WCPW : Loaded 10th August 2017

After a breathtaking return we’re back for what looks to be just as crazy and brilliant a show as last weeks what with Travis Banks facing Gabriel Kidd for the Internet Championship and Marty Scurll vs Joe Hendry for the WCPW title.

Winner : Angelico

It feels like we haven’t seen Drake for ages. With Loaded gone and the World Cup being the big thing for WCPW whatever it was Drake was doing last I saw him I can’t actually remember. He’s up against Angelico who I could watch dance forever and makes me even more determined to do a big catch up on Lucha Underground for fun.

Was a fantastic match. I didn’t think that Drake would be able to keep up with Angelico but he was able to slow the pace of the match and really take it to Angelico keeping the man from being able to get up to speed. He also kept it pretty tight which is pretty important seeing the length of Angelico’s legs.

In the end it was a bit of a surprise that Angelico won even though it shouldn’t be. The match was played right to Drake’s strengths and he really put up a fight. It was a great match for Drake and made me fall even more in love with Angelico who I now want to win the whole World Cup. Ok I’ll say that about all my favourites but meh.

Great first match. Really impressed with Drake.

Winner : Gabriel Kidd

My favourite Kidd match since he won the championship. Banks attacked Kidd at the end of Loaded last show and he attacked Kidd before Kidd had got to the ring and from then on it was just a highly vicious match.

It was a good match for Kidd who was able to match Banks strike for strike and as the pace was so fast he wasn’t able to wander about acting all cocky like he has been recently. It wasn’t really a match in Kidd’s favour as Banks is just so much faster then Kidd but it really worked and whilst Kidd did keep up the pace it was fun seeing him just over power Banks at times. Some of the kicks to the chest just didn’t phase him and that is the kind of thing you want to see from him, he did once more spend some of the match trying to beat Banks at his own game but he is getting much more of his own personality into his wrestling.

I love Travis Banks though and would like to see him against Kidd again. With Loaded back I don’t see why we can’t see a long standing feud with the two of them.

Kidd wins with his running knee strike. Fantastic match.


Well it was a weird one. We get told there is a backstage brawl happening and it somehow turned into a match when a random ref was brought in to count the three count. It didn’t make much sense and just saw the two of them wrestling through training areas and backstage places. Would very much have liked to see Primate be more dangerous then he looked, I know Gunn is a bad ass himself but sometimes I feel they miss a beat with Primate.

I think he ended up looking a lot weaker then Rampage in their best of seven and whilst his match with Havoc kind of re-instated him as one of the biggest bad asses in WCPW this kind of was a step back.

Enjoyed it but kind of don’t want the Hardcore belt to become like a 24 hour belt with us cutting to the back all the time or having matches interrupted so people can try and get the belt from Primate. As it turned into a match and wasn’t just a fight just make it a match in the first place. I was kind of with it up until the ref showed up. Like where did the ref even fucking show up from?! He hadn’t been there the whole fight. I just don’t get it.


So Kidd comes to ask Blampied if he can join the ladder match between El Ligero and Jay Lethal for the Magnificent 7 briefcase. You have a feeling this isn’t going to be the end of it all…

Winners : War Machine

I can’t even begin to tell you just how much I love War Machine. For two big guys they move like Cruiserweights. They just don’t stop. I love when Rowe just picks Hanson up and throws him around, when they had the Kings down in the corners and walked around the ring and ran into them it was so cool. Then later in the match Hanson was running from side to side screaming and didn’t lose speed at all, he just looked more and more dangerous. They are just such a cool tag team.

Kings of the North were great opponents for them though and it was a real hard hitting and crazy fast match. The Kings liked hurting people just as much as War Machine and worked well as a team to make sure they could isolate Hanson for as long as they could and take control of the match.

That advantage didn’t last long though, even with the two of them in the ring against just one member of War Machine it wasn’t long till they were down against them.

I really can’t wait to see more of the tag team division in WCPW because they’ve always had really strong teams but hopefully we’ll get to see a lot more of them now.


Honestly Blampied is the funniest guy on the planet. His reactions to everything just makes me laugh and I loved Lethal and his moany ass tantrum making sure that Drake was put in the match so he can “sort all their problems.”

I was in stitches when Rampage smacked Blampied and he just sat there all hurt. Moments like this is why we need the WhatCulture guys, it just makes me laugh and I love it.

Winner : Draw

It wasn’t what I thought it would be. Hendry kind of dictated the pace, which made it slightly less exciting as Scurll vs O’Reilly which was fast and unpredictable, but made it a fascinating encounter. It was a much more focused Hendry who went about just destroying Scurll, there were flashes of the Villain we love but it really was a match just to make Hendry look strong as champion. Whilst he used some cheap tricks here and there he didn’t need the Prestige out to help him like he usually has and it was just a straight up fight which he had the upper hand on even if he couldn’t keep Scurll down for the three count.

The two of them worked really well together and it could be interesting to see them work together again. I’d like to see a faster paced match, something much more like the all out war Hendry had with Primate, as even though it suits Hendry a lot more he doesn’t really fill the time up well between beating up Scurll from move to move. Sometimes he taunts the crowd but there is a lot of walking around and it is a tiny bit boring. I’ve never really had that problem with Hendry before but it just felt quite disjointed in places.

The ref went down twice in the match, poor ref. The second time Hendry and Scurll took each other out which resulted in a draw. Good on Dave Bradshaw on trying to make it sound much of a bigger thing then it ended up being. I liked the ending, I do love endings like this, but it was the one time I think they missed having Alex Shane on commentary because it would have been even better with the commentator selling it just a bit more then Bradshaw managed. Not that he didn’t try.


By far the funniest of the confrontations. Primate doesn’t know how to speak, his grunting and sign language to get the point he wants in on the ladder match was just so funny. Gonna be a great match.


The tag team division is making me feel happy. I want to see a lot of focus on it because they do have some great teams that they’ve been working with. War Machine are awesome but they have so many teams and it would be fun to see some stories being built with them.

All the stuff with Blampied was great, it built up what is going to be a fantastic ladder match so well. Also showcased the different personalities going into the match. Whilst my favourite to win would be Rampage on any other day given its a ladder match I’m not too sure, plus I kind of don’t want to see El Ligero lose the briefcase. I just think it works being with him and maybe being a focus for him and Kirby. I dunno, whatever story wise its going to just be a great match.

From start to finish the matches were top quality, well worth the time spent watching them.

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