WCPW : Loaded 14th September 2017

Last week we saw El Ligero and Joe Hendry both “punished” for their attack on Kushida and then Will Ospreay and Bea Priestley at the Pro Wrestling World Cup finals. I don’t think Adam Blampied will be happy that both won their matches, even more so in the manner of which Ligero won his.

This week though, as announced last week, we’ll see Ospreay get a chance to get some revenge as he takes on El Ligero. The build up to his title match against the Prestigious One at Refuse to Lose begins now.

Winner : Travis Banks

So this week we start right up with the wrestling and what a match up to start any show, what a match in general! Whilst both are extremely talented in the ring, that goes without saying, personality wise you couldn’t get two different guys. Starr is a show off and likes to pander to the crowd its always business with Banks.

When the action moved away from the jokey attempt of Starr to get a kiss from Banks the match was fast paced with neither really being able to take the upper hand for very long. Both were extremely well matched and nothing either could do would stop the other. Not that you ever want to take your eyes off of either who are both just fantastic it really was a match that you couldn’t blink else you’d miss something spectacular.

At the same time though it was a tiring first match when we have the prospect of Angelico vs Drake in a Falls Count Anywhere match and Ospreay vs Ligero, two of the best the UK have to offer, later in the show.

In the end the Prestige get another win after Banks finally puts Starr down for a three count. What a amazing opener to this weeks show.


Well the opening match was amazing and it was followed by Ameem telling Kidd how he was upset about RJ Signh being picked over him for the World Cup and how he’s seen as a joke. He then kicks Bad Bones locker just as Bad Bones walks in to get hit with Bones baseball bat. Obviously we’re going to see a prolonged story with Ameem probably turning on Kidd because he’s sick of being a joke.

The character of Ameem has no interest for me BUT I didn’t mind this too much. Thing is from the little I’ve seen of Ameem in ring there isn’t going to be a in ring pay off to this because whatever he does in ring is going to bore the hell out of me. I hope, and I don’t know why I hope it but I do, I hope he proves me wrong.

Winner : Drake

Well we got to see Angelico dance his way to the ring so its automatically a better match then their last which in itself was actually a good match… My point isn’t really a point, we got to see Angelico dance and that’s something that needs to be seen.

I’ve been impressed with Drake and liked that the match started off with Angelico not really taking him seriously. The bottle of water, the plunger… It all worked to get Drake angry and that really was the story of the match. Kennedy said that Drake was all business whereas Angelico was there to entertain and in a way that was very true but it didn’t stop Angelico being a good foe for Drake.

Good use of the ringside area whilst leaving the bulk of the match in the ring. Liked that Drake continued to focus on the long legs of Angelico, and yes I’ll write the long legs of Angelico as much as I want in anything to do with him because saying it whilst writing it just makes me smile, the guys legs are probably as long as I am and he can honestly kick Drake from just about anywhere with them so focusing on them really helped. After the Fall of the Angels was hit for example Drake was able to crawl under the ring and away from Angelico who was too busy nursing his leg to roll out after him and pin him. The time it took for Angelico to get back on his feet meant that Drake was able to get his senses back and turn the tide for the worst.

After basically hanging Angelico and choking him in the corner Drake wins. I’d love to see Angelico back in WCPW but it was the perfect way to build up Drake as a true threat in WCPW right now.


Backstage and Ospreay has his priorities in check. He knows what he has to do, tonight he has to beat a Mexican Sensation.

Winners : Alex Gracie & Bad Bones

On paper I was really excited with this match. Who wouldn’t be? Then I remembered that recently I’ve just not enjoyed Kirby’s matches and there is always the worry that Gracie is suddenly going to end up in some comedy skit whilst also trying to be serious…

It was a OK match. Kidd was taken out quite early with a pair of nunchucks to the midsection, we got a long period of Kirby being beat down by Bad Bones and Gracie before he nearly got a win against all odds. As always with Kirby it was the story of him never giving up no matter how steep that mountain is, and its one big mountain when you are looking at defeating only Bad Bones let alone Bad Bones with someone else at his side.

Little disappointed in the general direction we’re going with Gracie, not really digging his thing with Kirby very much. I don’t think he works well with Kirby.

Winner : ….

When Ligero came down to the ring I realised we only had about 8 minutes left of Loaded so I was expecting some shenanigans from the Prestige. By the time the bell rang it was down to 5 minutes. When the lights went out before Ospreay and Ligero had even touched each other it was obvious that we were never going to get a match.

