WCPW : Pro Wrestling World Cup Quarter Finals

Four absolutely amazing match ups to decide who goes through to the semi-finals of the World Cup. Zack Sabre Jr vs Kushida, Joseph Conners vs Hiromu Takahashi, Penta el Zero M vs Ricochet and Will Ospreay vs Mike Bailey.

Don’t know which one I’m looking forward to most.

Winner : Ricochet

I have Ricochet to win, I was reminded how much I love Angelico with this, I’ll forget that all over again now this is over, so he better win the whole damn thing. I’m looking at a Ricochet vs Ospreay semi-final so yeah.

Loved Ricochet not giving a absolute fuck about Penta and giving him the finger, he took instant control of the match with his speed and then by grounding Penta completely with some big stomps. Then again both of these guys have amazing kicks, it was kicks that seemed to make the difference all match long. Lose momentum? Kick your opponent in the head.

The two of them are showmen. Ricochet in the cocky way he does things and Penta by being some evil kind of monster you can’t take your eyes off because you might miss him killing people. He truly looked like he had with the Mexican Destroyer after flying off the top rope at Ricochet, but like most matches Ricochet very much will match whoever he’s fighting in whatever they are doing. Sometimes I wonder how anyone ever beats Ricochet.

Ending was fantastic because I completely missed that Penta’s shoulders were down, I saw Ricochet’s go up and thought the ref had just been a dick but when he announced Ricochet as the winner I was impressed. It was a great ending.

Winner : Joseph Conners

Even though the more I talk about it the more I realise that if it WASN’T Conners and someone else I’d hate it but I’m just so happy that Conners is back even if its for a short time.

It was a great match and made me upset that Conners isn’t full time with WCPW, wasn’t in this from the beginning and that I won’t get to see Conners vs David Starr, really random I know but there’s that.

This match was absolutely fantastic, it was a much slower and focused match from Takahashi who has had some of the most fun, fast paced and hilarious matches of the World Cup, in fact he might be my World Cup MVP. When Conners leg got hurt he focused on it and the match became fascinating to watch, instead of seeing him running around and throwing himself at his opponent he made sure that Conners couldn’t get up. It also worked against him because when Conners started to fight him mentally and verbally he got sloppy and distracted.

I said on Twitter that Takahashi has stolen all three shows. The Japanese qualifier, the Round of 16 and him and Conners are going to be extremely hard to beat once more. Just a great psychological match. Conners going through just makes me extremely excited. I never want him to leave again.

Winner : Will Ospreay

I keep saying it but I’m very meh on Bailey. He’s had two OK matches, one great one and one good one. He’s kind of fun to watch in the ring but it very much depends on how his opponent reacts to him because the first couple matches I saw his opponents kind of let him do his thing and then did their thing whilst the last two his opponents wrestled around the stuff that makes him so unique. So he’s always been great to watch but it took a while for me to get it because his first two matches bored the shit out of me.

Obviously Ospreay is a great opponent for Bailey and they looked a million bucks. I love watching Ospreay when he really gets going and he brought out the absolute best in Bailey who matched Ospreay in absolutely everything he did. For quite a lot of the match you had to believe that Bailey had the match won but at the same time there was so much of it where neither of them seemed to be effected by what the other was throwing at them.

Personally I still preferred the Conners/Takahashi match but boy was this one a treat to watch. Finally made me a fan of Bailey and just gave me even more respect for Ospreay who really is one of the best in the world. Honestly didn’t think Ospreay would get the win, Bailey absolutely shone.

Winner : Kushida

Only bias means Conners/Takahashi stays my personal favourite match of the night, to be fair Ospreay/Bailey was better but I never let facts get in the way of my feelings, but this match just on paper looks even more amazing.

It was every bit as amazing as it looked. Like it was everything I love from ZSJ times two because Kushida could do everything ZSJ could just as well. They spent the whole time just twisting each other up into horrible positions and the crowd were absolutely silent whilst watching it. Bradshaw said they were mesmerized and he was right, it was a absolute war between the two. It brought out that petulant side of ZSJ that I love watching so much and he moved away from what he does so well and had to try something different which didn’t really work out for him.

Honestly even when ZSJ was on the offence Kushida had him. It was so hard to figure out who would win because they were just so well matched. For how much of a classic of its style the last two matches were this one was just as fantastic. My ZSJ bias might actually over rule my Conners bias….

No this probably was my favourite. I actually was on the edge of my seat screaming for ZSJ to win. I could watch him wrestle every second of the day.


Honestly think the last three were all classics in their own right. Conners/Takahashi was just a fantastic fight with Takahashi doing his best to just cripple his opponent and get a psychological as well as physical advantage. The story telling was amazing and wonderfully done by Conners who fought against the odds to win in his dream return to the company. Then you had Ospreay/Bailey which just took your breath away! It was fast and precise, you couldn’t take your eyes off the screen else you’d miss something. The main event was a absolute mat classic watching two of the absolute best just twist each other into shapes the body should never bend into. I mean Ricochet/Penta was a absolute stunning match but the next three took their strengths and just turned them into classic matches.

Obviously Ospreay/Bailey is going to be the favourite because it was just SO good. Personally even with biases thrown away I LOVE the way Kushida and ZSJ wrestle and the match had me breathless and mesmerized from beginning to end. With my bias firmly in place Conners/Takahashi had everything I love about wrestling in it.

The world cup has showcased some of the absolute best in the world and introduced us to some guys who might just hold that title one day. The Quarter Finals imploded, I looked at all four matches before it started and whilst I knew all would be good I didn’t think I’d be as engaged as I was and as gobsmacked by how good every single one was.

If people haven’t seen the World Cup it doesn’t matter if you don’t see anything else from it just go and see the Quarter Finals. Possibly four of the most beautiful matches WCPW have gifted us, built such a great atmosphere for the semi/finals on Saturday and there WILL be a absolute classic for everyone in there. As I said all four matches were absolute top quality, three of them were just more then you could ever explain.

I will be home for the semi/finals because even though I stupidly swapped shifts and am now working Saturday I’ll be home by 6pm. I really can’t wait.


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