WCPW : Stacked 2017

There is a good chance this is going to come out before this week’s episode of Loaded but it was just nice to once be home to actually watch something live for a change.

Plus what a line up to get to see!

Winner : Gabriel Kidd

Well it was the pre-show, I couldn’t get it to work to begin with so missed a bit of the match and then when it did work there was no sound.

I kind of knew that Lucky Kid wasn’t going to win, it wasn’t the best match from what little I saw but it made me hope that WCPW would bring back Lucky Kid after the world Cup as well. I can’t really say too much about it because I missed so much of it but I just could watch Lucky Kid all day long.

It was probably a great match.


So apparently we are getting a new member of the Prestige. I quite like that it’s growing, I really love that its growing. Unfortunately we also had to listen to Hendry go on about why he isn’t going to fight tonight.

Hendry and Kennedy kind of jumped the gun, it wasn’t a new member being announced it was a invitation being given to Ospreay.

WHICH is actually really fucking smart on WCPW’s behalf because now the Swords of Essex’s are no more turning Will into the singles good guy by having him face off against the over confident Joe Hendry is a easy way to move him into a new spotlight in the company after being in the tag division for a while now.

The moment they said Ospreay I knew it wasn’t going to end the way Hendry wanted it to.

Winner : Hiromu Takahashi 

I’m so happy to see Daryl back and in full health. That cat didn’t deserve the horrors he’s gone through.

No fan of Bailey but I do love a bit of Takahashi so was really looking forward to seeing how Bailey changed it up to face someone as crazy and unpredictable as Takahashi and to be fair he didn’t do bad. He wasn’t quite as stiff as he has been and whilst he didn’t flow as well as Takahashi from moment to moment, move to move, it didn’t feel stop/starty like the other matches.

It was pretty funny listening to Kennedy get all upset over the name of a stuffed cat at ringside. He didn’t seem to mind Daryl much the last time but the second Daryl has a name he seemed to get real upset. Not sure why the ref let Takahashi attack Bailey with Daryl, I know its just a stuffed animal but its still a foreign object and surely, SURELY it should have been a DQ. Even if we go down the manager role the ref saw it, outside interference. In all seriousness though I couldn’t stop laughing when he hit Bailey with Daryl, the best part was Bailey’s reaction to it. Priceless.

Really loved the stuff on the apron with the two misses from moonsaults by Bailey. In the end Takahashi won but it was a fantastic match and for the first time I feel like I actually see why others are real excited about Bailey.

Winner : Jay Lethal

Like seriously on paper you could think that Drake was out of his league in a match with these two but he was real good. Obviously there has been a long burning story about Lethal and Drake that is only really just being played out, Angelico is kind of thrown in the match purely because he beat Drake the other week but it kind of made the match more interesting.

Angelico was very different from the others and wasn’t part of the story line, Drake’s determination to beat Lethal and Lethal’s grudge for being attacked. Angelico was able to pop up from time to time and distract one or both and you also never quite knew who was going to attack who. Lethal and Drake seemed obsessed with getting back to a one-on-one type match but it meant they were taking their eyes off a big threat.

It was a elimination match but both eliminations came quite quickly at the hands of Lethal. You kind of got the feeling that Angelico would go first but after he went he just threw Drake back in the ring and we got a Lethal Injection and it was over. Both pins via Lethal and the match was over.

Great match but seriously short. Would have loved to see Angelico in a different match and Lethal and Drake to have had a good singles match.

After the match Lethal told Drake that this was all over and he wanted to shake Drake’s hand so that they could just move on. Unfortunately we could ALL see what happened next and the second Lethal turned his back on Drake he was once again attacked by Drake. There has to be a singles match against the two to end this soon. There just has to be.

Winner : Rampage

What a terrifying match to think about. Rampage is just big and scary, Penta is kind a just scary. If the match was won by how scary you are I think it would be a draw.

The match was just kind of scary in its way. Rampage can fight just about anyone at any pace. When Penta tried to go flying at him Rampage hit him with a drop kick, Penta tried to use their time on the outside to his advantage but it just meant that Rampage could hurt him more. I mean Penta looks scary but Rampage is terrifying in the ring. You do not want to see him angry.

