WCPW : Loaded 7th September 2017

So its the week that Joe Hendry and El Ligero will find out their punishment for their naughty behaviour after the World Cup came to a end. With BT Gunn losing his Hardcore Championship last week it’ll be interesting to see if Adam Blampied is able to ruin the Prestiges night once more.


So we start the night off with The Prestigious One and his little pet El Ligero. I say we start with them but thankfully Blampied never lets them talk, he comes straight out to tell the two very naughty children off, even demanding that Joe Hendry look at him when he talks.

His punishment is a match tonight against Kenny Williams and a match against Will Ospreay for the title at Refuse to Lose.

As for El Ligero he has to face someone in a Hardcore match RIGHT NOW for the briefcase…. Not that El Ligero HASN’T been fighting for that briefcase nearly every single match SINCE he got the damn thing.

No big speech from Joe Hendry, very funny angry Blampied and right into a match. I like that beginning.

Winner : El Ligero

Well…. Before Primate gets to the ring Hendry and Coffey attack the Hardcore champion on the ramp. Good point from the commentators that there is absolutely nothing that Blampied COULD do about it even if he wanted to after making the match a Hardcore one.

I liked the cocky Ligero sat on the chair just kicking Primate back just as the match begun. It didn’t take long for Primate to get back up and dominate at least the pace of the match. Ligero had to try and match Primate in a Hardcore war, he did a good job and the whole thing went crazy. It was nowhere near what Primate did last week against BT Gunn but it had the two of them crash into the ringside helpers, get the audience involved and actually go out into the crowd. Its one of the things I love about WCPW, its like watching wrestling from my childhood when it was just exciting to see the wrestlers stagger around the crowd and throw one or two punches. I don’t know why its exciting but its fun.

Always had a feeling Primate wouldn’t walk out with the briefcase so you were waiting for either the Prestige to come out and help or something, I want to say underhand but its a No-DQ match so technically it wouldn’t be underhand, to happen to give Ligero the upper hand. In the end it was BT Gunn and that horrible kick to the neck as he’s holding the arm ON A CHAIR that won the match.

The BEST moment? When Ligero was slammed on the tacks and there was a close up on the ONE tack stuck in Ligero’s arm. Or maybe when Primate stuck it down his trunks and Bradshaw said something about the “mini-Ligero’s”. I always cringe when the tacks come out SPECIALLY when it goes near the face. These guys are just… brave.


Winners : War Machine

Sorry if I died a million deaths during the promo with Die Jungen Lowen but Lucky Kid has stolen the very small piece of debris I call my heart. All HE said was Hakuna Matatta but that was all he needed to say. I was just very happy to see this match.

Obviously… VERY Obviously this match will be under WAR MACHINE RULES!!! Which basically means War Machine have given themselves permission to just murder Die Jungen Lowen.

No matter how much I see War Machine I continue to be impressed by them. Their strength, their agility, the craziness that they bring to their matches and their fluidity as a team. Their matches are always the highlight of the night and they’ve had such amazing opponents so far and the lions just added to that list.

I was surprised that there were boo’s for Die Jungen Lowen but they slowly died away as the match went on. One member of War Machine are bad enough to face so it wasn’t surprising that they spent a great deal of the match making sure to isolate one or the other, usually Rowe, of War Machine. They are just as interesting a team.

Bottom rope broke which was hilarious, Lucky Kid lived up to his name being there at the right time more then once to break up big double team moves and pins, so many moments that left you on the edge of your seat and it just made me sad that it ever had to end. I thought Kid and Aslan had no chance but the second half of the match was really all about the heart they had to fight these two monsters and how they’d get them down for a full three count which ALMOST happened a few times. It broke my heart every time War Machine kicked out.

In the end a big splash took out poor Lucky Kid. It was one helluva match though.


I love Ospreay but when he does the wide eyed thing when he’s angry I just can’t help but laugh. I can’t wait for his match against Hendry, it should be a great build to that match in the coming weeks.


So there is a advert for issue 5 of Wrestling magazine. I have already brought it but if I hadn’t a advert were Adam pretends to be Marty Scurll would have had me buying it in a heartbeat. I completely ignored the next piece because I was too busy crying about how perfect Adam Pacitti is. Like if you haven’t been paying attention he is my dream man and I love him so much and he’s so tall and adorable.


So like Coffey is done with WCPW, he thinks the English hate him because he’s Scottish… Ameem is pissed that he isn’t thought of as the best Indian wrestler? I’m kind of confused as why I’d want to see him wrestle Joe Coffey.

Winner : Joe Coffey

It lasted too long. Even though it was just basically Coffey kicking Ameem’s ass which is the way it should be it was too long. I’m happy this happened after Adam Pacitti ruined my life once more because I didn’t have to care about it but its also nice to see Coffey looking like a real ass hole once more.


We do get to hear from Hendry tonight which is great because I do love listening to him talk. Again just with these two promos from Hendry and Ospreay I’m extremely excited about their match and I hope we get a good build because these two are two of the best WCPW have and I think the two of them interacting in general is going to be great.

Winner : Joe Hendry

So to punish Hendry we get this match, Williams “embarrassed” Hendry in the World Cup so it was very much a question of whether or not he could beat Hendry again. Obviously Hendry didn’t waste any time going after Williams, attacking when Williams back was turned, but the match wasn’t one sided and it didn’t take long for Williams to speed up the match to his advantage.

It was a match of Hendry doing just about everything he could do to beat Williams, it was never truly out of desperation either, anything he could do to slow the faster guy down or just cause pain just within the limits of what is allowed he did.

Was a good match and I’m happy that Hendry went back to a normal ankle lock to win the match. It wasn’t as good as their match in the world cup but it was fun way to end the night and to be fair it came after such a amazing night that had kind of been spoiled a little by the Coffey/Ameem thing. It kind of blew the night away a little and stopped the episodes momentum.


Another great episode. Think its great having Ospreay vs Hendry leading up to Refuse to Lose and hope that they give the two the time to really build up the match because I’m already extremely excited and its only week 1.

The tag team match was fantastic and I liked hearing that the Lions are a new addition to WCPW because it gives me hope we’ll see much more of them. I personally would love to see them become champions at some point and having one last story with Slater and Moss, I think Slater is ready to go into singles competition and having one last thing with a team that even the commentators pointed out is very similar to them in the mentor/student kind of thing would be interesting. I just think the Lions would be a great championship team after War Machine, as much as I love War Machine especially with them able to fight every match in War Machine mode I just don’t see too many teams that can really stand up against them and look like they could beat them.

Lucky Kid is just about my favourite thing though. That guy has been my favourite find from the World Cup.

I would also like to point out that I just don’t like Ameem as a wrestler. Its why the whole part with him and Coffey just bored the hell out of me. I don’t find him charismatic or interesting on the mic, I don’t think he can wrestle and having neither makes him uninteresting to me in general. Just hearing his music, which I also think is boring, bland and is like a siren of blandness now it has nothing to do with Kidd, makes me want to give up on whatever is going on. Like I can’t even enjoy him being beaten up by Coffey, though I’m not sure of the point of all of it.

The return of Loaded has continued to be a success.

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