WCPW : Pro Wrestling World Cup Japanese Qualifiers

After a outstanding qualifier in Germany WCPW presents  what should be yet another amazing qualifier with the Japanese side of the tournament. Who goes through and will it top the amazing German qualifier? Who knows….

Winner : Ryusuke Taguchi

Obviously a very respectful start, Japanese wrestling is just so interesting to watch and Liger is a absolute legend. It was slow but interesting to watch, especially with the amount of respect everything was done with. The technical wrestling to begin with was beautiful.

It never really sped up, like I love Liger as much as the next person but you don’t expect him to be as fast and furious as he used to be. There were times when it was kind of dodgy but it was fun to watch and even though I’ve seen like three matches with Taguchi in it felt like I was really seeing him for the first time.

The ending got boo’d, people were just like super shocked that Liger lost. They boo’d Taguchi for beating Liger, the pin was actually pretty cool and it was nice to see Liger respecting Taguchi and shaking his hand. It was everything I loved about Japanese wrestling, the bigger then life and brightly coloured characters, the absolute top class wrestling and all the respect in the world.

Winner : Hiromu Takahashi

You can kind of guess I already know who Takahashi is and that I am the kind of person who is madly in love with the man…. And Daryl.

SO different from the first match. No respect shown by villianous Takahashi, so much more faster and their attempts to better each other were by stopping the other coming off the ropes rather then through technical brilliance. The chopping/slapping, because it looked more like slaps then chops, that left Komatsu’s chest bright pink/purple just showed the absolute lack of respect compared to the first match. They just wanted to beat the shit out of each other.

It was also the very reason I love Japanese wrestling. It was fast, it was different.

Everything was just so fast and neither of them had the upper hand at all, they just beat each other up. The Time Bomb is such a amazing finisher too and it came after a flurry of action from Komatsu that looked like it was going to have him win over the much more popular Takahashi.

One of the best qualifier matches in the whole tournament.

Winner : Bushi

I can’t help but dislike Tiger Mask. I sat through one episode of the anime and fell asleep.

If the first match was full of respect and the second wasn’t its hard to put into perspective how much less respect Bushi had for Tiger Mask then Takahashi had for Komatsu. He didn’t wait for the bell and attacked Tiger from the very moment he could, he didn’t give Tiger mask a second to breath and kept on him and then to add insult to injury he spent a long ass time trying to remove the mask from Tiger Mask.

It was kind of his downfall but I wish it hadn’t. I jest when I say a anime show bored me and I hate Tiger Mask, I hate Tiger Mask because I’ve always found him deadly boring. Bushi just looked like he was attempting to rip Tiger to pieces whilst Tiger just kind of signposted his moves and took forever to perform them. He did have the double underhook suplex which was amazing which didn’t get a three count because of the amazing way Bushi stopped the count by just grabbing the ref’s arm but that was about the only decent thing he did.

Bushi on the other hand is something to watch.

Another tug to the mask, a low below and it was all over for Tiger Mask. Bushi makes me happy.

Winner : Sho Tanaka

The match even had a special guest ref in Tiger Hattori which was nice.

Honestly I love Kushida. If you know me you’ll know I’m a massive Alex Shelley fan so was introduced to him during his time tagging with Shelley as the Time Splitters and just fell in love with him. As much as seeing Takahashi come down to the ring just made me want to see him against Lucky Kid remembering Kushida is part of the Japanese side of it all just made me want to see him vs Kenny Williams.

I was surprised that Tanaka actually controlled the pace of the match for a big deal of it before Kushida could get the upper hand. I don’t know why I was surprised, I don’t really know much about Tanaka and I think my bias towards Kushida, who was absolutely fantastic, just made me think he’d get a easier win. It was very hands on though and I think they needed to go at Tanaka’s speed because Kushida goes in a complete flash.

Not surprised to see Kushida advance though but boy was Tanaka impressive. Just a amazing fight.

Winner : Hiromu Takahashi

No break from the action we go straight into the second round matches.

There hasn’t been a single match that felt similar to the one before and this one was something completely different. Like very early on Takahashi pulled down Taguchi’s trunks and we got lots of Taguchi attacking Takahashi with his bum, finally we learnt what he meant about him having the best ass and whilst I don’t care for his ass much I can see what he means as its quite the weapon for him. He was even powerbombed on his bum.

Takahashi is like a cat though, every time Taguchi went for his ankle he crawled to the bottom rope or out of the ring with such a feline movement that it made me laugh. Though it also was very pretty.

Really great match and made me a complete fan of Taguchi. Happy that Takahashi goes through though as I do love Takahashi. I do have a subscription to NJPW and rarely use it, go figure, I might need to binge watch a load of shows just because I can.

Winner : Kushida

Now I really had a good feeling about this match. The evilness of Bushi and the excitable ball of energy of Kushida just looks like it was going to be a fun match.

It was everything you wanted, both of them just beat the hell out of each other. There were so many great moments in the match, Kushida’s attack on the arm gave us some great moments, Bushi just not giving a shit gave us a ref with the green mist in his face. There were some horrible kicks including a great one from Bushi after missing with one and coming back with a fast one that sent everything in Kushida’s mouth flying.

Honestly it was such a good match you should just go and watch it because its amazing. I can’t really sum up how good it was. Just go watch.

Winner : Tomohiro Ishii

Well what a way to end the show?

It was like watching one of them fight a reflection. A game of if you can do it I’ll do it better. You can’t knock me down? I can’t know you down. You stand up from a suplex right away? I’ll do the same. There were moments of the two of them just hitting each other and not letting up. They threw themselves at each other and yet both of them kept kicking out, both of them kept getting up and continuing.

First time someone was just able to manhandle Rampage other then maybe Galloway. I mean Primate matched him in brutality but on pure wrestling and strength I could never see Primate beating Rampage. Ishii on the other hand just looked every bit as scary as Rampage.

Wasn’t a surprise to see Ishii win, actually maybe a little bit because I was pretty sure they were going to beat themselves senseless and we were just not going to have a winner.

I want a rematch.


OK so the English, German and Japanese Qualifiers have been everything I wanted from them. Japanese wrestling is always a highlight, I guess I am one of those boring people that if I’m not watching live I like to have commentary, I was also one of those people that even though I hate most F1 and MotoGP commentators had to be listening to them anyway, so not always having English commentary I sometimes get distracted from watching NJPW. I really need to be watching more wrestling, maybe that is something I can do on here and take my one little fan on a magical journey….

But this show….

It was just amazing. I loved every match, I loved how Japanese it felt as well with the crowd being just that little bit more quiet and the matches just that little bit different in the way that Japanese wrestling always is.

They have such great characters too with guys like Bushi, Taguchi, Takahashi and Kushida. Its impossible not to want to get behind them and watch them. You saw legends fall and new legends being made and I checked what these two guys are doing in the last 16 and was very happy to see the matches I instinctively just wanted are going to happen. Takahashi vs Lucky Kid might make my plans to cheer Lucky Kid to the finals defunct but is going to be amazing and I so hope Kushida vs Williams is going to be as amazing as I think it is.

Just a really brilliant show all round. Also no real matches with the regular WCPW lot, just the one really decent bout with Rampage and Ishii. I liked that, it kept the focus on the Japanese guys and gave them hell of a lot of time to do their thing.

So yes, if anyone hasn’t been watching these then this one along with the English one and the German one will be what I recommend people to watch.

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