WCPW : Loaded 21st September 2017

Another great week last week. Its nice to see a lot of stories up and down the roster beginning or being furthered. Can’t WAIT for Kidd vs ZSJ. Promises to be yet another brilliant night.

PLUS because I got asked on Twitter by someone, yes I will still be reviewing WCPW… Like just because the WhatCulture guys I liked left doesn’t mean I’m not going to watch WCPW or support the guys who are still there. WCPW is a great promotion to watch and like I once had a shitty boss and walked out of a job into a better one, it never made the other people shitty. So like just chill.

Winner : Bad Bones

It started with Ameem just being beaten up, there was some hope that he’d be able to overcome the odds but then he went to the top rope to do his stupid Magic Carpet thing which gave Bad Bones the opportunity he needed to just destroy him some more.

I couldn’t get into it. I can’t help it, I just don’t like Ameem. A little bit of me wants to see Ameem be more serious and I think something with Bad Bones could do that but I just don’t see it happening. I spent more time tweeting about how excited I was waiting to see ZSJ then watching the match because it was just not important for me.

Then again I don’t think Ameem or WCPW could do anything to make it important to me either. I just don’t care.

Winners : Die Jungen Lowen

A match much more up my street. So happy we’re still getting the Lions on our screens.

Anyone who reads a lot of my wrestling reviews will know that Johnny Moss is my favourite kind of wrestler. I love seeing the Moss’s of the world (usually Chris Andrews) throwing people around like human beings don’t weigh a thing. How easy they make throwing grown men around is my favourite thing in wrestling.

Something else I love is good tag team wrestling and these two teams just are seamless when they get going and it was so good. So very good. I nearly forgot there was still so much to come because it was just amazing. It was fun seeing two very interesting and well matched teams go at it.

Another problem with Mossy’s elbow meant after they ended the match Slater got on the mic to get him riled up. We’ll be getting Moss vs Slater at Refuse to Lose which might actually be a show stealer.


A great little bit that moved on the Gracie/Kirby feud, they have a six man tag match next week and whichever team wins the members of said team will get to name the stipulations for their matches at Refuse to Lose.

Really love the Leg End thing. Might need to blag that for when insulting people around my niece. Instead of bell end teach her Leg End.

Winners : The South Coast Connection

The SCC turned their backs on the Prestige which gave the Prestige the upper hand right off the bat. Its Hendry and Ligero representing the Prestige and they didn’t keep the offence for long as Dunn and Sixx were able to turn the tables using their near flawless team work to turn the tables.

A much different tag team match from the one before, much more a storied match then a great contest. Whilst the Prestige had an advantage just on size they also aren’t a full time tag team so didn’t have the connection that the SCC did. Whilst the experience of the Prestige, the fact they’ll use any thing to win and are just much more vicious in general was able to slow the match down and keep the SCC apart there were flashes from the team of what they can give to WCPW on a larger scale.

It was the lights going off and Will Ospreay appearing that gave the SCC their win, Kelly Sixx who I have spent the last year and a bit telling anyone who would listen how fantastic he is, got the pin. Great way to carry on Ospreay vs Hendry, brilliant win for the SCC and just a wonderful moment for me as a Sixx fan.

Winner : Zack Sabre Jr

Kidd has been a great champion, having some of the best matches on any card he’s apart of and keeping the Internet Championship just as important and visible as the WCPW Championship. He was going into this match tied at one apiece against ZSJ having beaten him when he first became champion and leaving ZSJ not the happiest of bunnies.

I think he’d be much happier this time out as he won the match…

It was a absolutely stunning main event highlighting everything people love about ZSJ and showing just how far Kidd has come. Back when he fought ZSJ just after winning the belt the win felt a bit like a lucky win and Kidd spent far too much of that match trying to out wrestle his opponent at his opponent’s own game. The thing with Zack Sabre Jr is the man can reverse just about every single move in the world into some horrible  form of punishment. Kennedy called him a Octopus when he won the match and it is like fighting a Octopus. He just wraps his limbs around you the second you try to pick him up, finds the grip and starts twisting your body in ways it should never be twisted.

Its magical to watch but maybe not so nice to be apart of.

I felt like it was a bit much for Bradshaw to keep going on about Kidds ribs. I mean ZSJ will always go for elbows in the ribs if he’s got a elbow free to shove in them so whilst they were a target he never truly went after them. Honestly the guy would have done the same if Kidd’s ribs had been fine.

Great main event ending off another good episode.


I said in the last review this one probably wouldn’t get out on time and here it is a week late only just getting out before I post this current weeks review.

It was a great Loaded though.

The main event and Lions vs Moss x Slater were my two matches of the night, really enjoyed both of them and just hope that the Lions stick around. They’ve been such a great addition to the tag team scene and I do hope that WCPW, which today has announced that it’ll now be called Defiant from December, is able to keep focusing on all their divisions as much as they have… Well…. Of course they need to bring back the women but I have faith in them to do so. I just feel it’ll be a shame to lose focus on a division that I don’t think they realise is quite as hot as it is like the tag team division, they have some exciting teams that put on extremely amazing matches and I know Moss x Slater are probably no more now but it would be a shame if they don’t keep pumping in new names to make it as exciting as possible.

Really enjoyed this weeks show.

Also I would like to say that I could listen to Zack Sabre Jr talk all day long as well as watch him wrestle. His interview with Adam Wilbourn was fantastic and flew by even though it was nearly 16 minutes long.

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