WCPW : Loaded 28th September 2017

Everything is once again late thanks to a lot of reasons from dead pets to work. Only a few days late we’re back to the final Loaded before Refuse to Lose on Monday.

Hopefully this review will be much better then the one for last week which I admit was rather lackluster. I apologise for that.

So this week?


Winners : War Machine

Its always fun to see Hanson and Rowe show up. It wasn’t like they were scheduled for the show which is another thing WCPW do right, they manage to squeeze in a lot in a small time and keep everything top quality.

War Machine have come down because they want a match, Angelico comes down to challenge them and Ricochet comes down to join him. A rather strange yet exciting match to think about. Two absolutely amazing high fliers against two big and fucking deadly monsters.

Not sure I should be so surprised that Angelico and Ricochet got on pretty well right from the start, very similar styles and just two of the best you could get they smartly isolated one member of War Machine and kept the pace high, attacking in tandem and not giving their opponent a second to get their breath back. Like all War Machine matches though it didn’t take long for the champions to turn the tables with their baffling agility and ability to pick just about anyone and anything up and throw it around like its weightless. The second the champs get their own pace going it means all hell breaks loose and usually we’re out on the floor not able to keep up with everything that is happening.

Man I love the tag team champions.

One of the best moments came from Ricochet though catching I think Hanson in mid move and being able to throw him, the move in the corner, and when he suplexed Rowe earlier in the match. I don’t know why I’m always so surprised by just how strong Ricochet is, the man is crazy strong.

Ridiculous match to start the night off with. It was a absolute war and going to be extremely hard for ANYONE or ANYTHING to top it.


So Gracie’s team is obviously Bad Bones but also Drake. That is one great looking team though, a reunion of two of Kennedy’s prospects but I am very much hoping that they don’t ruin Gracie or Drake in this match. I say this as in don’t let Gracie go down the comedy route or drag Drake, who has been going so strongly since he kind of returned to the scene, down with him.

One nice looking team though.

Winner : Kushida 

The winner of the World Cup and probably one of the guys who came out of it the best are set to square up. I still just can’t figure out whether I like Bailey or not, I’m just going to go with like him so ignore everything I’ve ever said about him to this point and just pretend I’ve always liked him.

Kushida is just exciting to watch. He doesn’t even have to do much and I’m excited. From his entrance music, which I love, to him just getting ready to attack I’m hooked on whatever he’s involved in.

The match wasn’t as exciting as the opening bout, then again that was always going to be hard to top, but it was a fun little match. Bailey has a interesting way about him and Kushida is just hell of a fun to watch. I enjoyed it.

Baileys Corkscrews and somersault into double knees in the chest are two of the nicest looking moves he has, I love seeing him do them and Kushida kicked out of both. I still think that Naomi, the WWE Diva, should look at Bailey’s quick fire kicks and either learn to do them like him or just give up on her own because the more I see his the more I realise hers look terrible. Other then that though I’m still very undecided about the rest of Bailey but he really does grow on you.

A Shooting Star Press/Double Knee Stomp failed to land which gave Kushida the chance to put Bailey in the Hoover Board Lock which then was flawlessly turned into a Back to the Future for the win from the World Cup Champion. Really good match.


If Kidd’s Martin Kirby t-shirt didn’t kind of tell you all you needed to know about this segment before Kirby even showed up then you are really thick.

Winners : The Legends

So it is a elimination match, whichever team is left standing gets to choose their stipulations for their matches at Refuse to Lose. The addition of Prince Ameem nearly instantly killed my going into this match but I did my best to give him the benefit of the doubt and pay more attention then I probably would have because the other five guys in this match are some of my favourites to watch.

The Legends, as we were told Gracie’s team have called themselves, attacked before Kirby’s music had finished and just as the bell rings Kidd is eliminated by Bad Bones.

When the match finally settles and we get to actually see some of these guys wrestle as officials try to get Kidd out from ring side, they took him around via The Legends corner which meant another attack which was ignored by the commentators from Bad Bones, its Prince Ameem isolated in the ring as you would guess these things would happen.

Kirby did get in the ring and broke up the beat down on Ameem but the second Kirby was also eliminated I sighed. Of all people to have the underdog beating the odds story with Ameem is the one person I personally could do without seeing, it isn’t interesting watching him be beat up and the second the first surprise roll up didn’t put down Gracie then I just didn’t believe that Ameem could eliminate one person.

Technically he eliminated one person and Bad Bones eliminated himself by hitting Ameem with his base ball bat which left Gracie to crawl on top of Ameem and get the win.

Another really good match I just had no interest in any part that Ameem was part of.

Winner : Primate

It is a crazy duo to have against each other. It was a extremely hard hitting match with a lot of chair added to the hard hitting nature of it.

