Death Note : 1.28

Episode 36

1.28 (1.28)

So this is it. Light and N will meet. The last hope to catch Kira is N.

The important thing about leaving on a cliffhanger is making sure that the build up to said cliffhanger is good.

They half did it for me and half didn’t which left me sad.

Now you might have guessed from everything I’ve said so far that I like the wordiness of this anime, I loved the mental game of chess that Light and L were playing and I’ve missed that since L was killed. Unfortunately for me this episode highlighted what has been lacking again.

Near has nowhere near the personality of L, funny thing to say I know, and whilst in presentation they’ve tried to make him as L like as possible he just never got that relationship with Light right that would have made this dramatic. Now if we’d had L right till the end and this was the big dramatic “A-Ha” moment then it might have been different but you just don’t care about it anymore.

With the cliffhanger ending on a Light Yagami win you know in the next episode that it won’t be his win. It never works that way. It’ll flip else in the first couple minutes of the finale we’ll get a lot of dying people and then Light on his own.

I did like the plan. It was very obvious and well thought out. The observation of Mikami which lead to them exchanging the pages in the Notebook for just normal blank pages so that Mikami can write down all the names and nothing will happen. Its a good plan, a good background for the final showdown and the dramatic writing of names and deleting of people from Mikami had me in fits of laughter mainly thanks to the Hardy Boyz and the Broken Universe.

I guess its whether or not the finale lives up to the build up that this one gave it on whether Death Note ends on a high or a low….

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