certain that Slater vs ZSJ in a prolonged feud for the Internet Championship could be a great story.

No one in the arena seemed happy with the ending of the match and I have to say that it felt a bit flat. The match never really got into a second gear, Moss threw Slater around a little bit but Slater focused on his elbow and in the end got a submission through it.

I think in the end it was just sad. We know we’re not seeing Moss again and as a tag team the two of them have been such a important part of WCPW. Just very sad but WCPW need to realise the do have a great young talent in Slater and use him well.


Well…. The title says it all. Loved it personally because I think its the stuff that WCPW needs to carry on doing. Seems like some kind of religious themed guy is coming to WCPW. Looking forward to it.

Winners : The Prestige

What a team for the Prestige though. Coffey and Banks. Any other time I’d say whoever had to fight these two had no chance but I never bet against Kelly Sixx who I have seen defy logic way too much to ever count him down.

It was a good match. Not as good as the match SCC had with the other two members of the Prestige on Loaded but still good. Banks and Coffey are obviously slightly bigger and more powerful then Ligero/Hendry as a pairing. The SCC did a good job trying to cut them down but it just didn’t work.

The big story of the match was the problems between Coffey and Banks. The two of them were well on their way to winning, it was a bit of a one sided affair and they didn’t really abide by the rules either, as Coffey was going for the win something happened and Banks either tagged himself in on purpose (I think that was what happened) or by accident. Coffey ended up on the outside of the ring and banks won it. With Coffey coming out moaning a few weeks back and this it looks like Coffey will be leaving The Prestige but I hope its Banks that will leave and just be a bad ass on his own.

Winner : Kay Lee Ray

If I’m honest I didn’t like it very much. It was very slow and stodgy. I like both women but it didn’t feel as fluid as their matches usually does. My mind wandered throughout most of the match and I just didn’t really care for what was happening.

The ending was pretty much the full stop of a disappointing match, Priestley was in charge of the match and then suddenly Kay Lee Ray won…. It was just kind of boring. Really disappointing specially seeing its been so long since WCPW had any women on their show to actually wrestle instead of just get beat up.

After the match Veda Scott came out and badly beat both Kay Lee Ray and Priestley up then bored the hell out of the world with a terrible promo. In fact the only thing worse then her mic skills were her kicks. Just stupid.

Winner : Marty Scurll

El Ligero has spent absolutely forever defending this briefcase, its the one thing I haven’t liked about it. You could use that kind of thing so well in stories but instead its been all about El Ligero defending it and being told he doesn’t deserve it.

What a good match though! Marty Scurll really is one of the best in the world and the match was technically fantastic, fast paced, full of skulduggery on both sides and entertaining as hell. It was the perfect match up for someone like Ligero and one of the best matches Ligero has had in a while for WCPW.

Scurll was right out the gates getting Ligero in a chicken wing right from the beginning. I love it when Scurll just stamps on people and there was plenty of stamping around the place. The use of the ref was great as well, I loved when the ref shoved Ligero back into Scurll and nearly cost Ligero the match.

I love how when Marty Scurll is naughty it IS like a naughty kid and you just laugh at him and want to pat him on the head, he’s such a great character and its great seeing him get the win over Ligero.

It was actually Banks’ fault though as he came down to help and ended up not helping very much. Joe Hendry needs to watch his back.

Winner : Martin Kirby

So hopefully this is going to be the end of what has been a bit of a lackluster feud to start off Gracie’s WCPW singles career. It started off well with Kirby going for the Sable Bomb very early on hoping to end the match as fast as possible.

Unfortunately like many of the matches for me it kind of went a bit dull mid-match. I just don’t think these two worked well together, its a shame though because I think Gracie could have had a great introduction into the singles division but its been a bit pants to be honest. Its felt bogged down. I lost interest in the match very early on and just kind of tuned out.

The ending was silly. It was perfect Kirby but it also was just a little annoying. Gracie went for the cheat win acting like Kirby had hit him with a chair but before the ref could turn around Kirby put the chair around his head and went down himself. With the evidence still ON Kirby he got the DQ win. Gracie kissed Fat Ligero’s ass….

Yeah. Lets hope for better for Gracie.

WINNERS : War Machine

I don’t like the Young Bucks but having watched Being the Elite (for Marty and Kenny) I’ve kind of gotten over my dislike of them. They just aren’t my cup of tea wrestling wise but I doubt that would ever mean anything when War Machine are the team on the other side.

It was a fantastic match. War Machine really can just work with about every team they are put against and the Bucks craziness worked well in a match with two guys who are surprisingly spry but also can just pluck both the Bucks out of the air easily. Something they did do when the Bucks went for synchronized suicide dives and got picked up by Hanson and Rowe. Soon two of them were fighting in the crowd and the match ended up on the entrance stage.

