Death Note : Impatience

Episode 28

Shousou (焦燥)

We now have two new faces in the game. Both have a upper hand on Light as they are going into this investigation with the knowledge that L had, believing in everything L had learnt and a fierce passion to prove they are the next L.

What Light has in his favour though is a bunch of incompetent men who worship the ground he walks on even though in 5 years he’s done diddlysquat by the looks of it.

I like how the end of the episode kind of makes it very clear that this is now a fight between Mello and Near to see who brings down Kira first. I doubt Light is going to like being upstaged by a couple of squabbling intellects who already know what is really going on without the chains of getting to know him.

I’m not sure about N yet. I liked that he looked like he wasn’t going to take any of Light’s shit and was convinced that he knew that Light was the new L and that Light is the guy behind Kira but by the end of the episode I wasn’t too sure.

By the end of the episode I wasn’t too sure a intelligent person was going to be the downfall of Kira either. Surely there is a breaking point that Misa will reach? There is also another Shinigami on its way to earth to see Ryuk so again surely that is a moment that is going to have importance.

For the first time since Higuchi was arrested I felt like we were playing a game of chess again but it was the wrong opponents and whilst I found it interesting to play along it was also a little too simple. Of course it would be, Light as he so often does messed up and made it easy for Mello. Mello was able to figure out that taking a Yagami hostage would stop Kira from killing because Mello, like N, has it figured that one of the numbskulls behind the investigation must be Kira. I was waiting for N to jump in but he didn’t really and now its a question of whether N and Mello are going to squabble between themselves and something more interesting is going to come about it or if Light is going to make it easier for them.

The most important fact though is that Mello has the Notebook.

I do like that its obvious now that Mello and N don’t know each others real names, I doubt that Mello is silly enough, even as emotional as he is, to give up half his life for Shinigami eyes but I do wonder what he’s going to do next.

Plus if N is anything like L he’s going to have to have a plan and we just haven’t seen it yet. He must have known something like this would happen so he must know what the next step is. Unfortunately other then the mannerism’s, and Mello’s chocolate obsession, I’ve seen nothing to say either are really up to fighting Light. Not because they aren’t intelligent enough, to be fair it wasn’t really Light’s intelligence that won with Light, but because they are both too busy squabbling amongst themselves.

Why I say that Light’s intelligence didn’t win against L I would like to say it wasn’t. At every turn L was slightly ahead. The thing is that L was working with one hand tied at all times and he still was slightly ahead. If Light wasn’t the son of one of the people he had to work with then this would have been sorted a long time ago, Light’s father being blinded to his perfect little boy meant that it didn’t matter what proof L had about Light because they just wouldn’t believe him.

Not only that but Light wasn’t so much smart as manipulative. He manipulated the police, Misa and Rem to do his bidding. His big elaborate plans seemed intelligent but as N kind of pointed out in this episode it was mainly because his real opponents were dim. The people he had to outsmart were the people that blindly hero worshipped the guy in charges son because he was smarter then them. This time he was playing against actual intellects actually out to do some harm and he lost. He lost the Notebook and lost his cool. He’s playing in a different league and has to think outside the box he’s created and put his little world in.

Then again because he’s naive and thinks its his intelligence that is making him “win” these small victories he could obviously over step his mark and lose not to N or Mello’s intelligence but by becoming too brash and too confident.

In other words I’m more interested in finding out whether N and Mello destroy each other and not Kira or if Light fucks up more then I am watching it.

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