The chair between the legs being hit into Primate via another chair probably has ended Primate’s ability to have mini-Primates in the future so I hope he already has at least one but the unique way that Penta uses the weapons made the match so much better then most of the ones that BT Gunn has had with Primate. The use of the prosthetic leg made me giggle, what a crazy weapon to have in the match.

Crazy is about the only word you can use to describe any match with these two in it and this was double the crazy in every way.

All you need to know is that there was a Fear Factor through 4 chairs and Primate… Kicked… Out….



So Drake goes back to challenging Jay Lethal. This time in a intergender tag team match where he’ll team with Roxy, who if you remember back a while agreed to join James R. Kennedy when he was a manager and not a commentator, and Jay Lethal will team with Ava.

Not only am I excited because Lethal vs Drake has been a great little feud for Drake but because it brings back Roxy who I really liked and brings in another face in the female division. WCPW really need to focus on bringing females in and having two story lines of importance with them so they can never use the excuse “well our champion was busy so….” again. There are so many decent female wrestlers out there that they should never just not have a match and whilst I get that this time out it was bad planning and other big things going on in women’s wrestling in general they just need to keep women on the card at all times and increasing the female talent pool in WCPW as well as just matches like this will do that. If the big name stars in the female division are busy or injured or whatever its up to WCPW to make some stars themselves and Bea Priestley from what I can tell has always been around so unless she’s injured there just was never a reason not to have a female wrestling match in this batch of taping’s.

Winner :  Will Ospreay

Ligero did attack before the bell rung but it didn’t stop Ospreay.

It started off a bit too slow as Ligero tried to pick Ospreay apart, partly to obviously win this match and I guess partly to make sure that Ospreay goes into Refuse to Lose on the back foot in his match against Hendry. It sped up in parts but Ligero never really gave Ospreay a chance to get into his top gear for longer then a few moments before doing just about anything he could to slow it back down.

A short match but a very important one. Ospreay gets the win going into Refuse to Lose which makes you feel like we’ll be seeing a new champion on Monday.


We end learning what Gracie’s match is going to be against Kirby on Monday….

No jokes and games with Alex Gracie as he picks a kiss my ass match. This means Mr No Jokes is going to have his joke pants on and he delivers the obviously non-jokey line about his butt being imprinted on Kirby’s face….

This is the one thing that I just hate about Gracie at the moment. He’s such a good wrestler and does serious so well but they keep putting him in comedic roles when right now he doesn’t need it. Shame.


The episode was 1 hour and 40 minutes long and yet managed to pack a punch on a over stacked card. At no point did it feel rushed or like we were suddenly going to lose out on something. It started off with a bang and continued all the way through.

Five matches and each one had enough time to tell a story, tell it well and be exciting and explosive in their own ways. It was bookmarked with two exceptional matches with such amazingly talented guys.

War Machine as Tag Champs has been one of the best things to happen to WCPW in a long time. Their reign has been as dominant as Moss x Slaters and the Swords have been before them but they mix it up so much with the War Machine Rules that it makes it so unique.

Their reign has really given a special feel to WCPW’s tag team division by making it unpredictable, maybe not in the results but in what is going to happen, and extremely fun to watch. War Machine’s matches are always the must watch of all shows and the list of people they have now beaten is extremely impressive, not one match has been a dud and this one was one of the best of the lot.

I really wish they could get Adam Clery to do the stuff they get Adam Wilbourn to do. Its just a personal thing, I like Wilbourn but there is something I don’t like about when he interviews people or when he did the promo for the next set of taping’s and Refuse to Lose. I’m not going to compare him to the two Adam’s who left because very obviously they were something else but I don’t find him as endearing as Clery or as charismatic as some of the other guys they have. I think I loved the WhatCulture guys who left, Clery, Jules, Kenny before he left and all the others because they don’t talk like presenters. They have their own personality and it felt like hearing someone talking to you like you were a friend of theirs. Wilbourn doesn’t come across like that, he comes across as a presenter and I don’t tune into anything WhatCulture or WCPW related to listen to someone present at me. Its something they will miss with the others gone but they have plenty of people who could replace them and need to be given the chance to grow, I just don’t think Wilbourn will ever be one of them for me.

Overall it was the absolute perfect way to go into Refuse to Lose which I  won’t be watching live as I leave work on Monday at 9pm (not 8 like I said on Twitter) so won’t be home till late. I’ll have the review up as fast as I can. WCPW is the only wrestling show I watch weekly (I might not review it weekly but I watch it weekly) and its because its exciting and fresh. The tag team division is amazing, the Internet Title is always the match to watch, they’ve worked so hard to make their top title so very important and have done so. They’ve helped make some really talented and amazing wrestlers bigger then they were. They really have been on a roll and I can’t wait for Refuse to Lose.

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