Death Note : Vigilance

Episode 34

Koshi (虎視)

Light has a lot of egotistical plates spinning right now and he needs to be careful of what his next move is going to be. Everyone around him has their own motivations and whilst most of them hero-worship him for the non-blind idiots its becoming more and more obvious that Light is in the centre of the Kira circle.

Its at this point that I think we learn that the story wants us to believe that Light is going to win. Whether he does or not is another matter but we no longer have that connection to the person chasing him as we did with L so all we see is the pieces falling into place, mainly by luck, for Light whilst N seems to be a step behind at all times.

Whilst he has at last wedged enough doubt into Aizawa’s mind to get somewhere with him at the same time you don’t really know what it is that N knows or doesn’t know. Whilst L used to lay it all out for us N tends to talk in absolute riddles.

Then again I don’t see why Aizawa doesn’t just confront Light about it all. After all he has the biggest get out clause ever, when he found out that Light was sending notes to Takada, and I’m still absolutely baffled why they’d agree to let Light meet her without cameras watching just because he said so, all he had to do was say “this is my proof and if I die at any point before Kira is caught then I know its you Light because you’re the only person I suspect” and then if he dies…. Well at least one of the others might twig on that Light ain’t all goodness and… well… light.

I guess I wasn’t as impressed with the episode because Near is putting a lot into action and is always proactive in putting together his trap but unlike with L you are never really part of the thought process so a lot of the episodes now are just Near talking bollocks with a few tidbits thrown in and us seeing Light get away, literally, with murder because the people around him are too stupid to see past their blind love of the kid.

Like with Misa. I get that he’s eliminating the possibility of another Kira by taking who he thinks/knows the original second Kira was into custody but that’s it. It felt like that is what Misa, one of the most important players in the series so far, has been relegated too. The girl that is going to be trapped by N until he see’s fit to let her go. Already with her memories wiped once more she’s become a shadow of importance in the game other then to show off how much of a bitch Takada can be. I would have liked for Light to have accused Takada of kidnapping or killing her instead of N announcing that he had her, then again he also took Mogi and that would have been a harder one to explain away.

Logically it makes sense, story wise it was pretty cool but nothing came of it and we don’t have the relationship with N to care that we did with L who always explained in the simplest terms what he was doing. I’m guessing that’s why N’s group is always close so that they can be the task force of old that needs everything explained to them but he doesn’t do as good a job.

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