Personally I thought Rampage looked the bigger threat in the match anyway, he didn’t look like he was breaking a sweat and matched Penta step for step. I loved the match and the second the Piledriver was hit I had to wonder once again how Rampage isn’t just dominating WCPW.

Winner : BT Gunn

So BT Gunn didn’t wait for the match to start, he hid behind the sound stage and attacked Primate when he came out to the ring. Gunn kind of started the match with a load of chairs which instantly meant I wasn’t hiding behind a cushion like I was for Primate/Havoc which was mental. It was very slow to begin with, a few chair shots putting Primate down long enough for BT Gunn to just wander around and pose.

It was a very tame match, BT Gunn kept it as far away from a Hardcore match as he could. I get it, it isn’t like everyone can have the kind of matches Primate/Rampage/Havoc have been having but it was just a little too tame. It automatically made me not want Gunn to win not because I don’t like him, obviously I’m a Prestige fan, but because it would just be a bit boring. I wasn’t too sure what WCPW was really going to do with a Hardcore belt but it just seemed like it would be a waste to just become another belt.

The Powerbomb through the table from the top rope from Primate to BT Gunn was pretty much has Hardcore as it got. I think I was waiting for the match to feel like a Hardcore match but it felt more like a normal BT Gunn match. Loved the kicks to the head and the vicious kick like things that put Primate down but felt its gonna semi-ruin the belt and Primate in a way.

Winner : Kushia

Bradshaw said it was a dream match and the second it started I saw what he meant. I never thought about these two against each other but boy was it amazing when we got it. So happy to see it.

It was great mat wrestling, keeping their opponents on the mat and not giving them room to breath. Both tried to get under the others skin, obviously it works better on Banks who has a short temper anyway. It ended up being the vicious streak of Banks that took control of the match.

When it sped up it was incredible, both have quite unique styles that are similar but so different at the same time. Banks offence focuses on stopping his opponent as much as hurting them whilst Kushia is much more firing himself at his opponent with quick reversals and going on the attack on the arm for his submissions.

So many great moments but it was the Hoover Board Lock on the top rope with the throw to the mat and the final submission that just took my breath away. Two of the absolute best guys you’ll see and it really was a dream match. Gonna be hard to beat that match.

Winner : Martin Kirby (DQ)

The new attitude on Gracie is my favourite thing and I’m so happy he’s got the more aggressive personality now he’s gone solo. Slightly sad that the pants thing has stuck around though, I kind of really wanted him to be serious all the way through. It doesn’t really matter that much I guess.

There was slightly too much comedy for me, it bored me a lot. Loads of jokes about Gracie’s pants and everything which kind of ruined it. Most of the match was Kirby’s which was a shame because Gracie has been looking really strong recently. It ended in DQ when Bad Bones came to help Gracie which again was really disappointing.

I don’t know I was just really disappointed with the match but I’d be happy if this was a longer feud because when Kirby gets serious he’s one of the best and I want Gracie to not be such a joke…

Winners : War Machine

Well the other Briscoe wasn’t well enough to wrestle so Jay Lethal got put in the match. I get that we needed Lethal vs Drake but it makes the triple threat elimination match seem even more pointless. I guess Lethal might make more sense then Angelico but I do feel like we needed this shuffled around a little better.

Seeing the challengers changed War Machine decide its War Machine Rules… Or in other a No Rules match. Now this is going to be fantastic.

Hanson throwing Rowe around is probably my favourite part of any match. It wasn’t quite as hard hitting as I thought it would be to start off with, the normal matches they’ve had have been just brawls from the very beginning but with the match spilling out to ring side and the focus being much wider it felt a little tamer. When the match came back into the ring it became much more the match you thought it would be.

Some of the moves were just crazy, honestly there is nothing I can say to tell you how scary these guys are. The handspring double elbow, the way they just picked Lethal and Briscoe together and threw them around, how easy they make EVERYTHING look, the running around and not breaking a sweat from two giant guys…

Lets not forget that the other two guys were freakin’ amazing. Briscoe is crazy and even though he just had a match was still at his absolute best.

Wondering who will be next for War Machine. They really just murder their competition.

