Vatican Miracle Examiners : God Bestows Upon Us All His Revelations

Episode 6

“Omo wa arayuru keiji o tare tamau” (主はあらゆる啓示を垂れ給う)

A new case starts and it looks like it’s going to be harder for Roberto and Hiraga to walk away from.

The two of them go to examine a uncorrupted body, the body being of a priest who used to have visions. So far all his visions have come true, the person who chronicled them and made notes on them confirms that even the shocking death of a young lady by a cult was prophesied by him.

Unfortunately its not good for Roberto as the man also prophesised that him and Hiraga would come and whilst Hiraga would touch God Roberto would die after falling for a demon’s trick. This all pretty much comes to pass with the cult of the snake people and it doesn’t look good for Roberto at all. Then again for me the whole thing once again feels really off. Julia, the good guy who is portrayed as the light that Hiraga is going towards, seems somehow TOO perfect. He even self-flagellates. I don’t know why but it just comes across as a trap in general. As always the timing is perfect for our Scooby-Doo inspired duo, they go to look at something as simple as a uncorrupted body and to see whether he should be classified as a Saint and end up stumbling on a demonic ritual that has stolen a baby, killed a woman and gonna probably get up to some more weird things as the story goes on.

Its slowly putting a bit more meat on the bones of Roberto, from the very beginning there is the warning of searching for knowledge, that looking too much for knowledge is a sin. We already know that Hiraga looks to science and maths to figure out things whilst Roberto wants to learn everything he can about ancient texts. His interest in the Devil’s Bible is probably a good sign of what they are talking about. It makes me happy to see some character development for Roberto, everything when it comes to Hiraga is about his brother and trying to make him better one way or the other, but Roberto really had nothing going for him up until now.

I can’t see him dying and there is the FBI agent hanging about so you can only guess that its all going to lead into the cult being arrested for the death of the American girl.

Slightly more interested in this story then the first. Good start to the arch.


One thought on “Vatican Miracle Examiners : God Bestows Upon Us All His Revelations”

  1. I was also pleasantly surprised when this arc started developing Roberto. It really helped his character out because up until then he’d just kind of seemed like someone to walk around with Hiraga and to offer the occasional reference that Hiraga could have looked up.

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