WCPW : Loaded 3rd August 2017

With the Qualifiers now up to date I’m getting up to date with Loaded. Having WhatCulture Extra, because I just love WhatCulture so much, I do get to see it first out of the three places Loaded is being aired (first on Extra, then on Twitch and lastly on YouTube) but that means nothing when I end up working all the time and never get a moment to watch anything…

Still. I’m here.


Whilst Blampied came out to say that Loaded is back and set out what is going to happen he is interrupted by The Prestige who wants to tell us all how they run wrestling. I loved it just because of El Ligero running around with the briefcase like a hyperactive child, he showed no respect whatsoever to it and it made me laugh.

They thought they’d made Blampied disappear but instead he came back out to announce the main event will find out who is the number one contender for Hendry’s belt then sent out four people the Prestige have pissed off to fight them right now…

Winners : The Kirbcrawlers

So just 8 very talented and very scary people. The Kirbcrawlers being Martin Kirby, Primate, Rampage and Gabriel Kidd. It as the absolute best match you could possibly have to start off the new era of Loaded. It was kind of crazy though and before I could figure out what was going on Prince Ameen, yes him, was flying onto all 8 of them and Kirby had Ameen’s hat on.

When it got back to the ring it was just as crazy. Primate pretty much cleared the ring and the only reason he left it was because him and BT Gunn decided to both dive out the ring to take everyone out AGAIN at ring side.

I’m not sure where El Ligero’s brain’s have gone. He tried to take out Primate by hitting him with a briefcase to no avail then hit Rampage from behind and only got away with it that time was because he managed to throw him over the top rope after pissing off Rampage. He did end up with a boot in his face which looked like it was about to take his head off but still he seems to have forgotten anything he ever knew about his opponents.

It came down to Kirby vs Coffey and not surprisingly after Bradshaw christened his team the Kirbcrawlers he got the victory via a Sable Bomb to win the match.

Crazy match but a fun one to start off. Even when it ended it was crazy. WCPW truly have some of the best on their regular roster, got to love them all.

Winner : Alex Gracie

Second that Riddle’s music hit I was so happy. Not just because I have now seen Riddle live and know very well that he’s even more impressive live then when you watch on TV but because I’m pretty sure they’ve had a match together or a tag team match against each other and I really wanted to see what a match between the two would look like with Gracie not being the joke.

A good beginning with Riddle taking control but not fully getting the advantage, Gracie showed his ring smarts getting himself to the ropes before Riddle could get his arm free. He then gained control by challenging Riddle to a stick fight before throwing his away and making Riddle turn his back on him but the advantage wasn’t there for long before Riddle backed Gracie into a corner and took back control.

A strong start for Gracie’s WCPW singles career, first his win over Kenny Williams and then being able to match Riddle quite well in the match. His biggest downfall was getting cocky, taking the piss of Riddle and talking shit to the crowd. It gave Riddle the chance to re-group. The stuff on the outside showed Gracie’s new attitude the best.

Amazing match and a good win for Gracie. Man its great to see Matt Riddle again, it feels like forever since I last saw him. With two impressive victories under his belt I can’t wait to see what is next for Gracie, I mean sure he had to use underhand tactics to win this match but he was still pretty impressive.

Winners : War Machine

Hard match to watch. Anyone who has already seen it, seen the interview with Wainwright or seen what happened on Twitter will know that Wainwright gets badly injured in the match. Scotty has been one of my favourite wrestlers in British wrestling since I first saw him and I’ve met him a whole bunch of times and the guy is a absolute legend so knowing he got injured it was just hard to watch.

Will Ospreay was at his ridiculously funny best, loved the scream when he was thrown across the ring by Hanson. Loved War Machine, they looked terrifying. Their double teaming was horrific, throwing Ospreay into each others knees and keeping him away from Wainwright on the opposite side of the ring.

When Hanson took a page out of Ospreay’s book and went flying off the ring ropes I honestly screamed it was just so brilliant. I just absolutely loved their strange offense. At one point Hanson even used his beard as a weapon, his BEARD.

Ospreay is just so good, it didn’t matter that it turned into a 2-on-1 situation, he absolutely destroyed it and it was a really fantastic match. Sad their title reign had to end the way it did but it was fantastic.

Really difficult match to watch.

Winner : Marty Scurll

I feel like its been forever since I saw Marty Scurll as well. Unfortunately the same company that brought down Riddle are bringing Scurll down this way again, they have before, but I can’t get to the show. Its sad. One day I shall see the Villain in action live.

It was such a fantastic main event. If you thought anything before it was great, and it all was, then you have no idea how amazing this one match was. O’Reilly was absolutely amazing up against Scurll who had to really pull out all the stops to win the match. It was a battle to see who could hold off the others submission for longest and to see how long O’Reilly could keep his fingers in tack.

I think the two really worked well together, both of them were cocky and both too sure of their abilities taking their eye off the ball all the time when it came to their opponent. I can’t really remember if I liked O’Reilly before now or not but I really do believe this was the best match I’ve seen him in so far and I loved how he tried to be the bad guy in a match against someone called the Villain. I mean he was going to be the bad guy to the crowd just because the Bullet Club are way too popular, even when Scurll was giving the crowd the middle finger they clapped, but he really did try to be the bad guy. It was a fantastic match.

Really fast action all the way through, couldn’t take your eyes off the action without missing so much. No Chicken Wing but Scurll still came out number one in what was a breathtaking match that just ended a fantastic show making you so glad that Loaded is back.


Loaded is back with a big bang.

Best WCPW show for a long, LONG time. Every match was absolute top quality. From beginning to end it is hard to choose a favourite. The main event probably takes it though but the opening bout was a thing of chaotic beauty.

WCPW have done so well with Loaded being gone to drive on story lines as best they can, Loaded was only a hour and a half long but it proved it was needed. Getting to see The Prestige come down to the ring together and hear them mouth off against Blampied was something I’ve missed. Again I know lots of people don’t like the WhatCulture personalities getting involved but I grew up with the Attitude Era and the wrestlers facing off against non-wrestlers and I think Blampied, Pacitti and Jack do a great job whenever they are part of the stories. They have great characters that help make the stories so much more fun.

I’ve said it before but I only got into WCPW when Scotty Wainwright went there. I saw a photo of him as part of the Pacitti Club, found out there was free content which meant I got to see Scotty wrestle again, fell in love with the WhatCulture personalities, mainly Adam Pacitti as every one knows, and then brought Extra and have been watching ever since. I have seen some of the old stuff, not all of it because I don’t have time to do things I’m meant to be doing let alone things I don’t have to do, but since I’ve been watching “live” as it were they have always had the absolute best wrestling show they could possibly have. The matches are always so fantastic and the names on the shows just blow you away. This was no exception from top to bottom it was just a show full of absolute class.

Everyone should go see it. Like they load the episodes onto YouTube singularly so if you REALLY want to complain about Adam Blampied being in one thing with Joe Hendry that set up one hell of a opening match you don’t have to see it and you don’t even need to know about it to see the absolutely mind blowingly brilliant main event of Marty Scurll vs Kyle O’Reilly. Everyone should go watch.

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