Death Note : Father

Episode 29

Chichioya (父親)

We had Light, N and Mello up against each other in the last episode. Whilst it looked like N was helping Light there is helping him and then helping him…. If you catch my drift.

It looks like the three of them might just kill each other. Or the rest of the world will burn whilst they play games with each other.

It was a bit of a clusterfuck of a episode.

N was completely out of the picture as Light outsmarted Mello in every way. His dad ended up dead but again it just… I don’t know.

It wasn’t a intelligent story, it wasn’t a interesting game and whilst I guess Mello got out unscathed it just kind of sucked. All of it. I didn’t like how the Japanese police just kind of gave in, I don’t like that its all sliding towards them just giving in to Kira and becoming part of it instead of against it. I don’t like how easy it is for any of them just to kill off vast amounts of the other group. Its starting to become less intelligent and more death for the sake of it.

The other Shinigami coming down for his Notebook did nothing. It honestly just sucked and was completely pointless. Whilst Light giving up his Notebook made sense in the long run, for his dad to once again clear his name which left me with a big yawn, it is becoming too easy for him to just do that. This whole circular thinking is boring, Light isn’t as intelligent as he thinks and was only as interesting as his opponent. L was interesting whilst Mello was a bit dim and N hasn’t done anything.

I want the dynamic back that made me love the series to begin with. I don’t like that its turned into bloodshed for the sake of it. I don’t like how all the guys working with Light just kind have given up and will kill willy-nilly for no reason other then Kira told them too. I hate that there is absolutely no one governing Light. I really dislike that Misa really isn’t worthy of having even the slightest motivation other then Light and seems to have forgiven him for being a shit in the last episode, or the fact she hasn’t even mentioned Rem once.

All in all its just… Shockingly bland.

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