Death Note : Scourn

Episode 33

Choushou (嘲笑)

So everything is going OK for Light who has a new girlfriend, is in touch with his protegee, pretty much convinced everyone he’s innocent by being the most guilty git going once again. Only the preview that says he’ll play N’s game makes me truly happy.

Its interesting seeing all the different cogs turning. Light is starting to rely on one too many people and that in itself could be his downfall. Whilst his protegee still has the Notebook but has been told to stop using it, Takada now has 5 pages and has been told to use it. I don’t know if the part at the end was all a ruse as Mikami was told to act like he was still using the Notebook and Light at least knows that Takada is being followed by N’s people so it wouldn’t be such a stretch to tell her to make sure that Mikami is careful too.

N seems to be able to piece things together quite well and seems to work things out faster then anyone else. That isn’t really that hard though seeing the task force have now allowed Light to have meetings with Takada, a known supporter of Kira, without camera’s in the room meaning he’s able to hand her notes. They don’t even seem too surprised when she reacts to the notes, probably just putting it down to Light being a ladies man.

So Light has Takada who is a egotistical bitch by the looks of her, Mikami who believes in what he is doing and has the Shinigami eyes and then Misa who is a loose cannon who in this episode goes toe-to-toe with Takada for Light. Unfortunately as she’s once more given up her Notebook for Light she doesn’t remember that Light is in fact Kira so her brags about how Light is going to find Kira and execute both him and Takada makes Takada even more evil and bitch-faced.

It was interesting to see all the ego’s involved in this last dash to the end of the series.

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