American Horror Story Cult : Neighbors from Hell

Killer Clown Cults, phobias, politics… AHS:Cult is taking us on a wild ride of some of the most terrifying things we could imagine.

For the first time we go clown-lite in the episode, they appear at the beginning to very obviously make us feel like Dr Rudy Vincent (Cheyenne Jackson) is involved with the Cult, its the only time we’ve seen the clowns target someone else with their fear and a direct link to the clowns and the Doctor. Whether that means he’s part of the Cult, part of the clowns and the clowns aren’t part of the Cult or something else I don’t know but that is one of the great parts of Cult.

Its the only time we see the clowns as Ally is set about ruining her own life with her paranoia and irrational behaviour without the clowns.

People don’t like the series because of its political foundations but I think people miss the point. Behind the obvious horror story elements and the political backgrounds of the characters involved it very much is a moralistic story that They are very much the same as Us. Its done a good job of showing that for both sides. Whilst most places will show the Right being the down right crazies and the Left being the heroes its blurred that line by showing Kai, for the majority of his scenes, being the level headed one with actual belief in what he says whilst Ally is all about saying how liberal she is but when she’s forced to look deeper she’s nothing more then a bunch of happy sayings taken off of Instagram.

The Instagram thing made me laugh so much too because Ally was so quick to tell Kai he should re-check his facts when he said he found his on Facebook yet spouts sayings off of Instagram like they are divine wisdom for your own happiness. Rudy might not at this moment be much more then a sounding board to Ally but his reaction to her in this episode had me laughing so much because behind very real problems she obviously isn’t the most grown up or intelligent of characters. Maybe intelligent is the wrong word, she is very self absorbed and naΓ―ve in her way of thinking. She’ll take sayings off of Instagram like they mean something, she’ll tell a group of people who hate her because she shot someone and didn’t get in trouble that she is “one of them” whilst never really getting that she’s not the centre of attention that she hopes she is.

This is more then ever true when she confronts Winter for leaving her with the reasoning of you left me, I needed protecting, I don’t care what you might have had in your life going on but I had to have you here and you weren’t so its your fault.

She is very childish in that Ivy and now Winter need to be there to support her yet she reels off a saying on Instagram that basically means she should get a grip and work it out herself.

I find many people online who think Ally is a innocent hero in all of this and whilst the harassment she receives from the wonderful Wilton’s who made me laugh all episode long is wrong in the bigger picture Ally isn’t a nice person. She’s not a outright bigot or something but she really DOES hide behind privileges and is offended when people find her offensive. She couldn’t let people protest about the death of someone she had to turn his death into a tragedy about herself and whilst we the audience know that actually she is a victim she herself does not know that, she thinks that because she is paranoid but that doesn’t excuse her behaviour and shows a side to her I think we lose track of because we see the hell she’s being put through.

Grossman and Eichner really shone in this episode. Whilst we now know they are part of the Cult they did a great job of still being so funny that you can’t help but love them even though you know they are up to no good. The ending with Meadow going missing and Harrison freaking out to the police was shocking yet at the same time hilarious, the two of them are so over the top that you can’t help but like them even though you know that they are the bad guys in the piece. I loved them in the episode and really think the two have elevated the series so much. I think a lot of the new additions to the cast and the fact that other then Paulson and Evans it feels very different has made this series stand out a lot more then the last few. I would love to see both Grossman and Eichner again in future series.


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