WCPW : Pro Wrestling World Cup USA Qualifier

So we head to the states… Or at least we hand the show to the American’s as I don’t think WCPW went back to the States for the show. With a star studded line up you just have to hope that they join England, Germany and Japan at the top of the Qualifiers to watch.

Winner : David Starr

I am still heartbroken that Pride didn’t bring down David Starr. Its probably the one thing I’ll never forgive them for saying that they had him and then not giving us him. I honestly didn’t even go to the show when I found out David Starr wasn’t coming. I wanted to hear Darren Saviour to announce him with his 101 nicknames.

Loved the start, the slow way they started yet the way they looked like they were in super fast mode.

When it moved onto some much faster action it was like poetry in motion, the two just reacted perfectly to everything, when Starr sent Fish to the outside then went for a dive but saw that Fish had moved so went to the apron, Fish went to sweep his legs which Starr jumped over and finally hit Fish giving him the opportunity to go back in the ring and deliver the dive… It was one fluid sequence of events that neither of them spent a second thinking over, they just kind of did it and never stopped. Not a single wasted motion.

It then got big and flashy like you expect, still not a second was wasted, if you took your eyes off the match you missed out on so much, but it was the absolute show off David Starr being his own worst enemy whilst Bobby Fish slowly beat him down. The big kick to the chest sending Starr flying into the corner was just mental.

The two of them are just amazing.

Happy to see David Starr advance, that shouldn’t surprise anyone. The guy is just amazing.

Winner : Jay Lethal

I do not like Moose. I do not like Jay Lethal all that much. I was not expecting a match that I would care about.

Honestly I do think Lethal is a great in ring performer and he does some amazing moves, his timing is pretty amazing and I do love seeing Moose when he does things like picking up Lethal after his third attempt to dive out the ring to take Moose down and then powerbomb him onto the ring. I just find Lethal matches kind of boring and overly long and I don’t think Moose is all that good, like everything just looked seriously messy and whilst Moose can move like a Cruiserweight and fight like one too I also felt he kind of marched into position a lot which just takes you out of the match.

Whilst the match before it had no wasted move, no instant that wasn’t being utilised to its fullest, this match felt like a lot of Moose making sure he’s in the right place and sometimes it looked like he wasn’t and made whatever they were doing look real messy.

Thing is with Starr’s injured leg being played up in this match you feel like we’re going to see whoever won this match go on and I just can’t be bothered with that.

Winner : Keith Lee

Never seen Keith Lee before but absolutely adored his introduction video, I could listen to him speak all day long. He’s got one of the most beautiful accents ever. That doesn’t really mean much but I thought I’d let you know I have a new person to add to my “I need to bloody watch him more often” list.

I really loved him in the ring as well. He was amazing for such a big guy Β and moved so easily. I’ve met James Storm on more then one occasion and know how big the guy is, to see him made to look so small was amazing. His double chop to Storm in the corner made me wince they looked so painful but he smiled when doing it and it made me love him even more.

Problem is James Storm is scrappy. He can hit you with a unorthodox move out of nowhere to slowly get the advantage back to him, its why I never tire of his matches because you never know what he’s going to do. You are always waiting to see when Storm will pop up and what he’ll do when he does.

Storm hitting the Eye of the Storm on Lee was amazing but he just couldn’t defeat someone like Lee. So happy to see Lee go on.

Winner : Ricochet

Sydal says this is the match we wouldn’t want to miss, I don’t really trust him as I’ve never liked Sydal.

The opening reversals and misses, the hurricanrana’s into handstands, was absolutely awesome and made me worry I’d actually have to trust Sydal for a change. I always say I can take or leave Ricochet and then the moment I start watching his matches I instantly just love him, I really need to stop saying it because its a lie.

Early in the match it was Sydal in charge of the match focusing on Ricochet’s leg, taking away his speed and ability to go flying around the ring. Soon though the match was just going crazy, the two of them hardly spent any time on the actual floor just jumping at each other and kicking each other in the head. It was a fantastic match and I feel bad that I don’t trust Sydal more because it was a match that you didn’t want to miss, maybe not as good as the other matches but it was hell of a fun.

In the end a boot to the head took Sydal out and put Ricochet one step closer to the finals…

Winner : Jay Lethal

I really wanted the winner to be David Starr. Like you don’t know how much. It was a story of whether Starr could even walk though, it was heartbreaking seeing him not even be able to run to do a dive to the outside and of course Lethal was all over it the moment the match began. It was a interesting story and extremely important seeing the change in Starr to minimize the work being done by the injured leg.

By far the most psychological match of the night so far, Lethal really took it to Starr’s leg, being blinded by it to the point that at times he let Starr get too much momentum by focusing on the leg and not just wrestling.

Like the match broke my heart. When Starr hit Lethal on his knee in a move that could easily have won him the match yet had to take a second because of the pain I was in tears. He just couldn’t get Lethal though and then out of absolutely nowhere Lethal hit the Lethal Injection and then turned it into a figure four. It just made me want to cry.

For the story telling element of the match I think it was one of my favourites. For a man as cocky as David Starr with his 20 odd nicknames Β you’d never think that you’d be made to cry over him getting so hurt and losing. More determined then ever to see David Starr live at some point. Guy is absolutely amazing.

Winner : Ricochet

Now this was something. It started really funny, loved when Ricochet went for Keith Lee’s legs and nearly pulled Lee’s trunks down so Lee just threw Ricochet down in the corner and asked what he was up to. The stamp to the foot and headlock and then Lee just picked him up and threw him into the ropes…

Like honestly it was just fun watching Lee throwing him around. He was already throwing himself at Lee and bouncing off so you had to wonder what he’d do, kind of remembering that Ricochet has some nasty kicks and can plant them just about anywhere thanks to his ability to jump about 100 foot in the air (might be a slight exaggeration… Just maybe…)

It made me love Keith Lee even more.

Whilst Ricochet got some good smacks in as you’d expect the much taller and bigger man took absolute control of the match. You kind of felt if Ricochet was going to win it was with something absolutely amazing so when he PICKED KEITH LEE UP and threw him OVER HIS HEAD I was just gobsmacked. Keith Lee is like a wall and the more Ricochet bounced at him the angrier the wall got.

When Ricochet hit the Benadryller I nearly cried it was so cool, he picked Keith Lee up. It was a crazy move, absolutely freakin’ crazy.


After the final match what more was there to say truly? It was absolutely crazy.

I knew a lot of the people who were in this group, obviously, so it was fun to see them against some guys I didn’t know so well. I think Moose was really just boring as always, I have no idea what people see in him because I’ve never seen a decent match. He really just isn’t for me I guess. Loved the story telling in Lethal vs Starr which did make me really emotional but I think Keith Lee vs Ricochet might be my favourite match ever. The two of them were just brilliant and there was a great mix of comedy and just jaw droppingly amazing feats of strength from Ricochet.

As a show it was kind of in the middle of it all. Some great matches, some not so great matches and altogether it was quite tame. It wasn’t as exciting start to finish as some of the others but it also was just the qualifying matches and nothing else which was fine.

Really have nothing I can say about the whole thing other then its worth it for the final two matches. They were just great.

One more Qualifier to go….


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