American Horror Story Cult : Election Night

AHS is back with its seventh series. Once more its a series promising to be very different from the last but also tying itself to one from the past too…

AHS no longer needs to build a story from the roots up. The stories no longer need to be long and detailed and nothing says that more then the opening for Cult.

For me its probably the most horror inspired opening episode they’ve had, there was no real getting to grasp with characters or their motivations, in fact we get introduced to the main players so fast that their characteristics are both grating and cartoonish. The premise of the season so far doesn’t make too much sense, is it a look at the Cult of personality, a actual Cult dressed as clowns or something different?

Yet right now it still manages to live up to the high expectations I try not to have when the promos and teasers start to appear because so very often it never does live up to those expectations.

Donald Trump’s election in 2016 is a starting point for all that will happen. Ally (Sarah Paulson) reacts terribly to the result which brings all her phobias out in the open. The rest of the episode is kind of trying to figure out whether the things Allie is seeing are real or all in her head, something complicated when her son Oz (Cooper Dodson) see’s the very same things later in the episode. I’m no fan of Paulson but the role really suits her because over reacting and just general over acting seems to be the theme of Allie, another character that always has to be right at all times, take the moral high ground and act like she’s whiter then white. Its the perfect character for Paulson as I’m not sure you are meant to be totally sympathetic to her, specially when she ignores her psychatrists advice and takes out her own problems on her wife Ivy (Alison Pill) who just looks like she’s trying to help.

I don’t think the election is going to play a big role in the series, as with the actual world his election just lets the scum of the earth, in this series being portrayed through Kai (Evan Peters), do what they want. If we believe the Clowns haunting Ally aren’t in her head then we’ve got them torturing a mentally weak lady and Kai himself throwing a comdom full of piss at Mexican’s whilst telling them they aren’t welcome in America anymore.

His sister Winter (Billie Lourd) is less obvious. She starts off as the cartoonish version of the “snowflakes” that need trigger warnings to get through the day and then turns into a psycho babysitter who we can’t be sure whether or not to trust. Why she’d turn to do what Kai wants, join this Cult or anything else we don’t know. Don’t get me wrong I’m not upset by this, in fact Lourd is one of the highlights of the episode and I can’t wait to see what her characters motivations are and her relationship with her brother. Winter and Oz in some sick way were such a cute pairing, if you strip away the horror stuff and the terrible things she made him see and put them in a kid and baby sitter comedy show and they would be absolute gold.

Visiually it is one of the best first episodes AHS have done. I enjoyed the episode more then the last three series but then I find the imagery of scary clowns works very well most of the time. Whilst I feel the characters right now are very cartoonish and over the top I also feel its going to work in the series favor as they add more layers to the characters. Already the internet is buzzing on who is part of the Cult, who is after Ally. Is Ivy part of it? The Psychiatrist? The Decetive? Having the characters so one sided means you won’t be able to tell who really feels what until we get told it. It makes guessing and theorizing even more fun, even though so many people online seem to be against that at the moment.

It was a great opening episode and made me interested in AHS much more then any episode of Roanoke did.


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