SummerSlam 2017 Review

As I’ve attempted to in the past I shall be reviewing a PPV without having watched TOO much of RAW or SmackDown recently. With some interesting match ups it’ll be fun to see what happens at the Biggest Party of the Summer.

Winners : The Miztourage

This is one of the matches I was really looking forward too. I have been a huge fan of all the guys in the ring but specially of Dallas and Axel who I personally think are much more talented then they are given credit for. I’ve loved, on paper because I haven’t seen much of it, the idea of Miz having his Miztourage and I really think that its a good thing for all of them. Its the kind of thing the Miz can do so well and it will do wonders for Dallas and Axel.

It was so sad that it was pre-show and hardly any of the crowd had gotten in, the match was actually really fucking amazing and deserved to be seen by more people. The crowd were obviously dead because it was hardly there but it could have been a hot match. Would have loved to see Jordan vs Miz for the title though.

Great match.

Winner : Neville

I love the whole King of the Cruiserweight stuff that Neville has been doing, I’ve loved his title reign and his new personality. I honestly think WWE are gonna waste him if he just gets shuffled around 205 Live now, with the belt off him they could bring him back to the main roster to do something much more worthy of a guy of his talents.

This match was good but slightly flat. I don’t know why I don’t enjoy the Cruiserweights as much as I probably should, I always love watching Neville but no matter how good his opponent is I just don’t tend to enjoy the matches so much.

I don’t think WWE have much faith in the Cruiserweights though as Neville retaining just puts everything back to 0. I really wanted Neville to lose and just move away from 205 Live. I love the Titus Worldwide stuff as well so it would have been nice to see them keep the belt for a bit.

On a whole it was OK but I honestly think the six man tag match deserved to be on after this match and to a fuller audience.


I am in the camp that is going to keep Elias’s surname alive and well. We need more people with surnames in wrestling we really do.

The concert was awesome, loved both the songs. It honestly made me cry with laughter, the second one was my absolute favourite. Thing is I don’t like him as a wrestler but I could happily see him singing all the time. Then again I am also looking forward to the day we get to see Elias SAMSON vs Aiden ENGLISH is a sing off. THAT would have been great.

Winners : The Usos

Woods and E fighting for New Day, love the red gear and once more love the Geeky reference they were decked out with. New Day makes me happy in so many ways.

As always never been a fan of the Uso’s but I do kind of like them a lot more now as bad guys, wrestling wise, they use a much more diverse move set and their matches aren’t as bland and annoying.

Have to say my favourite part of the match was when Xavier got Big E on his shoulders and slammed him on whichever of the Uso’s was in. It was a fantastic move, I can’t believe how that guy got Big E up on his shoulders but he’s a strong little fucker. Some great double teaming from both teams which made it so much more fun.

At one point I didn’t realise just how long Big E hadn’t been in the match but they used him sparingly to give the Uso’s dominance in the match. Woods has really grown as a wrestler and was by far the most interesting person to watch the whole match long. Shame the match was on the pre-show because it freakin’ kicked ass. I can’t even be annoyed that the Uso’s won because the match was so crazy. Wasted on the pre-show absolutely fucking wasted.

Winner : John Cena

I’m still so fucking annoyed that Baron cashed in and didn’t win. It was so fucking sad. People say he wasn’t ready for it but then again neither was Jinder and yet we’ve been stuck with him. I’d rather he cashed in and if he wasn’t going to win do it in style instead of in such a sucky way.

Anyway we start the main show off with Corbin and Cena and lots and lots of “Where’s your briefcase” chants.

Whilst I’m not a giant fan of Cena I do love Cena. You have to give it to him he’s always entertaining and he makes his matches fun to watch. I loved the opening and him just teasing Corbin.

The match was pretty boring to be honest, there were flashes of good stuff from Corbin but I still think he isn’t really ready to be on the main roster and definitely not in a match against Cena. Really love Corbin and think he could be great but he can’t really hold a full match yet. Loved when he took his shirt off and got seriously angry and started kicking ass. Not surprised to see Cena win but rather sad.

Winner : Natalya 

I didn’t get into the match as much as I wanted to. Love both Nattie and Naomi and was really excited that Nattie got the title shot but I have to admit I didn’t like it as much as I wanted too.

There were some great moves, I loved Nattie’s reversal of the quick fire kicks and just how brutal the two were but it felt like they trudged to certain moments and nothing naturally just worked. It felt like we were waiting for Carmella, it felt like a match designed to make you WANT Carmella to get involved and when she didn’t…. Well. I’m happy because Nattie has the title but it wasn’t a great win.

