No Mercy 2017 Review

So here I am again, totally unprepared for the actual PPV as I haven’t seen much of RAW for the last few weeks and my only knowledge of what is happening is thanks to Kenny McIntosh and David J. McCutcheon on ITR’s RAW Rundown which is basically how I follow RAW at the moment.

I know you love to hear my views though so here they are!

Winner : Elias Samson

So we get a great little song from Elias before the match and a OK match on the Pre-Show but nothing to really talk about.

Elias has great charisma, Crews is a fantastic wrestler but whilst you could mix the two of them and come up with something great putting them against each other doesn’t do anything. Even with Titus out there to support Crews can’t make it that interesting.

Have to say that Elias has some perfect delivery. The way he got the crowd eating out of his hand whilst singing to them, the way he sang his song, it was just perfect. I loved it. Thing is for me in the ring he’s OK but he could have really done with staying in NXT to really hone his performance.

Crews is the opposite, wrestling wise he’s one of the best to watch but his whole personality is a smile and it just doesn’t interest me and whilst the likes of ZSJ are kind of bland half the time but I can forgive them because in ring whilst wrestling they have a great personality there just isn’t anything in Crews matches that make me want to pay attention.

It was a throwaway on the pre-show though. That’s fine.

Winner : The Miz

So the Miz nearly didn’t have a title match at another PPV but at the last minute a number one contender was crowned in Kurt Angle’s son Jason Jordan. Its nice to see that Jordan is getting a bit of steam with his matches recently and I’m hoping with someone as talented in ring and on the mic as Miz he can really shine for the first time since coming to RAW.

The crowd were very much on the side of the Miz, it feels like a lot of the WWE Universe have given up on Jordan based on the story sucking. Problem is, and I said it on Twitter, that Jordan has always had problems getting the crowd behind him without someone like Gable. He isn’t as charismatic as Gable so they stuck him with Angle in a story that doesn’t really make sense and isn’t doing him favours but in the ring he’s still one of the absolute best.

ALL the suplexes that were hit by Jordan were amazing, the rolling suplexes were a thing of beauty. He brought so much to the match on the wrestling side and lost due to the Miztourage getting involved. He has the perfect reason for a rematch, a prolonged feud with the Miz could help him so much and carrying on with really good matches whilst just trying with the promos is going to do him a load more good then the dad angle.

The interview after the match instantly made me feel he’d make a good heel. Will be interesting to see how it goes.

Winner : Finn Balor

Man vs Man match? How boring.

Again I love Bray to pieces, I love supernatural and out there persona’s and stories but the moment he LOST HIS OWN MATCH to Randy Orton I just can’t see the character Bray Wyatt ever being a threat again. What does anyone gain from Bray beating Finn? All it would do is bring Balor down to Wyatt’s level.

Now don’t get me wrong the match was good. I preferred it to the Summerslam bout and like a more aggressive Bray but I didn’t want to see him win and I’M ONE OF HIS FANS!

The match was so good, so much more intensity then their other matches and very interesting to watch. It had the best of Bray but the story made no sense. When Finn has already pretty much destroyed Bray, showed no fear to Bray and brought out the Demon because he was angry not scared why would we believe he’d be freaked out by Bray’s games in the match?

Great showing by Bray, good match overall but just pointless, pointless, pointless….

Winners : Seth Rollins & Dean Ambrose

Still loving the duo of Sheamus and Cesaro and still so disappointed that this probably is as far as they are going to be able to go, for some reason WWE don’t want to push Cesaro higher then this and fans just don’t want Sheamus higher then this. Also still loving the reunion of Ambrose and Rollins keeping both of them relevant, on TV all the time, busy at PPVs but not playing third wheel in the title pictures and freeing up those spots to the likes of Jordan.

It was actually the match I was looking forward to most other then Lesnar vs Strowman.

The match didn’t disappoint. It was so hard hitting. Its the kind of match I always want to see all four in, sometimes I feel whenever any of them gets a push they are made to look much less deadly then they actually are which then makes fans not care. Its matches like this that show just how bad ass all four of them are.

Including when Rollins knocked what looked like Cesaro’s front two teeth out and the guy spent the rest of the match bleeding out and still didn’t miss a bloody beat.

Main event worthy. Four of WWE’s top guys whether they or the fans like them there or not. This did so much more for the tag team belts then half the RAW tag teams have done for it in ages. Absolutely fantastic match.

