WCPW : Pro Wrestling World Cup German Qualifiers

So in our catch up with WCPW I have to start with the German Qualifiers. When they were airing I saw a lot of people praising them, it was only that I ended up working and then forgetting about wrestling in general that I never caught up with them. Lets see if they were as good as people said.

Winner :  Cash Money Erkan

One of the things that made people love this show so much is that people didn’t really know the German competitors. This match kinda hit me with that, I have no idea who either of them were so getting to know them in one match was kind of exciting.

I don’t think I could get over how tall Erkan was, or the fact that he didn’t look like he had any meat on him. His legs were just long and thin and looking at him against Braun it was really weird. Erkan is apparently Mr Uppercut and the very first one that he hit on Braun was amazing. I did wonder what Braun would be able to do against Erkan but he was able to pick him up and fling him around like he weighed nothing and like he wasn’t twice the size of him.

There were a few times that Braun’s size made some of Erkan’s moves look a little worse then they might have looked, his drop kick wasn’t quite as impressive because he had to lower it to hit it but even with it kind of stilted you could tell that with a bigger opponent that drop kick would be just as beautiful as his uppercut.

It was a fun opening match for the night and nice to see some new faces. I think I preferred Erkan by the smallest of fractions so very happy that he advanced to the second round. Just hope he gets to fight someone slightly taller. Would have loved to see him vs Drew Galloway.

Winner : 

This time out I at least knew it was going to be a good match thanks to Bad Bones. Love that guy.

Spalter in his intro video looked like a sweet cheerful little German man but the second he came out I was like OMG he looks like he’s going to kick a hole into Bad Bones. Instantly loved him.

Very slow beginning though, they spent a lot of time eyeing each other up and testing each other out. It was a bit boring to be honest and the only reason I kept my attention as well as I did was because I knew something even better could be coming from Bad Bones. Spalter was very slow in his delivery of just about everything which stunted the match but it was also very interesting to see how they played to Spalter’s weight advantage and had it so that Bad Bones couldn’t just toss him about like he did to Rampage. Spalter on the other hand DID throw Bad Bones about like he was a Cruiserweight.

At no point did I think that Bad Bones could defeat Spalter, he just kicked Bad Bones ass. He treated Bad Bones like he was a rag doll and just threw him around, any time that Bad Bones tried to launch himself at Spalter he was just caught in mid air.

In the end it was a quick roll up, catching Spalter off guard whilst he was gloating, that won the match for Bad Bones. It was actually a great ending because Spalter still looked unbeatable but Bad Bones advances. I hope Spalter shows up on WCPW again because he was bloody impressive.

Kerchan vs Bad Bones in the second round? Not a bad match up there. I think we’ll see a different side to Bad Bones then in this match.

Winner : Da Mack

I actually was very interested about this match when I found out that this was the first time they faced each other. Da Mack is a high flyer and Cem Kaplan was a hard hitter and it wasn’t like they’d had a match or two before now to get to feel each other out and work on chemistry. I like first time matches because they can either be really good or really bad.

For me it started off on the bad. It wasn’t that the wrestling was poor it was just boring. They didn’t really have chemistry and Kaplan was just dull. Da Mack didn’t get any offense in so I didn’t write off the match but I lost way more attention to it then I did to the Bad Bones/Spalter match.

Unfortunately Da Mack never really sped up and if that was him speeding up then it wasn’t very interesting and he ended up winning with a boring finisher quite fast. It was so disappointing after two amazing matches.

Winner : Lucky Kid

I fell in love with them in their intro videos. Both pretty young too, makes me weep they were both younger then me, but I was very excited about this match for no reason other then them being pretty cool looking and I’m sure Lucky Kid said Hakuna Matata…. I’m sure of it.

I kind of fell in love with Lucky Kid though from the moment he came out, he was my kind of crazy and if they were trying to say that Da Mack was a high flyer then he has a lot to prove in his second match because man was Lucky Kid amazing. When he sent Juvenile-X out of the ring and then went flying out after him it was just a beautiful few moments of wrestling, his missile drop kick was so graceful. I really liked Juvenile-X too though and kind of wished they were in opposite sides of the qualifiers and had gone on to advance, then again we wouldn’t have got this match which was awesome.