Think it’ll be a great run for Nattie, I just hope Nattie acts the bad ass she can honestly be and not turn into a crazy half bad mostly crazy cat lady heel. The ever looming fear that Carmella could challenge her whenever she wants only runs so far.

Not the best of matches.

Winner : Big Cass

This match should never have been on the main show over the Tag Team match. They wasted so much time with Enzo’s boring and pointless speech and I lost all interest when I realised we’d have to hear Enzo all match long.

Show is a great wrestler but it does take a fantastic wrestler to have a good match with him. Cass ain’t the best, really needed to have his solo work honed in NXT rather then come up with his mouth piece and then be left on his own before he was really ready.

I muted the TV and stopped paying too much attention. There is meant to be some emotional reasoning behind the shark tank not just have it so that we get more attention on Enzo and his mouth. This was on the main card whilst Usos/New Day was pre-show. Hell this was on the main card when the Miztourage vs Jordan & the Hardy’s were on the pre-show, both would have been much better on the main card.


Aww they are cute, so cute. Friendly banter and all that makes me happy. I could happily see a 30 minute weekly show with them just trying to one up each other. Adorable.

Winner : Randy Orton

The ultimate heartbreak.

Ruru attacks Orton before the match starts, beats the shit out of him, gets him in the ring, bell rings, RKO out of nowhere and the match ends with Orton winning and looking like he didn’t just get his ass kicked.

Poor fucking Ruru. Fuck WWE.

Winner : Sasha Banks

I have to be honest I don’t like Sasha as most people know and after what happened to Rusev I just couldn’t really watch this one. I didn’t want Sasha to win.

So I was kind of intrigued because whenever I looked up Alexa was kicking ass. She really was just absolutely on fire during the match whenever I paid attention, I loved how violent she was and how she focused on the injured arm after throwing Sasha off the apron. Her getting out of the Bank Statement by grabbing the arm was awesome but then she tried to roll Sasha up and that got re-reversed into the Bank Statement again giving Sasha the win.

I don’t really have much to say because I was still sulking about Ruru losing.

Winner : Finn Balor

In the perfect world this match would come with Wyatt being a actual threatening “nightmare” like character with many decent feuds under his belt and not having been treated like a joke. Whilst I’m still happy to see that Wyatt has held the big belt at least once we can’t pretend that Balor, having been promoted then getting injured and hardly wrestling, isn’t the bigger star on the main roster at this point.

I’m such a big Wyatt fan and this is a dream match for me but I look at Wyatt and still weep at what WWE do with him. Point perfectly made when he went for a pin and didn’t even get a one count because Finn’s shoulders weren’t on the mat properly (or his foot was under the rope, the commentators didn’t really agree on what it was.)

The match was great, as you always thought it would be with two great wrestlers. I just get so sad watching Wyatt. Demon Balor was cool, nothing special in the paint but it was the right person for the Demon to be coming out for.  Loved the match though, the two work so well together and it really is a dream match for people like me that love the spooky imagery the two dig up. Just wish that Wyatt got the same love as Balor does and we can see two actual threatening nightmares clash.

Maybe one day. Maybe.

Probably not but I can dream.

Winners : Seth Rollins & Dean Ambrose

Baring in mind all the titles have changed hands so far tonight it wasn’t looking good for Sheamus and Cesaro.

And it wasn’t.

Best match of the main card so far. Rollins did a lot of the work for his team with a early Brogue kick taking out Ambrose but they just work together and I’m happy they’ve taken them both down a little for a bit and put them back together.

It was just such a great match, all four are some of the best in WWE and the two teams just work together. It was hard hitting and fast paced, The Bar had most of the offence after taking out Ambrose and teaming up on Rollins but even when the match went back into full swing they just effortlessly pulled out some great moves.

Best part of the night goes to Cesaro jumping into the crowd to destroy a beach ball being thrown about.

Ambrose and Rollins are two of the top stars in WWE. The Tag Team division is gonna have to up its game.

Winner : AJ Styles

I haven’t enjoyed these twos matches as much as I thought I would. They’ve been tame compared to what you’d expect from both of them so I was looking forward to a brawl after a lot of wins and loses for both of them and just a lot of bad blood. With Shane as the special guest ref I knew it was gonna be better then their last few matches.

It was truly better then their last couple matches, made so much better with the drama of Shane getting pushed around and not standing for those two getting in his face. Shane honestly was like the third guy in the match, he had people thrown into him and jump on top of him, shoved around and shoved them back and every single near count or missed opportunity had to be argued to death with him for a good few moments.