Winner : Rey Mysterio 

It really was everything you’d expect from the match really. Absolutely top class. Everyone and their dog knows how amazing Mysterio is but Ricochet is everything you want from the next generation. He was phenomenal in the match and showed just how far things have now come.

He was able to counter just about everything, he came at Mysterio with his absolute best and there just aren’t words to describe how special the match was.

Of course I also have the problem my internet died on me near the end of the match so I didn’t really see the end of it. Not surprised to see Mysterio win but it was just a absolute beautiful match up between two innovators.

Winner : Marty Scurll

With Joe Hendry at ring side waiting for his answer we went into the main event knowing full well that we were going to see the absolute best of Ospreay. Personally I just didn’t get the vibe at all that Ospreay would join the Prestige so other then having Hendry at ring side and taking the headset off of Bradshaw every now and again it didn’t really effect the story too much.

The match started very much with Ospreay in charge. He used his speed to just fly around Scurll who had no real comeback for him. Again it was a vicious and angry Scurll that had shown up, like Kushida/Banks it was two extremely unique individuals with rather different fighting styles trying to one up the other and turned into a thing of absolute beauty.

It was quick so you didn’t always get a chance to actually breath whilst watching what was going on, the ending sequence was so brilliantly done that it took me a while to realise that Marty had won the match. It was just a stunning match that really stole the show, I thought that Banks/Kushida couldn’t be topped but this really did top it.

Nice to see Marty continue to win, at the end of the match the Prestige attacked Scurll hoping to recruit Ospreay who turned his back on the Prestige as I thought would happen. Hendry ran away scared as he always does.

Fantastic main event. Two of the absolute best in the world.


Brilliant show, Stacked was a very apt name for it.

Some matches weren’t brilliant but they were still really good, I think the Hardcore match just so happened to be the weakest thing Primate has done since gaining the belt and it was a weird way for him to lose, the ending of the match was violent but it made him look weak compared to absolutely everything else we saw. What little I saw of Kid vs Kidd was meh-ish but I need to really see that to make my mind up.

Then they had a bunch of dream matches that no one ever really knew they needed in life but should be seen by all. Banks is absolutely one of the most amazing wrestlers in the world and putting him up against Kushida just proved once again why he is. Kushida is no slouch either, dude is crazy good. Really, honestly didn’t think that match would be beaten. Then the real dream match of Ricochet vs Mysterio, personally I didn’t like it as much as Kushida/Banks, but it lived up to expectations and was such a strong showing from a guy with so much talent like Ricochet. The main event though was something absolutely spectacular. Scurll and Ospreay just stole the show with a absolute beauty of a match. I was left speechless by it.

Then there was the tag team match which was amazing.

There are a bunch of really interesting stories up and down the WCPW roster right now. We have the finals of the World Cup happening this week so with that out of the way we have things like the new improved Alex Gracie, whilst I thought this match was too much comedy I can see a prolonged feud with Kirby doing good things for him. You have Drake who is still a disrespectful little shit and I’m just hoping we get that one last match one-on-one with Lethal at some point. So many guys who are right there just waiting for a title shot, Kirby still obviously has his eye on the prize just after he takes out Gracie, Rampage is going for that briefcase which Ligero holds and you have to think if he gets it off Ligero then he’s going to cash in pretty fast, Scurll after ending his title shot in a draw has been on a winning streak with his eyes firmly on getting a re-match and now even Ospreay has to be in some sort of contention after getting on the wrong side of the Prestige.

The Prestige have the Hardcore belt and Hendry made it clear they’ll be going for the tag team ones too so you can only imagine we’ll be seeing maybe a Coffey/Banks duo take on War Machine at some point or else a new tag team joining the Prestige.

So many interesting faces in the mix too thanks to the World Cup. I wish we could just keep Angelico, Lucky Kid and Takahashi forever on WCPW.

Just a really great show. Enjoyed it more then any other wrestling I’ve seen this week. Made the end of my 3 days off absolutely fantastic.

LAST WEEKS LOADED is nearly finished and I’ll have the review up in the next few hours. Till then everyone should go support WCPW, join up for Xtra and enjoy Stacked.

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