Death Note : New World [END]

Episode 37

Shinsekai (新世界)

Finally at the end and I won’t bother you with a intro…

Its one of those endings where I get why it ended up the way it did but I didn’t like it as much as I thought.

Light’s break down, whilst probably the way things would go for a egomaniac like him, just seemed really out of character. I know this was it, he’d been cornered and all that, but it just felt too much. It felt like for so long they’d shown the cool side of this character who had morphed himself from a angel of justice to a god among men so they had to show that actually he WAS indeed crazy because just look how he acted when put in a corner.

I don’t know, I know he was always against dying and stuff hence not going for the Shinigami eyes but I just don’t think he would have reacted the same way.

I don’t like Near enough to want him to win either which didn’t help. For the very first time someone was just that one step in front of Light but for the first time I wasn’t bothered if Light was indeed a step in front of him. It seems careless even though the careless part wasn’t on Light’s behalf.

I did love that Matsuda lost his cool though, it made sense for him to do so more then Light. He was the one character who has ALWAYS been blinded to Light and stuck up for him when all others were losing their cool. The fact that not only did Light lie to him but he lied to his father and it became obvious that he’d been playing to keep himself innocent in his fathers eyes seemed to really piss Matsuda off who lost it and just kept shooting Light. Whilst I knew that Ryuk had said when the time comes he was going to put Light’s name in his Notebook I kinda just wanted to see Matsuda shoot him to death completely.

The ending was a little too artsy for me too.

It just kind of sizzled instead of going out with a bang. I think one of the problems was that the force facing Light wasn’t as interesting or charismatic enough to make me care that they were bringing him down. It was one long episode of Light babbling about how wonderful he is whilst the others tell him that he was a serial killer. There was no real philosophical thought or moral implications to it all. It just ended with Light getting all shitty being shot and dying.

And that is it.

I will have my final thoughts blog out next week but I have now completed probably the biggest missing hole in my anime world.

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