WCPW : Pro Wrestling World Cup Rest of the World Qualifier

So this is it, the final qualifying match ups which see’s random people from random countries competing against each other for the final two spots in the finals of the Pro Wrestling World Cup.

Very exciting.

Winner :

Watching Mark Davis in his introduction I nearly forgot that he is built like a fucking house. It was New Zealand vs Australia and I couldn’t figure out who I wanted to win because it was love at first sight with Davis when I saw him but also Travis Banks is my baby and I love him unconditionally….

Before Davis even got in the ring Banks attacked. As you’d expect from Banks he just went straight for Davis to take away the much bigger mans advantage. It didn’t last long, too much cocky mouthing off from Banks gave Davis a chance to get back to his feet and that was when the size difference hit home. Davis is a giant compared to little Travis Banks.

Thing is Banks is such a hard hitter that it never EVER looked like Banks couldn’t beat Davis in a contest of strength. His kicks are always a thing of absolute beauty and whilst he was thrown around quite a lot he also gave as good as he got.

It was a brilliant counter and Banks not letting up on his offence when he was in control that got him the win via submission in quite quick fashion. Happy, happy times.

Winner : Jurn Simmons

France vs the Netherlands. Anyone who watches NXT will probably recognise LaRuffa but as always I was more interested in seeing the guy I’d never seen before in Jurn Simmons.

It was a extremely slow match and I remember why I never really liked LaRuffa in NXT. Simmons was much bigger and a much stronger but the styles just didn’t match as well as the strong style/big man style of Banks/Davis. For me it was just a match to see who Banks was going to beat in the second round but it was a shame.

In the end Simmons goes through which will be interesting to see whether he is as boring as he was in this match or if it was just a true bad clash of styles. Banks can produce a good match even with the worst of opponents so I’m kind of looking forward to it.

Winner : Flash Morgan Webster

Wales vs India. Always wanted to see Webster perform. He’s one of those guys who always wrestles for Chaos so I am constantly hearing about him but the one half event I managed to go to he was injured so I haven’t seen him properly yet.

It was a great match up, pretty fun to watch the two of them who were pretty equally matched in their speed and athleticism. Singh impressed me slightly more with his technical work, I wasn’t impressed with the arm drag bit because I personally found it very scruffy and much more like they were both just doing flips around each other then wrestling. It was great to see the respect kinda disappear and both just doing what they needed to do and when it went to the outside of the ring I was pretty impressed by both.

Nowhere near as good as Banks vs Davis, much more fun to watch then LaRuffa vs Simmons but at the same time it wasn’t as impressive as Twitter made it sound. Lots of moments that just looked a absolute mess, there to be impressive but not enough actual contact or else just not clean enough looking.

Happy Webster went through.

Winner : Angelico

Hungary vs South Africa. I’ve seen Angelico the one or two times I’ve seen Lucha Underground even if it took me a moment to realise who he was. The qualifier needed another decent match because it hadn’t been much to talk about yet.

It was one hell of a match. I loved Angelico as a character, the two of them matched really well but it really was Angelico that shone. It was fast but hard hitting too, the kicks and punches from Angelico looked horrible when the connected, specially the kicks seeing his legs were nearly as long as the whole of Icarus.

Honestly even lying on the floor Angelico was able to kick just about any part of Icarus he wanted too, that was how long this guy’s legs were.

Very happy to see Angelico go through, he was just amazing. Guy really stole the match.

Winner : Travis Banks

Instantly I was kind of proved right. Simmons was great in the match, it went back to being a little like Bank’s first round match but it was fun. I like that Simmons kinda learnt from Banks first round match and stopped him attacking before the bell rang giving Simmons the upper hand. He used his strength to just bully Banks around but he was so cocky about it. I loved that kind of Norse thing going on, like he’d just walked out of a Elder Scrolls game. It just came together so much better against a much more interesting and talented wrestler like Banks.

The spinebuster on Travis Banks looked like Simmons had broken him in two. Like Simmons just beat the hell out of him, really would love to see more of Simmons, man how much have I said that in recent reviews, especially against someone like Mark Davis or Rampage, Primate or even Keith Lee. Yeah Simmons vs Lee. That I want to see.

I was actually pretty worried for Banks. Didn’t think he’d make it through at one point, Simmons was so impressive.

It was a blink and miss it finish for Banks but he goes through.

Winner :Β 

Baring in mind this is the final qualifier I was surprised they went with this match over Banks vs Simmons. I wasn’t impressed with Webster in his first match, kind of knew that Angelico would be a fun guy to watch but it has a lot of work to be better the match that went before it.

I was slightly more impressed with Webster but only in patches. When they reminded us that the person who won the match would be up against Ricochet I really just had no interest in seeing Webster win at all because Ricochet vs Angelico, for me, would just be a much more interesting match.

The Strangler though is a brilliant move and I sound very grumpy when it comes to Webster but I did like him but his first round match was just boring and he wasn’t as good as Angelico so him stopping Angelico from really getting going just annoyed me.

It was a poor main event but happy Angelico went through. Webster is pretty cool though.


I have to say I’m kind of upset that Wales didn’t have their own Qualifier. I know that WCPW is based up north, isn’t saying much for me seeing I’m way down south, but I’ve seen a lot of Welsh wrestling and it has such big talents that just having one Welsh guy in the whole tournament, and let me point out I’m not saying Webster is bad I love the guy, but to have so many guys they could show off and just having Webster in the tournament is a little sad. I know its how it worked out to have all the qualifiers and it to work out into a last 16 but in hindsight with how boring the Canadian show was I’d have preferred a Welsh one. Then again I don’t think they should have singled out England and Scotland at all.

That is like seriously the only complaint I have. It probably is because being in the West-Country we get to see so many Welsh guys being brought down so guys like Big Grizzly, Eddie Dennis, Robbie Caine…. Who I haven’t actually seen in like over a year so maybe he just isn’t wrestling anymore… I dunno but every time I see a fantastic wrestler down here they usually tend to be Welsh. Again it isn’t anything against Webster, he deserved his place I’d just like to have seen more of them with him.

It wasn’t the best Qualifier but it wasn’t the worst. Some good matches and some interesting talent in there. I think James R. Kennedy pointed out at one point that the other Qualifiers had people with very similar styles fighting each other whilst this was a lot of different people from different countries… In other words not so much like a Qualifier but a normal episode of Loaded. Unfortunately some of the guys weren’t as well matched, not sure why we got LaRuffa over the millions of other wrestlers they could have picked, not particularly surprised by the end result but even though the Qualifier was “meh” the additions to the final 16 make it interesting.

We know the 16 going through now and the top 16 is absolutely amazing looking. Can’t wait for the round of 16.


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