As I said above about first time matches they either end up really good or really bad and we followed a really bad one with a absolutely fantastic one. Bloody loved it.

Winners : The Hunter Brothers

Again tag team wrestling in WCPW has been amazing recently, they have such great teams. It was nice to see a random team up against a team like the Hunter Brothers, once again showing how much they care about tag team wrestling. New faces and faces we haven’t really seen too much of instead. It was a nice break up to the night.

I liked Toni & Ronaldo. Their tag teaming was seamless and they were fun to watch. Both teams used fast tags to isolate their opponents, the Hunter brothers more then their opponents but that doesn’t really surprise anyone as brother teams always have a fluidity that other teams don’t always have. Ronaldo was really impressive and I’d quite like to see him and Toni in singles competition because they both looked a lot of fun.

It was one hell of a match, kinda sad the Hunter Brothers won as I loved the other two but it was awesome all the same.

Winner : Gabriel Kidd

As everyone knows I love Gabriel Kidd but I think so far his reign as a champion has been a little bit meh-ish. Its like instead of making him a strong champion he started beating people with the roll up of doom and then his first, not proper win, but big win was kind of underwhelming. There is a cockiness about him that you can’t tell whether or not its a character thing they’ll play too or just Kidd in general and maybe he should play to it because its distracting in the ring at times. He needs to stop the eternal chewing.

Alex Shane made a good point, a broken clock and all that, about how Gabriel Kidd tries to match his opponents to their strengths so in this match he was trying so hard to match Coffey’s strength which might be a part of the whole cocky attitude thing.

It was a great match though, a truly fantastic match. It even spilled out onto the floor so that Coffey could inflict even more pain to Kidd. Coffey really did inflict a lot of pain to Kidd, I was amazed that the match went the way it did.

Loved how Kidd ended up with a load of confetti and stuff on his back so that he sparkled whilst the crowd chanted Coffey’s old entrance music to him.

It was such a dominant match from Coffey that I was just kind of meh about Kidd winning. I mean it was better then I thought it was going to be but it still kinda made me sad that Kidd won. I just don’t know what to feel about Kidd at the moment.

Winner : Primate (DQ)

Joe Hendry telling a room of people to be quiet and he’ll speak never goes down well for him. He should come down to Plymouth, we’d listen to him.

About 10 minutes into the match we were reminded that the match hadn’t actually started and Joe Hendry just getting his ass kicked was just that…. Primate kicked the shit out of Hendry outside the ring, hitting him with everything and sending the security around the place trying to keep them from being hit by one of the two guys had nothing to do with the match.

I mean I loved watching these two beat the crap out of each other. I agreed with Alex Shane, amazingly, about how impressive it was that Hendry could match Primate, who is known for being violent and is the current Hardcore champion, and actually slow him down quite often. What really made the match though as Dave Bradshaw and Alex Shane, Shane was in his usual cheerleader mode and it was absolutely hilarious.

About 20 minutes into the match they crawled into the ring and the match started. That was the beginning of the end of the match, soon after the match started the ref was thrown into Primate, Hendry cheated but to no use as the ref was down, he then was choked out by Primate and just as he tapped the ref called for a DQ on Hendry for touching him. It was the perfect way to end the match after such a frantic beginning. Absolutely brilliant match.

Winner : Alex Gracie

So the first time we’re seeing Gracie after turning his back on Archer and I’m excited. I personally always thought Gracie was better then Archer anyway so am interested in seeing how his singles career in WCPW goes now.  I hope he takes things much more serious because I think he can be a giant name for them soon.

Very happy to see this match because I love Kenny Williams so much. I was extremely excited about the match.

They worked so well together. I loved that Williams did his usual silly stuff like rolling across the ring just for Gracie to follow him and him roll to the other side, it wound Gracie up who lost his cool and it left the door open for Williams. They told a great story and Alex Shane and Dave Bradshaw helped build the new Alex Gracie by building up that legend in his own head thing and making all the funny legend talk (in your head you are watching Randy Savage vs Steve Austin is probably my favourite line of the night) which had me laughing the whole match long.

