Red Dwarf XII : Cured

I really enjoyed season XI of Red Dwarf, feeling that it was back to its very best. I was very happy to hear it was back again for season XII!

What a absolute classic Cured is too!

After finding a research lab abandoned on a planet they go in to find anything that can help them at least fix Starbug, cue a funny scene of them only able to turn left and having to make a big circle to even make port with the facility.

From there on in its a adventure full of quirky characters wonderfully portrayed by the guest cast, crazy actions and a twist at the end you probably saw coming but was just as funny anyways.

Ryan Gage might be the most underrated British Actor we’ll see in a long while. His performance in The Hobbit movies was fantastic and he was always my favourite part of the Three Musketeers BBC show as the hapless King Louis. A little bit different in this show as he plays a “Cured” Hitler. Whilst in the end it all makes sense everything about his crazy character just made me love him, its all in the smile I think you can’t help but adore him when he smiles and Hitler and Lister’s relationship blossoming made me so want them to take him with them for the rest of the season, if only to hear them singing together again.

Because that was the point of the episode, well, not to make you fall in love with Hitler but the research lab was built to “Cure” evil so here we got a Hitler who was no longer evil. We also got a Stalin that was no longer evil, a Vlad the Impaler who no longer wants to put heads on spikes and a Messalina who doesn’t want to sleep with the Cat.

Yes Cat is introduced to a nymphomaniac who doesn’t want to sleep with him because he isn’t her type. Poor Cat.

Really though Ryan Gage stole the show and his scenes were the absolute best.

Away from the guest cast though and the Boys from the Dwarf were once again back to their very best. Teaching the Cat about Poker Face was one of my favourite moments they’ve had together as was Professor Telford trying to convince the Cat to join his side. Their interactions were as natural and funny as ever they were and their reactions to being buried alive, nearly castrated, nearly drowned and having their head stuck on a broom were perfect.

It was a guest heavy episode though and the Boys did take a bit of a back seat to their new friends. It didn’t matter though because if season 12 follows Cured even to the tiniest bit as well written then we’re in for a belter of a season!

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