Death Note : Abduction

Episode 27

Yuukai (誘拐)

Its now 5 years since L died. Light joined the police force and at 23 is now terrorizing the world. Some love it some hate it.

Two youngsters seem to know the truth though…

We are introduced to Mello and Near, two kids in one of the orphanages that Watari ran. They were in line to be the next L and whilst one is very obviously L mark II the other is a very emotional young man. This is our introduction not to them trying to find Kira but their own war.

Near is like everything that L was and even by the end of the episode announces himself to Light as N. Its fun watching him work with the FBI because its like L is right there again and I love L, everything that Light tried to delete from history that L left behind is sitting in N’s brain right now and he’s one step ahead of Light. Thankfully he’s working with a bunch of people who WON’T be blinded by Light.

On the other hand Mello has turned to a life of crime and a snazzy feathery outfit. The title Abduction is due to his actions in the episode. First abducting the director of the police and after Light panics and kills him by abducting Lights sister. Guy has no chill and I think N is already well aware that Mello is probably behind what is going on. Its funny how they both strike at the same time though, Mello having done his abduction just as N moves in to demand the Notebook from the Japanese police.

Who howled at laughter at Yagami and his band of merry idiots this episode though?

Even though the last episode we were told that the world fears and loves Kira, even though we’ve seen everyone involved in the incidents 5 years before be murdered by Kira they STILL act like this is some important case they are going to crack AND still have no clue that it could be Light!

Honestly I nearly died of laughter and had to pause the episode when out of absolutely nowhere Light decided to just go “yeah Kira killed the director not the kidnappers and this is the reason why because you know, Kira would just know everything” and they just agreed with him and never stopped to think “actually this is exactly the kind of reason why L thought he was the killer in the first place.” It was ridiculous.

I’m so happy that his encounter with N felt like L wrapping chains around him and I so hope that N brings him down. Whilst I might have preferred them not to have a L clone show up, because I loved L so much, if someone brings Kira down then I don’t care who it is. Jeez even if its emotional Bill in his feathery gown I’ll be happy.

That whole moment when Light just blurts out what happened and no one bats a eyelid actually made me realise that is why I dislike so much about L. Its kind of that lightbulb moment that I had with Misa. Its the fact that whilst L used to hypothesis and try to explain what he knew to the police and they ignored them, Light can simply just say “this is what happened” and they don’t double think at all. All the things that have happened much have had at least one person scratching their head and trying to piece together what they knew, it seems they’ve had absolutely 0 break through’s since L died, if in 5 years they haven’t gotten anywhere why did not one of them think to go back to what L was doing and what he thought and try and piece things together themselves? I get why Light’s dad wouldn’t or even Matsuda but someone, just one of the group of them MUST have thought about something.

The anger when the FBI guy says the Japanese police force is unreliable was pitiful. 5 years they’ve had a supernatural killer on the loose, at least two of their task force is kinda behind him and one of the ones that are kinda behind him is the guy that the only person who made any head way whatsoever in this case thought WAS the killer. The second Light said Kira killed the director SOMEONE’S brain must have thought “actually you know what we’re really the only people that know about this so one of us must be Kira.”

Its the stupidity of the other characters that make Light so unbearable because its like they’ve made them extra stupid just so Light looks even more smart. Their world kinda deserves to be destroyed by Kira or even Mello.

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