WCPW : Loaded 31st August 2017

So the World Cup has ended with a absolute bang in more ways then one. We’re back once more for Loaded.


So we get a update on what happened after the World Cup ended with Adam apologising next to the newly destroyed World Cup trophy. We find out that Hendry and El Ligero have been suspended whilst Primate will get his hands on BT Gunn.

Winner : Drake (Count Out)

So Angelico was not allowed to make his full entrance which makes me sad because I love watching him dance and Drake ruined my day by stopping him.

Seriously though Drake is a lot better now he’s much more serious, after Angelico saw past his attempt to attack him on the way to the ring he was able to ground Angelico which is really needed with a guy that not only can kick you from just about anywhere in the ring but isn’t afraid to fling his body at you.

Angelico’s kicks are just wonderful though, they are so precise and he just hits them from all over the place. I think it was pretty intelligent to have him lose by having his leg taped to the barriers and getting counted out, it was completely undersold by the commentators which completely ruined the moment but not just having him unable to return but by using his biggest weapon I thought was really clever.

It was a good match and if it gives us a third I’ll be happy.


So Kelly Sixx and Ashley Dunn are back and I can’t be happier, the two of them are going to be in the triple threat for the number one contenders match for the tag team championships. Really want to see them on WCPW full time, Kelly Sixx is just a fantastic performer and whilst their tag team is amazing you just wait till you see him in singles competition.

Winners : Die Jungen Lowen

Now this is a match that broke my heart. I absolutely adore at least one man in each team. Kelly Sixx is one of my absolute favourites and I get to see him down here in Pro Wrestling Pride all the time, guy is awesome. Fell in love with Lucky Kid over the World Cup and really hoping WCPW keep their team around as long as possible. Then there was my little Liam Slater and the beast that is Johnny Moss.

Man I loved the match. All three teams were very different, whilst SCC were all about speed and working together you had a similar yet still very different make up for Die Jungen Lowen and Moss x Slater, Aslan takes on Moss’s role in his team but not quite as deadly as Moss…. Then again who the hell is?! And whilst Slater and Lucky Kid aren’t quite as quick as the SCC they have two very different styles. It meant the whole match was crazy as hell.

When Moss threw four of the five other competitors in the ring I literally cried. That man throwing people around had me laughing my head off, the man is just amazing to watch.

It was a roll up, and another underselling by the commentators, that won the match for Die Jungen Lowen and we’ll get the tag team championship match next week. I really hope that both SCC and Die Jungen Lowen have a more permanent spot on the WCPW roster because both will be a great addition.


I love Angelico but the close up…. Its not the greatest. I do want to hug him though. There will obviously be a third match in his thing with Drake.

Winner : Bad Bones

So the next part of this Alex Gracie/Martin Kirby feud is the mercenary Bad Bones, who I still can’t take seriously after seeing him manhandled in the German Qualifiers, taking on Kirby.

I don’t know I found the match a little boring. It was a vicious kick to the head that won the match for Bad Bones and Alex Gracie came down to celebrate but I just felt extremely bored by it and instead unboxed my new Funko Pops. I just haven’t enjoyed a Martin Kirby match for a while and can’t really take rosy cheeked Bad Bones seriously after seeing him manhandled.

Winner : Primate

I was pretty disappointed with their first match…. Or should I say I was baffled by their first and disappointed by their second. Β It was just a very tame Hardcore match and was one of the reasons I was kind of meh about having a belt like that because you aren’t going to have crazy shits like Jimmy Havoc (said with all the love in the world because Jimmy is a babe) every week to fight another crazy shit like Primate so the majority of people facing BT Gunn are probably, like Gunn, going to do less Hardcore wrestling which kind of, I dunno, feels disappointing when you have the bat shit crazy matches like Havoc vs Primate.

It was actually a pretty fantastic match. The story was that Primate was so injured in their last match that he probably shouldn’t be in this one, they went all out with the Hardcore stuff and it was quite the interesting match to watch. Loved when we got Gunn in the bin and the drop kick then the chair to the bin.

The thumbtacks down the pants with the kick was hilarious, BT Gunn’s face made it.

In the end though Primate won it back which, I don’t know, I prefer the belt on him and really want WCPW to make him seem like a real threat and real scary. I don’t feel we always get that with him which is a shame. We really do just need a deadly Primate.


So just something that makes me laugh is Dave Bradshaw screaming that someone should help people in the ring yet he then announced “I’m getting out of here” and disappears just after Bea Priestley comes out. Like go help her dude.

Another good Loaded. I love having a weekly show, I don’t think I can tell you how much I love Loaded. Actually first up I need to mention how much I love Loaded’s theme song because its freakin’ awesome and I love watching it just to see Adam Pacitti going through the table. Its a great way to start the episodes, perfect song to get you ready for what always tends to be a fantastic show.

The commentators kind of let the show down in my opinion, they just kind of undersold a lot of things. The Angelico thing where they mentioned the roll of tape then never even noticed that Angelico had been tied up kinda ruined a great heel moment for Drake by just being ignored. As far as the commentators were concerned Angelico was just sat there not bothering to get back in the ring. Like I’m pretty sure they see what we see or they could at least have played up not knowing what was wrong but the tone was just completely wrong.

That tag team match though… There have been a few times the tag team division in WCPW have stolen the show and with teams like these three as well as their tag team champions War Machine and the fact they can bring in the Young Bucks or even just looking at some of the other teams they have come and compete like Kings of the North and Polo Promotions, it is very easy to see why the division steals the show. Remembering that War Machine is going up against the Young Bucks at Refuse to Lose makes me sad because I doubt they’ll switch the titles to Die Jungen Lowen before that match, even though there is plenty enough reason for that match to just happen full stop what with them abandoning the Young Bucks best friend Marty to be beaten up by the Prestige, but I feel like we’ll be saying goodbye to the World Cup participants that are still hanging around Loaded when this tapings worth of Loaded ends which is sad because I think Die Jungen Lowen, Angelico and Mike Bailey would all add a helluva lot to WCPW in general.

Nice to see Johnny Moss back. Guessing with the ending of the match that we’ll be seeing that team split for good sooner then later which is OK for me because I think Slater had such a good singles run when Moss was injured that he could join the singles division and have a good thing in the Internet Championship area, specially after Kid/ZSJ and hopefully ZSJ takes the title and becomes a dominant force like Rhodes used to be.

Main event was pretty good too. I said their first match was tame, this was much more what you want to see from something called a Hardcore division.

What I really want though is for them to really make Primate look threatening. Him grunting instead of talking is all fine and good but he looked pretty weak up against BT Gunn in what was pretty much just a ordinary match. Now he’s got the belt back I’d like to see him really destroy his competition.

Can’t wait for next weeks show.

Also VERY happy to see Kelly Sixx back in WCPW. Honestly one of the most talented and lovely guys you’ll ever meet. Been a huge fan of his since the first time I saw him on a show down this way and will always tell anyone who listens just how amazing he is. I always wear his wrist band and constantly at work get asked what my wrist band supports and I’m proud to break the customers heart and tell them it isn’t a charity but a professional wrestler who they should 100% attend shows down here in Plymouth just to see him. WCPW you have a absolute legend in the making with that guy do not waste his talent. Like you will not know how angry I can get until I think Kelly Sixx is being misused because that man can do just about everything.

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