Death Note : Selection

Episode 32

Sentaku (選択)

N is gaining ground on Light. Misa is useless to him. His task force don’t know how to think of him. Some things go right for Light others wrong so why does he always seem to be on top anyway?

Its a funny old world isn’t it.

The new Kira that Light has picked is more then qualified to do his job for him. His choice on a new spokesperson is a stroke of luck for Light. Its one of those things that could go either way, whilst Aizawa isn’t fully sure one way or the other about the appointment of one of Light’s ex’s as Kira’s spokesperson it does work in Light’s favour to dispel the suspicions around him. Matsuda is pretty naive still, I can’t believe how stupid any of them have to be not to think that there could be more then two of them. Like all of them have had their hands on Death Notes yet they still don’t think that after 5 years Light might have a trick or three up his sleeve. Its silly.

The new Kira is pretty screwed up though, he’s worse then Light. At least Light had a nice life and seemed like a well balanced individual whilst this guy disagreed with his mum who only tried to stop him getting beaten up and was happy that she got killed in a accident. The guy is screwed up, he also starts to put out orders like Kira is going to punish the lazy, my fish and chips rant doesn’t sound so stupid now!

Again though its all so easy for Light, the moment he demands that the bugs get taken out so he cant talk to Kira they “have no choice” no you don’t have any choice when the person you suspect tells you that you have to do as he says. Of course the best way for this to happen is for the person you suspect and someone who hero worships Kira to be left on the phone on their own with another person expected to be Kira.

Like seriously why did none of that set alarm bells off?

Suddenly out of nowhere a phone call from Kira? Suddenly Light decides he has to be unmonitored? None of this smells fishy to them?

I’m so hoping that Misa is his downfall but I doubt she will be.

Can’t tell you how dumb this episode made me feel.

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