Vatican Miracle Examiners : The Game of Angels and Demons

Episode 5

“Tenshi to akuma no gēmu” (天使と悪魔のゲーム)

After a four episode long introduction to the main characters and a very long story that ended up being all the Nazi’s fault the biggest question is what happens next for Hiraga and Roberto?

Actually forget Roberto for one episode. We learn of the relationship between Hiraga and Lauren.

Turns out Lauren is a criminal, he has a ankle bracelet on that if he moves 300 metres from where he is will kill him, and he ended up being counselled by Hiraga because the church said he had to see a priest once a week and Hiraga’s IQ was the highest.

We learn of a story that Hiraga told Lauren that seemingly has made him so intent on proving miracles wrong. The story of a gentleman who when he was 13 was bestowed a curse, he was granted a thousand wishes to prove in the goodness of humanity. Unfortunately whenever he used the wishes things went wrong, a murderer came to his house and he begged him to leave him alone which sent the murderer to kill his neighbours, his mum grew cold to him and when he finally cracked under her never believing he achieved a single thing without wishing for it killed her by accident, she was brought back just to act as a punishment to him more then his mother. When she finally died naturally he wished his perfect women into life and just after he thought he’d lost her after realising she was a wish he was granted her again by God.

It was a interesting story, up until the woman of his dreams thing you could pretty much explain away everything that he had “wished” for. The serial killer leaving could just have been because he was spotted or maybe he never intended to kill that family but instead wanted to scare someone. His mum dying but not actually dying could have been just about anything, he was panicking and so not paying attention to her. It was only when the woman disappeared to reappear that the story seemed real magical BUT THEN its one mans story and whilst Lauren is trying to prove it wrong he’s given enough actual facts to make it difficult to prove one way or the other.

I like that we have this kind of mystery story that we can’t prove yet can’t debunk. It was nice and refreshing and showed that Hiraga is very much a good story teller. He’s easy to listen to and if anything he’s the stronger now of the two main characters.

Really like Lauren though and hope we see more of him.


One thought on “Vatican Miracle Examiners : The Game of Angels and Demons”

  1. This was an interesting episode and I liked the unresolved nature of whether a miracle had occurred or not. I felt thsi was more what I expected going into this show.

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