WCPW : Loaded 17th August 2017

With a ending like the last episode had and the build up to what could be one hell of a match, Loaded this week has a lot to live up to.


We start the show with Hendry telling us that he’s looking forward to taking a day off from Loaded. I had to kind of agree that even though he didn’t technically WIN the match in the last episode he did kind of dominate the match.

Poor Adam Clery though, he can’t help when these stupid places only have Pepsi and not Coke.


Much like Hendry apparently Kirby has a night off too, unlike Hendry he isn’t happy about that because obviously he would like to be in the match to win back his briefcase. Of course when Bradshaw pointed out that it was a Magnificent 7 briefcase you knew Blampied would add Kirby to the match and he came out with the contract ready.

Before Kirby could sign the contract to join the ladder match Alex Gracie came down to the ring and attacked Kirby and stole the place in the match instead.

Absolutely LOVED it. Perfect PERFECT way to use Gracie. Kirby always seems to be the person on the back foot and its how the crowd love him and it automatically makes people hate Gracie. I enjoyed it.

Winner : Marty Scurll

It was a fun match and at times had a feeling of anything you can do I can do in my own way and better.

Completely different showing from Scurll from his match against Hendry, he used all his tricks to keep Ricochet from gaining any of the momentum he needs. It was a much angrier Scurll, a more focused Scurll. It was weird seeing

For the first match of the night it was a stellar one. Marty couldn’t quite hit any of his big moves, he couldn’t break the fingers, Ricochet wouldn’t let him put a chicken wing on him but at the same time Scurll always had a answer for anything that Ricochet had to throw at him. It was just such a fun match to watch.

Nice to see Marty win again, he finally got to break the fingers and then rolled up Ricochet for the win. Would very much love to see him against Hendry again soon.

Winners : War Machine

Well I can’t pretend I’m not over the moon to see Liam Slater, the man is one of my favourite wrestlers and I miss not seeing him all the time. WCPW need to have him more often on their shows. I don’t really like Moose but I was actually interested in seeing him against Hanson and Rowe.

It seemed a sad match for poor little Liam, he was by far the smallest guy by like a million foot and a trillion pounds but as we’ve seen from Slater recently that meant very little. He still had his moments and was able to hold his own. He really came on as a singles competitor when Moss was out and the guy doesn’t have any problems facing even the biggest foes put in front of him now.

It was a fun match, different but fun. There were no rules so the match went to the floor and really was a showcase of just how big and mean War Machine and Moose can be.

Very good team work from Slater and Moose, the match turned into a very hard hitting affair with Moose and War Machine just destroying each other and Slater doing his best to match them. Very impressed by the makeshift team, I get that War Machine had to win to look as dominant as they do look but I kind of wanted Moose and Slater to win so that we could see a tag team championship down the line. First match I really loved Moose in.

Winner : El Ligero

It was a pretty amazing match. Some really ridiculous moments. Loved El Ligero being a shit at the beginning but ducking and leaving everyone else to fight, him being surrounded and handing the ladder to Rampage was funny and Kidd then spinning with the ladder was a obvious spot but a fun one anyway.

It turned into a absolutely crazy match with just about everything happening in it. There was a spot where Kidd suplexed El Ligero off the top of the ladder on the outside onto everyone else, there were thumbtacks, Rampage put Primate through a table and Kirby stopped Gracie from getting the briefcase.

Just a absolute crazy match and it didn’t stop. At all times there was something to watch, it was just amazing. Really well done ladder match.

In the end El Ligero kept the briefcase which I think is the right move. Really good main event.


Just a completely fantastic line up really. Was surprised that Scurll/Ricochet wasn’t main event then remembered we had the magnificent seven ladder match. It was just top to bottom brilliant wrestling. It makes you excited for what you’ll get week in week out with Loaded because all three matches are main event, PPV worthy bouts. It might not seem a lot of wrestling but it was three very long, well paced, storied matches involving some of the best names you’d hope to see.

Plus you get to see it for free on YouTube.

I like the story of Scurll working back up the ladder to face Hendry again, as the match ended in a draw you’d think he wouldn’t actually need to scrape back up, wouldn’t he just get himself a rematch automatically? Either way if it means a Villain winning streak I’m happy with that. Him vs Ricochet was just a absolutely wonderful match.

War Machine are my new favourite thing in the world. There is absolutely nothing they can’t do and it’ll take one hell of a team to beat them convincingly.

Loved seeing Liam Slater again, I really hope that they give him a singles story or something if Johnny Moss is out again. I do love seeing Slater and miss him when he isn’t on their shows. He’s come such a long way since I started watching WCPW and he held his own in a match where he was surrounded by absolutely monsterous giants.

Then there was the ladder match. Chaos in the best possible way. Absolutely loved it. Its the kind of crazy thing that I love to see.

Not sure how I feel about the briefcase becoming such a focus. Seeing this was reviewed after Stacked its no secret that Rampage now has a match against El Ligero for the briefcase. I loved the Magnificent 7 match, it was one of my MOTY candidates, but I don’t want to see the briefcase hot potatoed around. I LIKED what they did with Kirby and El Ligero because its a long assed feud spanning the entire country and many years, it played into Kirby’s story of being the underdog and having to really fight for his position and played to El Ligero’s new bad ass attitude because of his losing streak. Now it seems the briefcase is being treated like a title more then a briefcase that gives someone a title shot. I like the Prestige holding it at the moment, it would be great in story for them to have that because it gives Hendry the upper hand. He loses the belt someone he knows can either give him the power of another match or win it for him. If anyone is to take that briefcase from El Ligero then I’d want it to be Kirby because it was Kirby’s briefcase in the first place and would end that part of the story well.

Will have to wait and see on that one.

I loved it. I very rarely have anything negative to say about WCPW and really just enjoy watching their Loaded shows.

This week its the end of the World Cup, I think its all live on YouTube but I won’t be watching most of it live as I have work getting in the way. I am now caught up with all WCPW though and hopefully will stay pretty close to caught up from now on. Obviously there will be a day or so between some live shows and my reviews due to work but hopefully not many.


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