Honestly could watch them two wrestle all day long and its a very promising start to his solo work in WCPW for Gracie who really was one of the highlights of the night. He makes everything look effortless and can seamlessly go from one move to the other and make it all look like it hurts. Very much loving the Legend Alex Gracie. Can’t wait to see what they do with him going forward.

Winner : Lucky Kid

So they aren’t going to keep me waiting to see if my new favourite German is going to be going to the finals or not, though it hardly seems fair the two who fought last in the first round goes first in the second round, then again having had all the extra matches on in between I guess two big guys headlining the show makes much more sense.

Came to the conclusion that I just don’t like Da Mack very much. When they say he’s a high flyer he never went anywhere near the gear that Lucky Kid was in and his moves didn’t look half as fluid or well performed as Lucky Kid. He did stick him in a interesting submission move at one point were he kind of twisted Kid’s arm around and had him sat there for a while in a very uncomfortable position. Other then that I just found him very boring.

Everything about Lucky Kid I loved from his eccentric entrance to his in ring ability. So happy that he qualified because he is so interesting to watch and I love the way he moves in the ring. Its so frantic and unpredictable and he truly is a high flyer. After watching Hard Flyer twice in one weekend it made me wish that he’d show up for Pride’s Catch Division Tournament so I have the possibility to see him against Hard Flyer. Now THAT would be a good match.

Winner : 

I can see why this ended up closing the show.

It was just such a good hard hitting contest and you would never have thought that Bad Bones would be able to overcome Erkan. Its strange because up until now when I’ve seen Bad Bones its as this big tough guy that is hard to beat but in both his matches he was thrown around like he was nothing. The big suplex from the top rope that Alex Shane tried to calculate how high up Bad Bones lower back would have been was just amazing. It wasn’t like Bad Bones couldn’t defend himself against Erkan, he did get some decent offense in, but he was just beaten up.

The closing few moments of the match were spectacular though. It was a good win for Bad Bones but boy did he take a beating.

Erkan was so impressive. I said that some of his moves looked a little stunted because of the height of his opponent in the first match, with that out of the way he just looked magnificent in the ring. He shouldn’t be able to move as fast or as easily as he does but he did and boy was it amazing to watch.

Fantastic end to a absolutely incredible qualifying round.


I honestly adored this qualifier. It reminded me of how excited I had been after the English one, some of them have been quite boring but this was just amazing. I love the two guys that qualified, so happy I’m gonna get to see more of Lucky Kid and he’s the guy I want to see win it now. It makes me hope I can get my hands on some German wrestling in the future because it just seems to be great. Should have guessed though with Bad Bones being German.

Of all the guys I think it was only Cem and Da Mack I didn’t like. Couldn’t get into their match and I found Da Mack quite boring against Lucky Kid. Everyone else I loved though, I thought all around it was a very good showing with lots of different styles. As I said its made me want to watch German wrestling which is something I’d never really thought about until now but I’d love to see more of Lucky Kid and his tag team partner, Erkan, Spalter and Juvenile-X. I’d like to see them all appear again at some point on WCPW because there are some match ups with their regulars I’d love to see.

Overall it was probably my favourite qualifier. It was something different and the crowd were great.

Even the matches with the regulars were awesome. The Championship match was top quality and whilst there wasn’t much of a match the whole fight on the outside and cheating to DQ himself ending to it was just perfect not only for Hendry but to make the Hardcore Champ look super strong. Alex Gracie vs Kenny Williams was a great eye opener to what we can expect from Gracie now he’s going on his own and whilst I absolutely adore James R. Kennedy on commentary I do love Shane and Bradshaw together and they do push the stories along so much better. Alex Gracie’s whole new persona is cemented for me in one match thanks to Alex Shane basically cheerleading him, the Joe Hendry/Primate match was made so much better by having them arguing.

Absolutely my favourite WCPW event so far.

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