Death Note : Renewal

Episode 26

Saisei (再生)

Sadly it looks like Light has won. Just as things were getting interesting he used Rem’s feelings for Misa to get the upper hand and end three lives in one go.

Booo Light boo….

I’m not sure what to make of the episode if I’m honest. Nothing really happened, we kind of got caught up to where we stand now with the events of the first part of the series being narrated by L before skipping 5 years into the future where the Kira task force is still running strong by being incompetent but we learn that two kids, successors in waiting of L’s, know everything that happened.

There isn’t much more to say about it to be honest.

For me it was too much when it comes to the task force. You learn that everyone who had been part of the last few stories was killed off, every investigator or suspect. Kira killed them all yet everyone was so blinded to Light that it never seemed suspicious, so happy that they all are good people that it never made them think twice. In those 5 years the task force get nowhere and Kira is able to get to nearly God like status, people know he’s not going to be stopped so they fear him and that fear means that they do what they can to be good people.

Again it depends on the way you look at it after all surely then the world is a better place? But then again you have to wait until its not just about punishing bad people but it turns into punishing people that Kira doesn’t see fit to be alive. They haven’t got to that point because it seems that Light has restricted himself to play the long game, gain more trust in higher places and keeping himself busy trying to “catch” himself.

I think a piece of what I loved about the series has died. Not just in the character L but I found the intricate game L and Light played so fascinating and I’m not sure we’ll get that with the two new characters introduced. Kira has been left to his own devices too long, the game has changed but at the same time it just won’t be the same having someone on the same wavelength as Light there niggling at him the whole time.

So yeah…

It was a weird one but I gue


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