Vatican Miracle Examiners : Even So, I Still Believe in the Lord God

Episode 4

“Soredemo nao, waga wa kami o shinzu” (それでも尚、我は神を信ず)

I have learnt just not to name any character ever in a review because very obviously I’m going to be wrong. I apologise for all the naming accidents so far in this series. It probably will only get worse.

Devil child = Thomas not James.

Thomas is the son of Crazy Mary and Hitler. You read that right Hitler.

So Michael Brown was actually Heinrich Muller, he escaped with the kids, I knew they weren’t locals he saved but Nazi kids instead, and with the body of Hitler. Somehow in 1945 they were able to cyro freeze Hitler and when Crazy Mary was old enough they artificially got her pregnant with Hitler’s kid. The first one was conjoined twins who died. The second was Thomas.

When Thomas looked like he wasn’t going to be evil they did the same to Anna.

Father McGee is actually someone working to find escaped Nazi’s and kidnapped Anna so she could have her kid and be happy.

It was one hell of a episode full of all sorts of crazy things. I found myself kinda upset the story had ended and excited for the next one which I didn’t think I’d feel when it came to the end. Somewhere in these four episodes I’ve grown attached to the story and again whilst I don’t care for Roberto or Hiraga I kind of don’t mind joining them on their quests to prove miracles aren’t real. Neither of them are engaging enough, together they aren’t really that engaging but they are good narrators and easy to follow. I also didn’t give two hoots about any of the kids who were all drugged and hypnotised and don’t care if we never see McGee again, after all I’m more interested in different stories not every miracle they have to debunk being down to the Nazi’s.

It came together really well in the end and whilst it was a bit far fetched, like even if I believed the Nazi’s were as far advanced as some people seem to think I still think its very far from reality that they could freeze Hitler, it was also pretty sad. If they were telling the truth about Mary being schizophrenic and her son was obviously very ill at the point that this whole thing began then we’re just seeing more and more victims in the modern era from the Nazi’s and their experiments. The fact that I can feel sad for the concept of ongoing torture from one of the cruellest groups of people ever to set foot on the planet in a ploddy and rather bland anime proves that maybe it wasn’t as bland as I keep saying it was.

I’m actually really interested to see what happens next.


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