Death Note : Transfer

Episode 31

Ijou (移譲)

So Light seems to think he’s won. Hopefully N has a back up plan else we’re stuck with Light winning again.

Its good to be alive in episode 31!

N finally has the upper hand, he was able to convince Aizawa that Light might be Kira by pointing out that after a conversation with Light about how he thought that the second L was Kira suddenly their headquarters were attacked.

Unfortunately Light always has a backup plan. This time it was choosing someone completely unattached to him to take over the Death Note, someone he’d seen on his believers TV show trying to talk to Kira. Just as Aizawa and the rest start to actually point in the right direction Light throws them another curve ball and you just have to hope that N has a chance to talk it through for them.

At this moment though it looks like at least for now the suspicion on Light might die as there is now ANOTHER Kira to look for.

Like seriously how many Kira’s do they want in this series? We’ve already had bucket loads, we’ve had so many people touching Death Notes and killing with them yet even the people in the task force don’t realises what a farce they all are.

You’d think seeing that they know that more then one person can touch Death Notes and use the power that Light doesn’t need to have it. They just saw the disciples of Kira being killed on a TV program that showed hundreds of Kira followers and they think that Light couldn’t be working with other people? It makes no sense to let their guard down, not that they have just yet and I really think that its only Matsuda that isn’t really suspicious of Light but then again he wouldn’t be because no matter how much time passes he seems to have jelly for brains.

I think what I’m missing is the dynamic between L and Light. N and Light is slightly different but would be a lot more fun if we got to see it more often. It was short and sweet in this episode and then left the task force to themselves again which sucked because there isn’t any dynamic there, its just Light bragging about how clever he is when in the long run, as I’ve been saying, he isn’t really all that intelligent at times.

Poor Misa though. She’s cut her life in half then half again for Light and now she’s lost her memories again. Light has no interest in her either and now she’s lost her only use for him. I worry for her.

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