Winner : Alexa Bliss

One hell of a match. All five women got a chance to shine and it brought out the best in some wrestlers that people don’t tend to see or WANT to see at times.

We got the plucky underdog in Bayley, the bad ass in Emma, the sneaky heel in Alexa, the fighter in Sasha and the monster in Nia. As always all five women didn’t hide from using the same kind of spots you’d see in any of the males matches and broke more and more boundaries in what to expect from the women.

It was a quick paced match, the action never died. You always had one “fresh” body ready to pounce when the damage had been done in the ring, Alexa worked her ass off either to sneak a pin after someone else had knocked someone out or to stop anyone else getting a win. I feel the women’s division on both shows don’t get enough time or have the depth to not have all women having to be ready to be champion at any given moment and all five proved why they would make fantastic champions.

Favourite part of the match was anything including Nia. When she just overpowered everyone, the powerbomb on the outside by all four women, when she went running into the turnbuckle….

Alexa won with a clean pin to Bayley. Right decision.

Winner : Roman Reigns

Very much a match I thought they’d want to headline Wrestlemania but here we are with it now.

Not sure what WWE wanted to gain through this. I’m still confused as to how we’re meant to see Reigns or whether they are just fully happy with how he is. I mean I guess they don’t care but then I don’t see why this match was made for No Mercy and not built up for something bigger.

It wasn’t a bad match. I’ll resist the temptation to make any jokes. I don’t find Cena a interesting wrestler to watch unless his opponent is interesting and Reigns I can take and leave WHICH I DON’T THINK IS HIS FAULT but I just wasn’t really interested in the match so whilst it was a good match I also didn’t really get into it.

There was too much of Reigns hitting Cena, Cena writhing in pain and Reigns just sitting there watching. Some very artistic close ups of Reigns pretty face and not much more to it all. By the time it sped up I was bored, the amount of near falls that then ensued just bored me even more. When we got a table spot I just didn’t care at all. I couldn’t be bothered if Roman was heel or not I couldn’t care if this was a passing of some sort of torch I just wanted it over.

I WANTED to see Enzo vs Neville…

Roman then won with a spear after three AA’s, two one after the other, and a Super AA.

So yeah.

Winner : Enzo Amore


I know it doesn’t work this way but it felt like a slap in the face to Neville. Whether people like 205 Live or not the Cruiser weights are actually really talented. Enzo has a big mouth and can’t wrestle.

Enzo was beaten up. Enzo then was nearly counted out, grabbed hold of the belt, the ref stopped counting, he distracted the ref with the belt and hit his second move of the match, a kick to the balls and Neville was disrespected to the high heavens having to job to Enzo fucking Amore.

Gobsmacked. Too angry to enjoy the main event.

Winner : Brock Lesnar

Braun Strowman dominated Brock Lesnar.

Braun Strowman made Brock Lesnar look like a regular guy.

Braun Strowman made me forget Enzo Amore.

Braun Strowman is a fucking star.

Unfortunately I thought the match was just getting started when it ended with a quick F5. Like not even a glimmer of a kick out from Braun. It just ended.  Braun went from destroying Lesnar to getting a handful of suplexes which he was still getting up from to a quick F5 and losing. It made little sense.

I can’t help but still be excited because its Braun but I also hated it.

A weird one.


Really strong PPV with two very weak matches.

The Tag Team, women and IC championship matches were top quality. All the people in those matches gave it their all and really made the PPV feel bigger then many this year. It was a statement of intent.

Loved that we have reasons for the Jordan/Miz feud to continue, it kind of showed how good Jordan could be as a heel and I think going down the road of being fed up of people overlooking his talent because of his father and how it came out would be good. I thought that was what they were going to do with the promo but they didn’t.

Cesaro is the MVP of the night, fighting through what must have been fucking terrible pain. I thought I’d broken a tooth and was crying. He had like two or three totally destroyed and carried on like the pro he is, the tag team match was my favourite by far.

Strowman/Lesnar was EVERYTHING you wanted it to be but then kind of ended.

The pre-show match was what it always was going to be and what a pre-show match should be. Missable but a nice bonus for those who want it.

Reigns/Cena was one big move after another, no real transitions, too much posing and Cena being Cena. It wasn’t as good as it could be but it wasn’t a terrible match just a boring one.

Enzo winning a match is one thing, winning a title match is a disgrace. It is the death blow for the Cruiserweights.

So overall a good night but the last three matches left a lot to be desired.

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