Vatican Miracle Examiner : The Endless Unease of Existence

Episode 2

“Sonzai no kagiri naki fuan” (存在のかぎりなき不安)

It wasn’t the strongest of starts but there was something that made me want to return, if only just to find out the end of all the mysteries we were inundated with during episode one. With murder, virgin conceptions and floating kids it’ll be interesting to see if we get all the answers.

Not quite yet which is a positive, I love how the one mystery, the crying statue of Mary, was in the end explained away and tied in quite well.

So it looks to me like the kids playing with the Ouija board have brought fourth a demon or the devil himself. That spirit is now murdering people like the martyrs depicted in the stained glass windows in the church. Carlos seems to have been the only person who has actually seen the devil himself and has been threatened to keep quiet. This kind of leads me to wonder if when Carlos apparently asked if the Devil was amongst them whoever it is killing everyone became the Devil to him. So if there is going to be scientific reasoning behind everything and it ain’t going to be the Devil the kid could just be traumatised and being religious after scaring himself playing with a Ouija board has now decided this guy is in fact the Devil.

Then again I’m not sold that it isn’t going to be supernatural in the end so either way…

You still have Mario the amazing floating boy and Anna and her virgin conception to be explained away.

Roberto and Hiraga are still kind of plain, they work as a double act but I feel if they ever split for whatever reason it would be like splitting one whole character down the middle, and it isn’t a interesting enough character to be split. Whilst Hiraga does have his own backstory with his brother that doesn’t actually add any interest to him just his circumstances. Together they do feel rather Scooby-Doo-ish and you do feel they are going to pull a mask off a monster any second and its going to be the grumpy guard James that did it all, even though we see someone else, guessing his name was Michael but I haven’t really been able to keep track with names, approaching Anna at the end.

Overall it gripped me slightly more then the first episode, I am now fully into finding out what is going on in the church and what is happening to the characters if not because of the characters, all of whom are boring, but because you just kind of want to know what is going on.

I doubt it’ll make for a extremely interesting ending but like the statue its a light bulb moment.

In fact I loved the statue because all the clues were there. With murders, two people who are obviously Stigamatic and the story of Anna still ongoing its going to be fun to find out just what is happening in this church.


2 thoughts on “Vatican Miracle Examiner : The Endless Unease of Existence”

  1. I agree with you about Hiraga and Roberto lacking in the personality department. I don’t mind Hiraga, but found Roberto to be fairly uninteresting or unimportant during this first case. He does seem to be getting more developed as the series goes on though.

    1. Yes, I am up to date on the series just slowly releasing the reviews and I have to agree. I think they gave Hiraga something that at least made him seem more then just a bland character, whilst I don’t think it helped him much it at least rounded him as a character on his own merits more so then Roberto. They are both too passive to begin the series with, they might as well have not been there half the time.

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