Vatican Miracle Examiner : Through God’s Succor, My Eyes Are Opened

Episode 1

“Omo no sasae ni yorite ga wa mezameru” (主の支えによりて我は目覚める)

Once more late but we’re going into a anime series with not much that peaked our interest but one thing has been popping up on Twitter that I’ve been told might interest me and that is Vatican Miracle Examiner. So much room for so many interesting stories to be told, whether they tell them or not is another matter.

The first episode isn’t anything to really shout about. Its story takes a while to kick in and whilst the basic brush strokes of character have been laid for Roberto and Hiraga I don’t really have much of a care for either yet.

I think its a obvious place to start them off looking into a woman who believes she’s been impregnated by God. Before Roberto and Hiraga can figure out this puzzle one way or the other a whole bunch of new mysteries, like the death of one of the priests at the church being killed in a demonic ritual, get in the way and we end on the cliffhanger of a statue of the virgin Mary crying, just normal tears not the blood soaked ones I thought she’d have, and something wrong with a kid named Carlos.

There are many secrets in the church/academy that I’m not sure will be fully unravelled, or if they are its going to be in a Scooby Doo kind of way.

Obviously it isn’t the holy place they seem to make out, I like that from the very start of the episode its just demon summoning and stolen goods that we see or hear. There is one cooky looking Sister as well whose suggestive eating of a sausage probably should cause everyone in the room an uncomfortable night.

It felt like we were being slowly brought into the world we’re going to inhabit but it didn’t really do anything to hook you. It tried, especially with the cliff hanger ending, but there is a worry that if they have to rely on that kid of ending to keep people interested that the rest of the season might be full of a lot of flash and bang but no content.

Not something I wouldn’t recommend though. On first viewing I was interested enough to want to write a review on it and carry on to the second episode so you can only hope it gets more gripping. After all the animation style is beautiful, the characters aren’t bad or boring they just don’t stick out, more like background characters then main characters, and whilst the first investigation has already got more twists in it then you can imagine the story felt like it plodded along and I found myself tuning out and having to skip back 5 minutes after I realised I’d lost interest.

Overall its definitely a show I’d give till episode 5 to see if it gets better. Thankfully there are exactly 5 episodes out right now for me to binge watch anyway.


One thought on “Vatican Miracle Examiner : Through God’s Succor, My Eyes Are Opened”

  1. I was interested enough by this first episode but definitely found the mystery less intriguing as it went. I’m kind of hopeful now that the first mystery is solved the show calms down and figures out what it wants to be but this is one that I started with reasonable expectations and now I’m just watching to see if it really is going to be a train wreck or not.

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