Death Note : Malice

Episode 35

Satsui (殺意)

The game is nearly over. Light is going forward with his plan, N believes his trap has been set. Who comes out the winner?

Well they still have a wild card in the middle.

Both Light and Near seem to have a plan in motion. We’re completely cut off from Near which makes me wish that we never saw the man in the first place, it seems pointless to have a successor to L fighting Light in the same manner that L did but only getting snippets. We’re lead to believe that Light still has the upper hand purely because we never really made a bond with Near or have a clue what he’s up to. Maybe that’s meant to build drama but it doesn’t it just makes me resent having to listen to Light prattle on about how wonderful he is.

Like for most characters a horrible death is in store for one of the most despicable people we’ve met. As you all know I hated Misa when I first saw her but I grew to love her and Takada just makes me want to slap her. After the stunt she pulled with Misa to try and one up her, acting all knowing but not knowing a single thing, I’m happy her death came at the hands of Light.

Mello made himself useful for the last time, he kidnaps Takada and puts her in the back of a truck, she kills him because he’s a idiot and doesn’t watch her completely strip off so she gets a bit of the Notebook and then Light writes her to her firey death.

Again Light is sat there laughing at his good fortune that the baffoons he’s with have let him sit in the back of the car on his own giving him the freedom to kill Takada and I have to agree with him. I know that they don’t know you can rip a bit of the Notebook out and use it to the same effect, I mean its clever but also not that hard to come up with the idea, but you wouldn’t want someone you think is killing people by, basically, magic to be somewhere you can’t see them. Aizawa is completely at fault because he knows deep down that Light is Kira and Takada is working for him so should have been keeping more of a eye on Light. Instead no dice.

The episode cleared up a lot of loose hanging threads. Now you have Light’s task force, Nears group and the one loose cannon of Mikami. No other Kira’s, no other potential threats to anyone. Both remaining Kira’s are in play under observation and in Near’s planning, one useless Kira is locked up and another is now burnt to death. Near’s loose cannon of L’s second successor is now gone so no more grand plans involving death, fire and action.

Its just Light vs Near for the final two episodes.

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