Death Note : Justice

Episode 30

Seigi (正義)

Well… In the preview for this episode Light talked about making Kira justice. He knows if he loses that Kira will just be another murderer in the history books who terrorised for 5 years before being brought down, he’s out to make sure that doesn’t happen. With a whole episode of him vs Mello and with N not actually doing anything I’m starting to wonder if it even matters.

With a little help from Mello it seems that N really has figured out just what is going on.

Unfortunately for him the president of the United States has already given in to Kira so its easy for Light to win again.

Once more though it isn’t intelligence that saves Light its just circumstance.

He’s lucky that its got to the point it has else he wouldn’t have a foot to stand on. Then again I guess its also lucky all he needs is a name and  a face to kill people because threatening a world leader is always going to be easy. N should have been smart enough to move out of his HQ and somewhere more secure after confronting Light and giving the people he works with food for thought. Finally at least one of them is going to second guess Light, or at least he will if he gets out in time.

I didn’t see if when Light phoned N the others were in the room because the teasing tone of voice would give him away straight from the second the phone was picked up, he’s probably alone though knowing him.

It seems that both N and Mello are half the man that L was and Light still just so happens to be the luckiest man on the planet. Everything falls into place for him but its long been because of anything he’s done and more to do with the fact he was lucky that the whole task force basically become Kira’s sidekicks.

Whilst the fight between Kira and N might be interesting I’m not holding my breath. The mirror being held up to the audience is slowly dropping and we’re not really getting the interesting story we were before L died.

Thankfully Matsuda had a interesting moment when he started to question whether Kira was evil or not. I’m sure he’s had this conversation before but now more then ever it was important to have it. At this point Light is forcing the hand of the world, as long as he looks like he’s helping people then he’s got a army at hand.

For example later in the episode a hoard of people attack N’s hideout, all broadcast live on TV. Kira punishes those who do bad things so surely he’d punish every single person breaking into a building (illegal) with intent to harm others (illegal) and just goes to show all gods have the problem with people taking their words and actions in their own way. Of course its OK for Kira to punish those who do wrong but if you are doing wrong in Kira’s name then you’ll be fine.

The thought that having one person who is responsible for the fate of the world is scary but as the president said under him there is no war and gangs are fizzling out. Of course people are happy. You won’t get mugged or killed in the street for fear that Kira will kill someone.

Then again you have kids picking on each other in fear of Kira “if you do that I’ll put your name on the internet and Kira will kill you.”

You exchange the fear of maybe getting mugged for the fear of living the way a mass murderer, a genocidal do gooder decides is the way you should live.

After all Japanese culture is different from English culture. What if Kira casts his gaze to England or the United Kingdom as a whole and decides that, I don’t know, people who eat fish and chips are the root to all evil and then we suddenly, in fear of Kira, turn our neighbours in over the internet at the slightest hint of a re-used newspaper that maybe contains the dead body of a fish. What then? Is this the world you want to live in just because some genocidal bastard decides that he is justice? What if that paper was just rubbish your good hearted neighbour picked off the side of the street, again in fear that ignoring rubbish might have them wiped off this planet by Kira, and you just killed a innocent, non-fish and chips eating person? Is it worth it?

I don’t think so.

Though the world could do without a few heathens who thinks its OK to put pineapple on pizza. I might get behind Kira if he killed those guys off. Scum of the earth they are.


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