The Moonsault bit in the middle of the match was my favourite thing. Hanson did a Moonsault and I jumped out of my chair… He didn’t land it (it went 4 for 4 for missed Moonsaults) but he DID it. I mean it was a beautiful Moonsault too. Its one of the many reasons to love War Machine.

I think the everything goes kind of matches really works well for the Young Bucks. If you don’t like them much like me seeing them against a team like War Machine in a match like this can really change your mind on them. When they got War Machine in position with Hanson holding Rowe and kicked out Hanson’s legs to make him basically Piledrive Rowe was done so well I just laughed when it happened.

I missed how Rowe won the match because it was crazy. Best match of the night as War Machine tend to be every week.

After the match Hanson went to the Hardcore championship on the table and Primate came down for it, when they wouldn’t just give it back Jimmy Havoc came down and announced that if they weren’t going to give it back on Loaded him and Primate would take back the Hardcore belt AND take the Tag Titles in a Jimmy Fucking Havoc Rules match.

Happy… HAPPY days.

Winner : —

Well I can’t not mention how fucking fantastic Will Ospreay’s gear was. Big fan of it. Spiderman all the way!

I love something Stu Bennett said in the match. Something along the lines of Ospreay having the moves to turn heads but Hendry has the moves to win championships and that is very much true. Kind of. I mean Ospreay is a champion all day long with or without a belt but Hendry is just as good, he might not be flashy or as exciting to watch but he’s a wonderful wrestler a very psychological wrestler which you saw a lot in the opening parts of the match as he grounded Ospreay and kept his hands always on Ospreay to make sure that he couldn’t get away from him. When Ospreay landed from a flip and tweaked his ankle it was miliseconds before Hendry was on top of him and on the ankle.

It was a absolute spectacle of a match as you’d expect from two of the top British talents but it was what happened before the end that made it one of WCPW’s last great moments before it turns into Defiant Wrestling…

Winner : Marty Scurll

The Villain appeared in all his majesty to steal the spotlight and whilst the match was over not that long after his arrival it also wasn’t a case of him coming and stealing win. He had to come down and fight for it. It was a fantastic addition to the match and kind of makes you want to see a re-match at their next iPPV between the three of them. Scurll is a great guy to have the belt at the moment because he’s kind of middle ground good guy/bad guy whilst Ospreay is the good guy and Hendry is the bad guy so having the middle ground hold the belt into the new era of this company is a great way to build whatever it is they plan on building.

It was a fantastic match and I loved every second of it. Also always pop when Marty wins with the Chickenwing, I don’t know why but seeing submissions winning matches always makes me happy. Fantastic end to the main event.


Β For the last WCPW PPV it was pretty strong and made me pretty sad to be honest. I get why the guys might want to move on, people aren’t accepting the WhatCulture shift, or at least weren’t back when the 5 who left did leave, and renaming it removes it from the foundations they built into something else. I liked that WCPW kept their PPV names up until this point though and will be sad that Defiant Wrestling might get rid of them, also someone pointed out that the theme tune will probably be going too which is a bummer because it was awesome. This was a beautiful goodbye to what has been a fantastic run of a up and coming promotion.

Majority of the matches were fantastic, a lot of building up to the future going on but it didn’t overshadow anything.

Stu Bennett is a absolute catch for the group though because he has such a personality that even if his speech was a little disjointed and pointless you just wanted to listen to him go on and on. If anything that is what they’ll miss in Blampied and Pacitti, its what WhatCulture in general will miss from the two, they just seemed to nail everything they said and were perfect gobshites that fans loved. Bennett brings his star power and he has a overwhelming charisma but he needs to stay focused, which he will do. Its a difficult spot to be in, it felt like Defiant Wrestling was trying to have their NXT Triple H moment but whilst fans love it because OMG its Triple H and he’s telling us we’re special because we’re NXT fans they didn’t really need it or have that spark that worked.

Couldn’t call a favourite match but so many parts of the night made me want to cry, obviously Slater/Moss did make me cry so I might give that match of the night for emotional turmoil.

Now I want to say that I can see why the lackluster storytelling behind the briefcase, the slightly forgotten story of Scurll vs Hendry in the last few weeks and a lot of other small WCPW era things were put to rest with the briefcase finally being cashed in and Scurll getting one over on Ospreay and Hendry. I just very much hope they do bring back the Magnificent Seven match next year because it was a fantastic concept and I don’t feel like it should disappear or be a one time thing. It very much could still be Defiant Wrestlings MitB thing but more then that it was just a great match concept so even if it becomes more a number one contender match type it would be nice to see it come back next year.

Two more episodes of Loaded and then WCPW is no more. Sad, SAD times.


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