The lights came back and Kennedy is right in a way. Sometimes you can forget just how many members of the Prestige there are as you only see one or two at a time but right here, right now we have all five of them in the ring ready to take out the Prestigious Ones next threat to his championship belt.

I don’t know why the SCC had to announce their arrival with their music but it became obvious that we were about to see the build up to a Prestige vs Ospreay and gang match at a later date. With Ospreay and SCC still being out numbered it didn’t take long before the Prestige was back on top.


Another good show. Wrestling wise it started off strong and petered out, was always going to be hard to match the opening bout which was just amazing to watch but the Angelico/Drake match was a great win for Drake and a wonderful end to a series of matches between him and Angelico, something I never knew I needed in my life but which has been a great build into making Drake a very big threat.

I think my problem with Kirby/Gracie is that I personally want to see Gracie as the star of his first real feud as a singles competitor now he’s turned on his tag team partner. It was a big moment, Prospect were loved by the fans and even though we all knew Gracie would have to go into singles competition with Archer leaving it was a big and bold move to turn him. Whilst it might have been a little obvious after the emotional turmoil that was DIY’s break up on NXT it was a good move by WCPW in bringing in someone to the singles division with a good reason to be hated. Putting him up against Kirby has kind of killed his momentum a little, whilst I don’t think its all been bad, him interrupting Blampied and putting himself into the Magnificent 7 ladder match for instance, I just think Kirby as a character and as a fan favourite the way he is was just the wrong person for Gracie to start his singles life against. Kirby very much is a comedic wrestler but as the comedy was what endeared Prospect to many you wanted to see Gracie turn his back on that side of things but he can’t when paired with Kirby. Also Kirby is always at his best when he’s struggling to get to the top and over coming ridiculous odds, something you don’t get the feeling of when he’s fighting Gracie.

I’d like to see them split up. I don’t mind Gracie having to go to Bad Bones for help and in general I see what they are trying to do with the story but I don’t think Kirby was the right person to put him up against.

Ameem I can take or leave. I’m not going to get as annoyed as I was last week over him. We’ve been told at the end of the episode that we’ll see Kidd vs ZSJ next week so I’m HOPING that Ameem turns on Kidd and whatever it is that we’re having to witness is over and done with faster then I feel its going to be. I just personally don’t see the appeal in Ameem.

Ending wise it ended strongly for the big story going into their next iPPV. Already really loving the thought of Hendry vs Ospreay but hoping we get some interaction between the two. Yeah I’m the kind of person that loves WWE’s contract signing madness so do kinda hope we see that with these two in WCPW, both of them are pretty great personalities, Hendry is at his best when he’s talking, I don’t just want to see the Prestige ganging up on Ospreay and the SCC I want to see him getting to come face to face with Hendry as well.

Next weeks episode looks great with the SCC vs Hendy and Ligero , Kidd vs ZSJ and Die Jurgen Lowen vs Moss and Slater.

I missed Adam Blampied. There I said it. I love him scoulding wrestlers or being picked on backstage by very big and scary people. Thankfully the advert for the new issue of Wrestling is obviously on-going so every week I’ll have to give myself 10 minutes after it airs to get over my over powering love of everything Adam Pacitti does, no I will never skip it because its pretty much the highlight of my rather miserable life right now. Also every week you people who for some reason read my reviews will have to be told how adorable and perfect Adam Pacitti is. Aren’t you the lucky ones? It might be stuck forever more in the Final Thoughts section but you know you’ll want to find out just how ridiculously happy I was to see his pretty little face every week.

Been a decent run of Loaded’s so far. Every week makes me that little more excited for Refuse to Lose and makes the count down to the next episode of Loaded so much more painful. I mean how am I going to sleep the next 7 days when I know we’ll be getting another Kidd vs ZSJ match or Die Jurgen Lowen vs Moss and Slater… Lucky Kid and Liam Slater in the ring together again, I mean that just is my life for the next 7 days wondering how I could possibly live through that match.

And hey… The review is out on time this week. Check me out being organised and stuff. Check back next week to see this review NOT out on time, in the meantime follow me on Twitter to hear even more of how much I love Adam Pacitti @AwerkaΒ Β with hours at work being cut I’ll probably be on there more in the next coming weeks so keep in touch.


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