When they weren’t arguing with McMahon it was just a fight. I thought AJ had no chance, specially when Shane pushed him into a roll up (by accident I may add) and it seemed to have a quick count following it, when Shane ignored the foot on the rope I really thought we were getting a heel turn from Shane and another title change but Shane did actually call it down the line and in the end a second Styles Clash saw AJ retain.

Seems SummerSlam started well, went a bit cold and gonna end on a high.

Winner : Jinder Mahal

So I’m not won over by Jinder but I do think with what he’s been given to do he’s done a good job, the guy has had to feud with Randy Orton in the most pathetic and outdated role WWE could possibly give a guy. He couldn’t be the guy who came from nowhere and won, he couldn’t be a bad ass bad guy. He’s kind of being booked both ways but we’re meant to hate him for being Indian when we all know he’s Canadian and, especially in my case, I’m not American so feel no need to boo anyone for not being American. He’s now in a match with someone ALSO not American but even he in the pre-show was calling Nakamura the audience’s new hero…. But he’s more not American then Jinder because like…. Nakamura is actually Japanese and Jinder, whilst not being American, is also not fully Indian. If you get what I mean.

Basically it confuses me how he can still be going on and on about the audience hating him for being Indian when they are cheering a guy from Japan. It was a stupid gimmick to give him in the first place just to make Randy Orton the good guy by default and now it makes 0 sense.

The match wasn’t too bad. Jinder isn’t the best wrestler but he isn’t the worst and it was by far one of the best matches Nakamura’s had since coming to SmackDown.  The ending fucking sucked though and if Shane and Daniel don’t do something about the Singh brothers this time then it’ll be silly. Its such a shame that it ended the way it did because it was a good match but Mahal’s finisher is ugly as hell and it was so messy. I kind of wanted Jinder to win because I felt like one feud with Orton and then instantly losing the belt before actually really feuding with someone else would be a bit mean to a guy that WWE has pushed past his actual limits. If the ending to his matches are going to suck that fucking badly, and its fully his fault for not performing any move that looks half decent against a guy as fucking amazing as Nakamura, I think my good will might just disappear.

Kurt Angle won that little battle of who was going to have the better half of SummerSlam.

Winner : Brock Lesnar

Now THIS is a Championship match. Remember when everyone laughed at the name of the title like the fucking name actually matters at all? You have four main event superstars fighting for a belt and you can name it whatever the fuck you want and its still gonna be better then the horseshit we saw in the last match.

Honestly it was one of the greatest matches I’ve ever seen. Strowman just destroyed the place and manhandled Lesnar like a child. We had him throwing chairs, putting Lesnar through two tables then topple a third on top of him. We had spears, submissions, drop kicks from hell, superman punches and powerslams all around. Lesnar was stretchered out just to come charging back to confront Lesnar.

The match had everything. It was so fucking awesome. At the point where it looked like Roman would win I couldn’t care less, in fact at that point I just didn’t want Joe to win because he hadn’t really done fuck all in the match.

Lesnar wins by pinning Roman which made me happy. I’m so hoping we get Strowman vs Lesnar soon and Strowman wins. This match made my night.


As you can see my soul slowly died during the night but was brought back in part by the final 5 matches. It was a long slog though, over all a really shitty PPV.

The three pre-show matches were better then half the matches on the main card. Orton vs Rusev was a travesty, don’t care what anyone says what positive can you take from a match that actually lasted about 6 seconds and saw Rusev beat so badly? Rusev IS a great wrestler and should be a main eventer but he’s losing to Orton in 6 seconds after beating the shit out of him. I love a good RKO out of nowhere but it was a waste of Rusev. Corbin is being punished apparently for his tweets, well that is all well and good but WWE already ruined him by having no real plans for him and elevating him to the main roster and then in some ways the title picture too fast. Taking the briefcase from him just drops him into no mans land. Fans don’t really care for him, his personality is abrasive in the most boring way and even fans of his, like me, can’t really stick up for him. Nakamura being beaten with that ending? At least have something interesting and FUCKING DIFFERENT! It was the exact same ending as the ending of all Mahal vs Orton matches.

The women’s matches were good, the SmackDown one was not as good as the RAW one and the RAW one showcased off Bliss yet still had her lose. Two of the best matches of the night. The two tag team matches looked to have stolen the show and one of them were on the pre-show.

Main event saved the show, made it worth staying up for. RAW definitely has the stronger main event and even without the four in the title match you still have guys like Balor and Rollins floating around who would have easily slotted into that match and still made it look a million bucks.

Makes me want to watch RAW more often NOT SmackDown though.

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