Vatican Miracle Examiner : Secrets of the Gods and the Beast of 666

Episode 3

“Kamigami no himitsu to 666 no shishi” (神々の秘密と666の獣)

I tried in the last review to piece things together. My terrible attempts weren’t too far off and we’ve only got a few miracles left to explain.

First off I totally forgot the name of the guy who founded the place was called Michael, the guy who came for Anna at the end of the episode is Father McGee, a guy we’d never met before. Makes sense.

Also it isn’t Carlos who saw the Devil its a totally different character that looks similar called James. As far as I can tell in this episode James is still conversing with his Devil but with the revelation that Father McGee is working on something genetic and making drugs as well as Carlos being sexually abused and Mario being attacked and suffering from memory loss of the attack the Devil talking can be just about anything.

I liked the episode.

I like that so far there has been scientific reasoning behind everything. There is even a exorcism in this episode that turns out to be a bad trip from over dosing on drugs, this leads to Roberto and Hiraga being told that the priests have been drugging and abusing Carlos. Hence why Carlos reacted the way he did when Father Klaus was announced as dead.

Mario’s episodes have been explained away as well. Turns out James the guard has vision problems so can only see things that move, he saw Mario “floating” because Mario was being held aloft by someone trying to kill him who was stood still.

Michael Brown looks less and less like the good guy they wanted to portray when they finally break into his office, the one that has been preserved along with the mummified body of Michael Brown, and find the Devil’s Bible along with other random books written in runes. We also meet a crazy who thinks she’s had a child via God though apparently it was deformed, she carries a sack baby with two heads in replacement of it as it died, and Michael said it was Lord Janus reborn to them. So this seems like some crazy assed thing that has been going on for years and Anna is just the next poor sod who is going to be experimented on.

Remember the crazy cab driver and the UFO thing back in episode one? Put that together with crazy lady telling us that Michael arrived on a ark from space called Rusburg and it all starts to make sense. Plus the counter from episode one that Roberto thought would read Glory and Rich (as in Glory and Riches) was finally completed and actually said Heinrich…

In other words its gonna be all Nazi craziness. All the adults were saved by Michael but I didn’t they specifically say they were from wherever it is they are?

So nearly all the mysteries are solved and a much bigger, much less supernatural mystery is at hand.

Oh and Roberto was attacked which means there is a possibility my theory that neither of them will be interesting on their own might be tested in the very next episode as I guess Roberto will be out of action for at least some of the episode.


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