One Piece : The Consummate Thinker

Chapter 862

Its been a while and once again I have to catch up with One Piece after taking a break from reading it.

The wedding was just about to start and Luffy was about to make his grand entrance…

I’ve been wondering how it all went down and to be honest I’m a little disappointed.

So Sanji is able to play a big part in his own rescue by stopping Pudding and telling her she is beautiful after seeing her third eye. That annoys me because now we have to feel sorry for Pudding who has been picked on for having the third eye her whole life, I just wanted her to be evil but we aren’t getting that. She can no longer kill Sanji and for some reason I just don’t find it a believable part of the story.

Luffy spends the majority of the chapter having to be woken up when he finally is awake he does make his grand entrance by jumping out of the massive cake that has been erected for the wedding with a load of clones. It was a pretty fun way for the chapter to end but followed a bit of a disappointing story to be honest.

I kept saying that I didn’t like Pudding as a character and I just feel like bullying or no bullying the way that Big Mom’s family is raised and treated would have meant that Pudding would still be a evil shit.

With her refusing or just not able to shoot Sanji its up to Dog Tooth to take over mainly because they don’t believe the priest that is marrying them will be able to shoot Sanji, just Dog Tooth misses too and we end up with no one knowing what to do and Luffy arriving when the whole place is confused.

I’m also seriously confused.

To come back to the series with that chapter it wasn’t the best, kind of hope that it gets better. I still don’t want Pudding and Sanji to part on good terms.


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